The CrossFit Librarian

Who is this woman? This CrossFit Librarian?

Well, it's me of course! But first let's have a little back story.

I know I've eluded to the fact that I hold advanced degrees in Library Science and Environmental Science. After working as both a private school media specialist and a public school media specialist, I left my position as a school library media specialist in our county school system in late 2012. WHY?? I decided to jump ship before the ship sank.

In November 2012 I attended a meeting with all county school media specialists. The backstabbing, gossiping, general dissatisfaction with all things Pasco County did not sit well with me. I was new to the county system, only 6 months in. I wanted to hear how much all these women (and I think one man) LOVED their jobs, but I did not. I left that meeting KNOWING that something BIG was going to happen and it wasn't going to go well.

And then in November 2012 citizens elected a new superintendent, Kurt Browning.

Just a few short months later, Mr. Browning made this announcement:

"The Pasco County School Board has decided to lay off all positions of media specialists and literacy coaches."


I jumped ship and decided to take some time to focus on being a mom, a wife, and try my hand at blogging about  fitness, weight loss, life with the #TampaTrio, autism, etc, etc, etc.

And as much as I loved being a SAHM, and blogging,  I was LONGING to be back in a library. I CRAVED it.

And suddenly, I received a phone call from Hillsborough County that they wanted to interview me!

So much time had passed between the time I submitted my application and the phone call, that I honestly had forgotten that I had even applied!

I went to the interview thinking it was for a Youth Services Librarian.

After the interview I learned that they were actually considering me for a SENIOR LIBRARIAN/BRANCH MANAGER!

I walked out of that interview feeling CONFIDENT!

Confident, but still like "whoa, a BRANCH MANAGER!!" That's a pretty significant/important position.

2 weeks went by, and then I got the phone call!! They offered me the position!!! And it was then that the CrossFit Librarian was born!

Returning to work meant a HUGE change in my daily schedule.

My "normal" CrossFit schedule was a 9am WOD. But I needed to be at work by 8:30am, and I have an hour commute (it's only 29 miles, but UGH to Tampa Traffic!) The LAST WOD of the day at CrossFit En Fuego is at 6:00pm. I get off work at 5:30pm. See my dilemma?

That left me with ONE option: 5:15am. Yell


To get myself used to the change, I started the transition to a new schedule 2.5 weeks before I returned to work. Thankfully, Hillsborough County only has 2 days per month for new employee hires, which gave me plenty of time to get everything organized on my end. Workouts, childcare, etc, etc, etc....

So back to CrossFit. 5:15am.

That's what time the WOD starts.

Which means I am up at 4:30am. Tongue Out

I tried a few early morning workouts back when I was training for the Iron Girl Triathlon. I hated them. LOL. Seriously.

So I was a bit nervous that I'd not be able to do 5:15am.

But you know what....I LOVE CROSSFIT EN FUEGO.

I truly WANT it.

So I've made it work. I have been doing CrossFit at 5:15am for OVER a month now. I have not missed ONE planned workout. Not one.

I'm up at 4:30am, I'm home by 6:30am, I leave the house at 7:15am, drop the kids off at childcare, and am at work by 8:30am. There is just something so AWESOME about getting your workout done first thing in the morning! AWESOME I tell you!! Awesome!!

I CrossFit, I'm a Librarian (and a really freaking awesome librarian if I do say so myself.)

I'm the CrossFit Librarian.

You can follow my CrossFit Librarian adventures on IG using the hashtag #CrossFitLibrarian

I'll see you around the stacks!

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  • I haven't tried crossfit,but I have been meaning too! Sounds like a great way to switch up mu workouts!
  • Taylor, you should give it a try!! It's AWESOME!!!
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