A Week of CrossFit August 24th-30th

Looking back, I realized I did CrossFit EVERY SINGLE DAY last week. Except for Sunday which is always my active recovery day and I mow the lawn.

It's been a while since I've WOD'd 6 days in a row. And I feel GREAT!!

There is just so much going on in my life and CrossFit really helps to keep me focused and sane. I am still struggling, I mean really struggling to find a job. I am also really struggling to bust through this weight loss plateau. I have been doing everything, and I mean everything, RIGHT. I'm tracking EVERYTHING, I'm eating breakfast, high quality foods, no booze, no breads, no junk food, and the scale is just not budging. It's so hard to not to frustrated. Ugh. So I focus on my workouts, my kids, and looking for a job.

Okay, so here was my week.

Sunday-Rest Day. AKA Mow the Lawn Day. There is just something so wonderfully peaceful to me about mowing my lawn. The kids don't bother me. The husband doesn't bother me, I just mow. Actually as I sit here and type this early on Sunday morning, I'm already thinking about when I can get out to mow my lawn. Tongue Out I couldn't even tell you what else I did on Sunday except mow. Probably some additional lawn work, or maybe I rode the bike around with the kids.

Steps: 18,463

Calories: 525


Monday-CrossFit. This began our 2nd week of our 12 week squat program. I'm not sure if I mentioned that I bought a pair of Rehband Knee Sleeves. Well, I did and they make a WORLD of difference!!

It's hard to see all the little pics of my Polar, but for the total workout I burned 630 calories. That's a lot of squats. And for the shoulder to overhead movements I went with 35, 45, and 55 pounds. My shoulders were burning at the end, but I completed at least 5 full sets for each round.

And then I returned to CrossFit later that evening for my son Ronin to participate in his CrossFit Kids class. He LOVES CrossFit kids and he's getting stronger and stronger every class!

Steps: 16,148

Calories: 630

Tuesday-CROSSFIT. Normally I really dislike gymnastics skill work, and today was no different, HOWEVER, I did manage to get in a few proper kipping movements, but only because Coach Pete was right that helping me. When I tried alone, no such luck. Undecided

Calories: 349

Steps: 14,002


Wednesday-CROSSFIT. I wasn't able to make it in for my normal 9am class. It was just a horrible, awful, no good, very bad day. But I made it in to WOD at 5pm, and Ronin came with me since he WOD's at 5:45.

I made it up to 75 pounds for the complex, and I *think* I could have gone up heavier, but we ran out of time. I settled on a working weight of 65 pounds, and it was challenging, but not so hard that I was struggling.

Ronin also went up with his weight on kettlebells. He's now up to 20 pounds. Good job Ronin. Right after the WOD ended we had to change and HUSTLE to get to his first CubScout meeting for the year! Whew. It was a time crunch for sure!

But we made it and Ronin earned his first pin as a Bear. He earned his summertime activity pin.

Calories: 373

Steps: 9,990

I was so glad when this day was over, and just wanted to go to bed. I don't care that I missed my daily step goal by 10 steps.

Thursday-CROSSFIT. And Squat Day.

It was a great WOD! I thought for sure I would need the entire two minutes to complete each round, but I surprised myself, and finished under a minute each round! Go me!

I did 55 pounds for the hang clean, and honestly think I could have gone heavier. I also subbed 3 ring rows because I am NO WHERE  near any sort of a muscle up.

Calories: 513

Steps: 17,393

Friday-CROSSFIT. Friday is makeup day, but since I had been there every single day, I had nothing to make-up. I really really really wanted to do deadlifts, so I chose to do a "girl" Christine.

500m row
12 Deadlift (bodyweight)
21 Box Jump (24″/20″)

But....Coach Pete said he didn't want me to go use my bodyweight, only 65%, so that meant I deadlifted 125 pounds.

After the 3 rounds I still had some UMPH left in me, so I went for 2 more rounds to make it an even 30 minute WOD.

And then I hustled home for a shower because I had a lunch meeting with the Kissimmee Tourist Board (exciting things coming!!) and needed to get the kids from school!

I made it back to Land O' Lakes in plenty of time, took the kids for Friday FroYo, and then it started to POUR rain and thunder. Ugh. Ronin and I had BIG PLANS that night!

This was our 3rd WOB at WOD and once you complete 3 fun run's you earn a free shirt!! Just when I thought we wouldn't be able to make it, it stopped raining. We had planned to ride our bikes up there, but we didn't have time, so I threw my Yuba Mundo in the back of the truck, and up we went!

The plan was for Ronin to run, and for me to pace him on my bike. I am still not able to run, but my son LOVES to run. The past 2 fun runs we've done he's ended up being with other CEF members, and while they say that they don't mind running with him, I know better. Tongue Out Ronin is a sweet sweet boy, but he's a handful and I hate the thought of him running with someone else just because I can't.

But the bike worked like a charm. 3, 2, 1, and we were off. Ronin took off like a cheetah, I had to really move my bike fast to catch up and I was surprised to see that he was up in the front. In 3rd place to be exact. Surprised A pace he kept for his first mile!! My boy ran an 8 minute mile!! That was his goal, too. He's 8, and wanted to run an 8 minute mile. And he did it!! At about 1.25 miles in to the race he started to get a foot cramp, so he hopped on the back of the Mundo, and I rode up to the 1.5 mile turnaround, and he got off, ran a bit more, cramped again, hopped on, and I rode us to about mile 2.5 at which point he got off and ran to the finish line! He ended up still finishing in 3rd place with an overall time of 24:17!! Sure, the bike helped him a TON, but he did what he set out to do. He ran an 8 minute mile. And he was so proud of himself, and I was so proud of him!

Calories-1500 (that's for both my WOD warmup, the WOD, the 5K warmup, and the 5K cycling)



Saturday-CROSSFIT. Ronin also have CrossFit Kids on Saturday morning, so he came along. I did a partner WOD while he did his WOD. My WOD consisted of:

1000m row

50 KB Swings (35 pounds)

50 step-ups

50 tire-flips

1000m row

I'm not exactly sure what all Ronin did in his WOD, but I saw him do UNASSISTED pull-ups multiple multiple times. He's getting so strong, and I'm so proud!

He still needs to learn how to kip, but I really think that a muscle-up is going to be in his very near future.

We came home and I did some weed picking, and general outside work. And Ronin managed to snap a picture of me in my new WOD at WOB tank that I earned on Friday night Smile




Overall it was a really great week. I'm really looking forward to this week. It's going to be INSANELY BUSY! I have appointments every day. Some right after my WOD, others will allow me time to come home and change, but it's going to be nuts.

But...NEXT SUNDAY, guess where I'll be?

That's right! I'll be at a personal seminar with the one, the only, Christmas Abbott. I'm pretty excited about that!!

SO...how was your week??

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  • The seminar sounds awesome! Not a single rest day? #beastmode Smile
  • Great job, mama and way to go, Ronin! We need to get out and ride together again. I need the active recovery. I really want to join you for one of those WOB runs. That would be fun! Maybe next month? I love that tank!
  • Phew. I'm tired just reading about your week ;) Hearty congrats to Ronin! He has a wonderful roll model

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