A Month at Florida Power Yoga

How has it been one month already?? Time is just slipping away from me.

During my one month at Florida Power Yoga I have been able to try a variety of classes. 5 different classes if you want to be specific.

I've done (in no particular order)

Power Mash

Power Yoga

Core Power

Power Yo' Glutes

Power Abs

And of course I have my favorite class! Which one do you think it is?

It's POWER MASH!! I absolutely love that class. 

In Power Mash you do 3ish minutes of Yoga moves, followed by many many many minutes of a Tabata style workout. I freaking love it. It's totally amazing. The main part of the workout lasts for about 35ish minutes, and then we do 10ish minutes of abs, and then stretching and about 6ish minutes of Savasana. It works out to pretty much exactly an hour. An hour of amazing.

I think I have probably mentioned on the blog somewhere that I had done Yoga in the past. But the Yoga that I had done previously did not really prepare me for Florida Power Yoga. Wink  My previous experience was with Les Mills Body Flow. But I was prepared for it to NOT be like Body Flow as I had done my research and knew that FPY had classes that focused on cardio with purposeful breathing. 

I've spent this past month really focusing on my breathing during Yoga. In and out through the nose during exercise is a challenge for me, but I'm getting better at it. I've also noticed that I've gotten a lot more flexible and my balance has improved A LOT! 

Check out my data from the past month.


I started on January 12th and that was a Power Mash class. For the sport icons I hadn't synced my A360 with Flow for a long time, so I just used the group fitness profile. 

On February 8th I finally synced my monitor and was able to use the Yoga sport profile Cool



I had been going about 4 times per week when I first started, but then work happened and I've dropped down to 2-3 times per week. I still get in my daily lunch "wog" (walk/jog) so I'm certainly hitting all my activity goals. If I could just get my diet under control. Yell


I've met some very nice people during my month at FPY. Even ran into quite a few former members of CrossFit En Fuego and it's always good to catch up with old friends.

Now I just need to renew my monthly pass and try to get back to 3 times per week. I CAN DO IT!! I love that they offer a 7:15pm class. It's a perfect time for me, but the past two weeks I have been buried under kid stuff....science fair, homework, etc...that I've been barely keeping my head above water. This is probably further proof that I need to make some time for ME so that I can be a better mom/wife to the most important people in my life....my family.




During my month at FPY I also had the opportunity to try out 2 different hot yoga mats. Both were made by Kulae. I used each mat for 2 weeks. The first mat I used was very nice. It was very soft, yet gripped my feet very well so I never felt like I was slipping and sliding around the mat. BUT....it got super stinky very quickly. It literally went from 0 stink to OMG I can hardly breathe stink over night. And then I washed it which was fine, but the drying process took FOREVER! I laid it out on a flat space and I kid you not....it took 4 DAYS for that mat to dry. I had to borrow another mat from the studio during the interim because my mat back was drenched.

The second mat I tried (and am still using now) was the Elite Hybrid. I LOVE THIS MAT!!! The sweat smell doesn't suddenly jump out at you. You can start to smell that you need to wash it BEFORE it becomes totally overwhelming. It also took less time to air-dry. Still took longer than I would like (2 full days) but having washed the other one I planned my washing of this mat at a time when I knew I'd be out of the studio for a while so that I could give it plenty of time to dry. I don't think my feet stick as well to this mat as the other and it has bunched up on me a few times, but I'm willing to overlook that because of the shorter drying time and "smell" issue.

What type of hot yoga mat do you use?

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  • I need to come and try out this place. My friend, Kelly K, always raves about it too.
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