Atkins Diet for CrossFit Moms

It's not a secret that I've been struggling with finding the perfect diet this year. With my heavy workload, I know I'm not fueling properly. I'll be honest when I say I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH MY BODY. In 2014 alone I've tried Weight Watchers, The Zone, and just plain old good common sense. And you know what?

NOTHING IS WORKING. I lose anywhere between 8-11 pounds, and it just STOPS. My body literally puts the brakes on.

It's so frustrating.

I'm tracking my food. I'm weighing my food. I'm monitoring my exercise calories, I'm not overeating, I'm not over drinking, the scale is just not moving.

Online friends mean well when they say "but if your clothing is fitting better, etc..."

Well, it's NOT. I'm just getting bigger.

Sure, I'm getting stronger, much stronger, but does that have to come with a weight gain price?

I don't know?

Here is a photo of me just taken on Monday October 27, 2014. With my extra 40 pounds. But not only do I have an extra 40 pounds on my body, I have an extra 40 pounds on my weight bar.

That's right. I PR'd my back squat by 40 POUNDS!

When Atkins reached out and asked if I'd try their plan, I decided WHY NOT? I've tried everything else this year (I even gave up alcohol for the ENTIRE summer...not ONE pound was lost) so what do I have to lose?

This CrossFit Mom is excited to give the Atkins Diet a chance.

Have you ever been on the Atkins Diet? What do you know about it?

Be sure to follow along with me and Atkins over the next few months as I eat a diet prepared for me by the lead Atkins dietician, eat their protein shakes for breakfast, and see if I can shake things up a bit around here!!

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