Happy 15th Birthday, Haley

Dear Haley,

You are now 15. I'll admit, I'm a bit freaked out by that number. I remember when you turned 5 and how excited you were that one hand was how old you were. Then it was 10, and 2 hands. And now it's 15. That's 2 hands, and one foot. Granted you now longer hold up fingers to indicate how old you are but if you did, that would be pretty funny to see you hold up 2 hands and one foot. 15 is just a little bit closer to 16, which is closer to 18, which is closer to you graduating high school and starting off on your own life.

I can only hope that your daddy and I have prepared you. We're not done teaching you and actually never will be done, but I hope we did a good job.

So, what has this year been like for you?

Well, you rocked out on the flute. You went to 2 (or was it 3???) flute/band camps over the summer. You auditioned AND made it for the 2nd consecutive year in to the All-County Band. And not only did you make it, but you are the ONLY high school freshman. And you didn't even think you would make it. You are always so hard on yourself.