Lowry Park Zoo: Zoo Boo 2014

When Lowry Park Zoo reached out to ask if the #TampaTrio and I would be interested in attending the 2014 edition of Zoo Boo we all shrieked with delight!

The kids had seen the commercials for London Frightmare (the only new house at Zoo Boo this year) so they were especially excited to see that one!

We arrived at the park, grabbed our map, and plotted out our course.

Last year we waited a VERY LONG TIME for the "rides" so we decided as a family that we didn't need to do them this year. We go to the zoo a few times each year, so we could hit up those rides on another visit when it wasn't so busy.

There were 6 houses in total, ranging from 1 skull (very mild) to 7 skulls (could be intense for some)

This was the order that we went through the houses:

1. French Quarter- 3 skulls

2. Pharaoh's Tomb- 6 skulls (this one is our favorite!!)

3. Wake the Dead- 6 skulls (2nd favorite!!)

4. Tangled Terror- 7 skulls

5. London Frightmare- 7 skulls

In addition to the houses and rides, they also had a Spooky Fun Fair. For an additional charge you could step right up and try your luck at one of these fun and challenging games

  • Spooky Duck Pond
  • Scary Bat Toss
  • Ghostly Hit
  • Zombie Aim
  • Creepy Kangaroo Stomp
  • Booshell Toss

Also in the Spooky Fun Fair (free with admission):

  • Tiki Trek Bounce
  • Bouncey Slide

We did NOT participate in any of the Spooky Fun Fair activities. My gang said it all looked too babyish.


But that doesn't mean we didn't have fun!! Because we did!!

Just having the opportunity to all be together, to be present, and to have fun, was much needed!!

James and I both really enjoyed the $5 ShockTop beers.

When the trio were babies they used to love the "dancing man" that we'd see at the neighborhood car lots, so they loved seeing one all spooky-like!

Ella loved the headless horseman, and Haley loved the opportunity to tell us all about Ichabod Crane. She's such a smart, well read girl. I wonder where she gets that from?

Just because Zoo Boo didn't frighten my gang doesn't mean that it won't frighten yours.

This skull was spitting something so Haley ducked down to prevent being hit.

And there were lots of skulls all over the place. My trio just stood and looked at everything.

I love the girl photo bombing our picture. She and Ronin struck up quite the conversation in line. He's something else that kid.

Zoo Boo is open October 3-4, 10-12, 17-19, 23-26 & 30 - November 1


7-11 p.m. on Fridays & Saturdays
7-10 p.m. on Sundays & Thursdays

General Admission

$18 adults (ages 12 & up)
$14 children (ages 3 - 11)
Children Under 3 are FREE

Annual Zoo Pass Holders

$12.50 adults (ages 12 & up)
$10 children (ages 3 - 11)

Visit their website for more information.


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  • We're planning to visit this weekend and my kids and I are so excited. We've never been to Zoo Boo. All three of my kids fright easy (shhhh... so does mom lol) so this sounds perfect!
  • Our kids love zooboo! We've been going for a while. They always have to ride the carousel. And I agree, the Pharaohs Tomb was our favorite too. Although, I really liked the "haunted" in the kiddie section with all of the pretty decorations.
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