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by jennifer20. January 2017 14:40

Last year my oldest daughter and I had a "mother-daughter" book club and read A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron. We both absolutely loved this story. We laughed, and we cried. It made us think about our own dog, Matthew, and what he might be thinking when we talk to him, or he looks at us in his special way. We know his moods based on his ears. Laughing He has his playful ears, his tired ears, his content ears, his working ears. Working ears? Yes, working ears. Matthew is a highly trained service dog, much like sweet Ellie in one of the supplemental novels in A Dog's Purpose series.  Matthew provides all of us with a non-judgemental sounding board and I honestly can't imagine our lives without him.

A few days after Haley and I finished the book we were chilling on the couch watching Jeopardy and the trailer for the movie came on during a commercial break. We both kept looking at each other, like "are you seeing what I'm seeing?" And then we both became hyper-focused on what we were watching. By the end of the commercial we had tears streaming down our faces. Go ahead, watch the trailer below and see if you don't have wet stuff coming out of your eyes. Cry


Right? If you are a dog lover, this movie will fill you with all sorts of emotions!!

From the film: "A DOG’S PURPOSE, is a sweet and lovable family film that shares the soulful and surprising story of one devoted dog (voiced by Josh Gad) who finds the meaning of his own existence through the lives of the humans he teaches to laugh and love. Told from the perspective of “everybody’s best friend” the film highlights the importance of familial bonds, and the unconditional love we have for our best friends. The movie stars Dennis Quaid, Britt Robertson, K.J. Apa, and John Ortiz."

If you'd like to WIN a $25 Fandango Gift Card, simply leave me a comment telling me your favorite breed of dog. I will select a random winner on Friday January 27th, the release day of the film.

My favorite breed of dog is the Labrador Retriever. I also love Great Danes, but have never had one of my own. My house is too small. LOL. I like big dogs. 

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Running Betty
Running BettyUnited States
1/20/2017 3:43:03 PM #

I love golden retrievers!

Carol Paine
Carol PaineUnited States
1/20/2017 3:47:35 PM #

Big mutts

Amanda Langan
Amanda LanganUnited States
1/20/2017 3:58:08 PM #

German shepherd

TessaUnited States
1/20/2017 4:38:59 PM #


Christa Jones
Christa JonesUnited States
1/20/2017 8:14:02 PM #

I love chocolate labs and hope to have one in the near future

Evie B.
Evie B.United States
1/23/2017 12:58:36 PM #

My favorite breed of dog is Dachsund!  They make such great dogs.

LindaUnited States
1/23/2017 2:27:37 PM #

Bichon Frise is my favorite dog breed.  I love that they do no shed and have hair instead of fur which is great for allergies.

SamanthaUnited States
1/23/2017 11:09:46 PM #

River is a huge mutt and part horse so I'll go with the Great Dane in her Smile

HSUnited States
1/24/2017 12:42:47 PM #

Golden Retriever is my all time favorite.

EdyeUnited States
1/24/2017 9:14:52 PM #

I've had so many different kinds of dogs. But, I love labs! =)

Danielle D
Danielle DUnited States
1/25/2017 7:36:45 AM #

I love love love German Shepherds!

AnnaUnited States
1/25/2017 12:12:57 PM #

I love goldendoodles! they are the perfect dog.

Julie P.
Julie P.United States
1/25/2017 4:38:18 PM #

Shih tzu (he's our first dog)!

Vera K
Vera KUnited States
1/26/2017 7:14:08 AM #

German shepherds are my favorite dogs.

LaurenUnited States
1/26/2017 10:12:56 AM #

I like Beagles.

roninUnited States
1/26/2017 2:28:01 PM #

Matthew my bubba -ronin

Brittany Koelmel
Brittany KoelmelUnited States
1/26/2017 10:39:47 PM #

I LOVE Shetland sheepdogs!

Joe Valenti
Joe ValentiUnited States
1/26/2017 11:25:50 PM #

Thank you for the chance!

JennaiUnited States
1/27/2017 3:12:54 AM #

I love Chocolate Labs!

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