Weekly Workouts July 13-19 #MomsWhoSwing

Weekly Workouts have not been varying too much recently because I've been sticking with my kettlebell challenge.

We were on vacation to Jekyll Island so I missed a few days, but resumed on Wednesday July 16th, and did 500 swings every day for the rest of the week.


On day 13 I increased my KB to 40 pounds for the last set of 100, and I had a friend join me in the swinging fun!

It's always more fun to swing with a friend!!

I also picked up a copy of The Swing, and I've finished reading it. I even did the first OTM Workout #1 this morning, but I'll get more into that next week.

I'm still really loving the kettlebells and plan to pick myself up a set for my upcoming 43rd birthday...which is only 18 days away!!! I'm loving this set from the Kettlebell Kings. And if you like what you see on their site, you can use the code metamorfit to save 5% on your order and FREE shipping, too!!!

I love the colors, and the weight scheme. As I get stronger in my two handed swing, I'm getting more confident to try a one armed swing (which I did today) and would like to incorporate other KB moves as well. And my coach recommended that I go for a competition set because one just never knows.....Tongue Out

Anything new in your fitness world that you are loving??


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