Florida Power Yoga: A Review Day 1

It's been a long time since I've really written anything fitness related. Since I stopped doing CrossFit on a regular basis, all I've been doing is a 2-3 mile wog (walk/jog combination) every day, some kettlebell swings, and some dance aerobics on my XBox. 

But you all know me. You know that I LOVE group fitness and being surrounded by the positive energy other people emit when they are working out.

Florida Power Yoga came on my radar in 2014 while at CrossFit En Fuego. A few of the girls there were talking about it and kept saying how much they loved it. I had tried Yoga before but it was way too passive for my liking.

Fast forward 2 years. My friend Jolie was telling me about a yoga place she had started going to and how much she loved it. She had their schedule hanging on her cork board so I took a peek and noticed that they had classes at night that actually fit into my schedule! Say what?? But again, was this like the passive yoga I had taken in the past?

I went to their website and immediately saw that they were NOT anything like the yoga classes I had taken in the past.

I mean, just read this description:

"People love it as it makes P90X look like child's play. We call every breath and to call it that fast means we know how to create a one of a kind experience each time you unroll a class. No two classes are never taught the same way. We have no script that we teach by. That's boring. We simply show up to teach to who ever is on the yoga mats and feel the energy in the room to where people want us to guide them." 

Now, I have NEVER taken a P90X class, but I know plenty (and I mean plenty) of people who have and they RAVE about it. So I was curious. How can a yoga class make P90X look like child's play? Well, I was determined to go and find out.

And find out I did!

Today was my first class at Florida Power Yoga and I can say unequivocally that I LOVED it! I mean, I can't even explain what we did. But I know we did some tabata (including burpees, squats, pushups, and more.) I know we did Warrior. Down Dog. Planks. Oh lord, the planks. 

The music was great and the class DID NOT STOP. If you needed a break, you took it, but there was no time "between tracks" like in typical cardio classes. We just went for it.

And I was drenched in sweat by the end. Like seriously. And I LOVED it (have I said that enough yet??)

It was such a great mix of HiiT, cardio, strength, stretching, and then that last bit where we just laid there, drenched in sweat, and relaxed. My mind was going in a million different directions, but centered on the fact that I really enjoyed what I had just done. I liked having my friend Jolie next to me (who was killing it BTW), I liked the energy of the studio, the owner (who is also the teacher) was not holding anything back.

And check out my heart rate data!

The numbers don't lie! I don't know of any other yoga classes where you will hit zones 4 and 5 and stay there for a significant amount of time! 

So...I signed up for a one month unlimited pass. My goal is to hit a class at least 4X per week, and I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be able to make that goal. I'll still keep with my wogs because I love getting out of the library on my lunch break and clearing my head. 

I'll be sure to keep the blog updated with my progress throughout the month. I'm super excited by the class I took today and look forward to what the rest of the month has in store for me.

And a special thanks to the owner Denice, who was kind enough to let me use her Elite Hot Hybrid Kulae Yoga mat instead of the traditional yoga mat I had brought with me. Apparently I would have been slipping and sliding all over the place with all my sweat Surprised


Have you ever done a "power yoga" class before?


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  • Have never heard of power yoga - sounds very different & also intriguing. Plus those numbers look good! Enjoy!
  • Did you just coin the term "wog"??  It's my new favorite thing, because that's the only type of run I'm capable of. Smile

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