Weekly Workouts, and Kettlebells June 29-July 5

My new favorite term is "jacked up." As in: My knee is jacked up. My foot is jacked up. My hands are jacked up. Urban Dictionary defines "jacked up" as:

1. not working properly or as intended.
2. having used a large quantity of speed, cocaine, or other amphetamine.
3. cut or lacerated by means of a make-shift knife or blade. see SKIV
4. In generally poor or injured condition.

In my case, I'm referring to numbers 1, and 4.

My Plantar Fasciitis, while getting better is still causing me issues. I believe that the wearing of the boot has caused me to overcompensate on my OTHER leg causing some EXTREME knee pain. I swear, if it's not one thing it's another with me.

Due to the bottom half of my body hurting so badly, I decided to work on the top half during the month of July and created a Kettlebell Challenge group on Facebook. You can join HERE. I'm also doing the July walking challenge, but due to injury, I dropped my monthly goal to 400,000 steps. You can join the walking group HERE.

My friend Nancy was kind enough to allow me to borrow her Kettlebell (I really can't thank you enough, Nancy!!) so that I could do the challenge at home if needed. Her bell is 26# and typically that's what I use in my CrossFit En Fuego WOD's. Though recently Coach Jen has been ribbing me to go up more consistently to the 35# bell. And I do...on occasion. Tongue Out But following a particular challenge means that I need to adhere more to a schedule of rest days. It's pretty fun to be mixing it up a bit and having rest days be on "non-typical" days.

Sunday- KB Challenge. Day 1.  Here's my #PolarProof. Apparently I died a few times during my workout. Certainly felt like it!

I spent a few hours with the kids at the pool afterwards. It was a very nice day.

Calories: 623

Steps: 17,943

Monday-KB Challenge. Day 2. I went to the gym and did the challenge there. I did the warmup and stretching with my friends, and then we parted ways as they went on to complete front squats and what looked like a very challenging WOD, and I did my swings.

I did ring rows as my alternate exercise, and I really enjoyed this combination.

Afterwards I did chores around the house because we were preparing to head to LEGOLAND Florida on Tuesday, which also happened to be my rest day. I planned it that way.

Calories: 574

Steps: 15, 538

Tuesday-REST DAY! Well, as much as one can rest when you take the #TampaTrio to LEGOLAND!

We had a GREAT time exploring both parks, and I'll have a full recap up later this week. But trust me...it was AWESOME!

Steps: 20,135

Wednesday-KB Challenge. Day 3.

After spending the previous day at LEGOLAND, my kids didn't want to wake up, so I couldn't make it to the gym. Again, so thankful that Nancy lent me her bell. I was able to do the swings in the "comfort" of my own driveway.

My hands after day 3 were officially "Jacked Up." Ugh. They hurt pretty badly, especially that pinkie!

But I had other things to do on Wednesday. Like mow my lawn. So that's exactly what I did.

Calories: 1215

Steps: 24,160

Thursday-KB Challenge. Day 4.

I went to the gym. I needed to test my theory that I was ready to go up on my bell weight. So for the 10/15/25, I did 30# and for the 50, I planned to do 26#. But after the first 2 rounds I was feeling really good, my HR wasn't getting too crazy high, so for rounds 3-5, I did it all at 30#. And I did tricep dips for my alternate.

I also made sure to write down my "steps" before and after my workout. I did a hard factory reset of my Loop and low and behold...my Loop did convert activity to steps just as promised!!

Afterwards we did go to the pool for a few hours until the impending rainstorm chased us away! Then later that evening we went to support #TeamPolar at our local running store, Fit Niche. We didn't stay for the 5K run because again the lightning and thunder scare me, and I know I can't run to keep up with Ronin right now. Always better to be safe than sorry.

wow, there's a lot of Polar Pride in that photo. Cool I even got to try on the new V800. LOVE it!!

Calories: 487

Steps: 15,574

Friday-REST DAY!! Happy 4th of July. It was a busy day for me! I was thankful for the rest day, but I did not really rest. I did some laundry, some weed whacking, some rescuing of my husband from a bike trail after he blew out his tire (and he travels with a spare tube, but this was not a tube issue...his tire literally shredded to pieces), played with the Trio, watched some fireworks, had a watermelon eating contest. It was really just a great day!

And we had a very clear winner of the watermelon eating contest!

Steps: 19,400

Saturday-KB Challenge. Day 5.

Back to the gym I went. I had another weight theory that I wanted to test out. Since I was able to do the 30# for the entire sets on Thursday, I thought maybe it means I could go up on weight.

And I did!! I used the 35# bell for the 10/15/25, and the 30# for the 50. WooHoo!! And I LOVE the cardio burn I get from the heavier bells.

Back in my "straight cardio days" my goal was 10 calories for every minute, so 300 calories in 30 minutes. And BAM....I did it and enjoyed it!!

I stopped my HRM, but kept my Loop going as Elisabeth and I did some weighted situps.

Calories: 520

Steps: 15,122

I came home and pretty much just chilled out. I did some laundry, iced my knee, walked the dog. You know, mom stuff.

Overall my first week of July was pretty great!! I was very active, was able to keep working out despite being injured, and made some great memories with my kids.

My total steps for the week are 127,872 and for the first 5 days of July I hit 101,894 which averages out to 20,378 per day. Well above goal to hit 400,000 for the month.

So...how was your week?

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  • Great week filled with FUN!!  Love it.  I love how bad @$$ you are... and your watermelon eating contest.  So fun! Smile
  • Love the watermelon eating contest!
  • Wow! You are an animal. What an inspiration. I really need to get back to some regular kick-ass workouts.

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