Kettlebell Love #MomsWhoSwing

I've been doing kettlebells exclusively since June 29th.

I always enjoyed them when they were programmed into our daily WOD's but was unsure how I'd like to do them as my only form of exercise.

The verdict is in.

I LOVE TO SWING!! Kettlebells people. I'm talking about kettlebells here. Jeez. Wink

In 19 days I have lost 6 pounds. Since June 1st, I have lost 11 pounds.

I decided to swing as my only form of exercise (besides walking) because I'm injured on my right heel (Plantar Fasciitis) and on my left knee (I'm guessing over compensation from wearing a boot on my right foot at night.)

I've done 5,500 swings since June 29th, and today a friend gave me a nice compliment. She mentioned how lean I was looking through my shoulders and chest. Lean=muscular. Muscular=fit. And that's all good. I'm currently doing Russian Kettlebell Swings. And I'm following a particular program designed by one of my CEF coaches. It's 10,000 swings in 30 days. Today I just finished day 11.

My injuries are not healing as quickly as I thought they would have, so I'm likely going to continue on with strictly kettlebells for the near future. I've picked up a book: The Swing by Tracy Reifkind and one of my CrossFit En Fuego coaches is getting certified in some sort of official Kettlebell program, and once he has that certificate in hand he's planning on a bootcamp class Kettlebell style. YIPPIE!!

In addition to the 11 pound weight loss I've noticed that my shoulders, back have become more defined. And as I swing the bell I can feel my butt, core and arms all being actively engaged. It truly is a total body high intensity workout without any jumping, or running.

Right now I'm swinging a 35 pound bell for the first 50 swings, then a 30 pound bell for the last 50 swings. But it's 5 rounds, so that means 250 swings at 35 pounds, and 250 swings at 30 pounds. Bam. Like a Boss. Tongue Out

Have you ever swung kettlebells? If you swing kb's, or are interested in swinging, you can follow along on Twitter and Instagram with my hashtag #momswhoswing Wink

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