Happy 12th Birthday, Ronin

Dear Ronin,

You are now 12 years old. The time is just flying by. You are almost a teenager. This was your first year in middle school and it was not without it's challenges. Let's start at the beginning. You were very excited about middle school. School starts usually 2 weeks after your birthday. This year, you had the opportunity to be interviewed by ABC Action News. They asked you questions about homework and stress.

While they didn't use your interview (they used Haley's) you were still featured on TV walking down the hallway of your middle school. You thought that was pretty cool.

During the first part of 6th grade you did really well and your report card was the BEST one you had ever received and I was so proud of you! But things changed pretty quickly after that honeymoon period wore off. But that's okay. And par for the course, you broke a few bones and got some stitches. You tried band like your big sister, Haley but it wasn't your thing. You ended up in dance class and LOVED it.