Weekly Workouts June 15-21, Bees, Bags and a Giveaway!

Another good week in the books! The #TampaTrio and I were very busy. Ronin attended a week of CrossFit camp at CrossFit En Fuego, he was featured on the CrossFit Kids Facebook page because I shared a photo when he got his first band assisted pull-up,

It was a good week for him. And for me.
Sunday-HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! James decided he wanted to spend the day swimming in some cool water, so we headed up to Crystal River for a swim in the springs!

The kids and I had been here before, but this was James (and Matthew's) first time. They loved it. In fact, Matthew was a HUGE hit. All the kids in the water formed a huge line to get the chance to play fetch with Matty. We came home and James smoked some salmon. It was SO GOOD!!

Steps: 15,516

Monday-CrossFit. Ronin got to double dip on CrossFit this week. Every morning he went with me and did his CrossFit kids class, and then returned at Noon for his 3 1/2 hours of CrossFit camp. My workout on Monday included:
Backsquats: 6-8X2 @ 93% of 1 rep max. I did 3 sets at 95 pounds, and 3 sets at 100 pounds.
Our WOD was a 200m row, 30 thrusters, 300m row, 20 thrusters, 500m row, 10 thrusters. It was a good WOD. And then we hustled home, Ronin ate lunch, and then he went back to CEF, and I came home and mowed the lawn! Bonus workout! I also used my new APERA bag for the first time! I loved this bag!! I have the Performance Duffel Bag and it was awesome!!
Check out how pretty the bag is on the shelf!

You have to admit it, the bag looks nice!! And it hold a lot of my necessary CrossFit gear!

In this bag I have 2 Harbinger weight belts, 1 chalk ball,and a set of wrist straps and there is a TON of room left! There is even separate pockets for SHOES! I have my lifting shoes on order, so I'll have to come back and report how the bag keeps the stinky shoe smell away from everything else!
Apera Bags wants to give one of YOU a Sprint Pack. It's perfect for packing a few items for a trip to the gym, to the park, or wherever you go. Inside, there's a panel that divides the main compartment and keeps things organized in two separate areas. There's also a large zippered pocket on the front of the bag that gives you even more storage.

A large opening allows you to pack your stuff quickly, then cinched closed easily via the two shoulder straps. Two vented areas on each side of the lightweight bag allows interior contents to breathe. There's even a loop at the top of the bag so it can hang in your locker or wherever you need it to be.
One of the things that drew me to Apera Bags is that they DONATE one bag to a Special Olympics Athlete for every 3 bags that they sell. Having a special needs son, this means a lot to me.
If you don't win a bag from me, they are having a heck of a sale this month! Until July 31st, ALL bags are 20% OFF!  Also, any style of Blue bag, including the Performance Duffel, AND all of our Duffel Packs are 40% OFF.  It's a steal!!
And you can also get a second chance to win the Sprint Pack directly from Apera. All you have to do is sign up for their newsletter! So you have 2 chances to win!

Calories: 731+487=1218

Steps: 23,729

Tuesday-CrossFit Today we did a Hero WOD "Bradley." I hate that I have to modify hero WOD's but I'm injured so I do what I have to do.
My modified WOD was:
40 second airdyne sprint
10 ring rows
40 second airdyne sprint
10 burpees
10 rounds for time.
By the 6th round the burpees were making me VERY dizzy, and I thought I might pass out, so I further modified the WOD and did slam balls instead of burpees. I finished the WOD in 29:01 which was a very good time.
Calories: 651
Steps: 14,511
Wednesday-CrossFit I was really hoping for an active recovery WOD and I got my wish! 
We did single arm dumbbell press 6-8 reps per arm
250m HARD row (I did level 10)
banded tricep extensions 10-15 reps
30 second v-sit (modified from a hollow arch roll...rolling makes me dizzy)
It was a nice recovery!
Calories: 343
Steps: 16,512
Thursday-CrossFit I knew today would be front squat day. Our programming was for 6-8X3 @86%. So I did 95#. And then our WOD was a butt kicked. Again I had to modify. It was an 8 minute AMRAP of 5 double unders, 5 second L sit, 10 double unders, 5 second L sit, and each round you increased the double unders by 5. But I don't jump. Our head coach has had me modifying all jumping with slam balls, so that's what I did. O.M.G. I ended up doing a total of 120 slam balls using the 20# ball.
And then later that afternoon I went to see the ortho for my foot. When I keep saying "I'm injured" it's because of this foot and I have had enough. One of the ladies I WOD with got me in to her practice with a special VIP code. Turns out I have a case of severe acute Plantar Fasciitis. I'm wearing a night splint and a PF sleeve from Feetures. I'm also rolling it out on a frozen water bottle. It might heal in a few weeks, a few months, or never. But at least I have an answer.
Calories: 434
Steps: 17,326
Friday-CrossFit It's always make-up day on Friday, but since I didn't miss a day, I made up my own WOD. I called it "Jen 33" it was 33 reps of each of these movements:
33 deadlifts 85#
33 box steps
33 KB Swings 26#
33 hanging knee raises
33 situps
33 ring rows
33 thrusters 35#
33 wall balls 8#
33 slam balls
I didn't write down my finish time because my adorable son kept coming over and telling me he was thirsty. Dude, just get a drink already!
I also had some issues with my Polar synching up with my transmitter and it dropped my HR quite a few times. As bad as this workout was, I didn't actually die 8 or so times during it. 

It makes me wonder though how many other times during the week I lost my HR signal. Oh well. It's technology, it's not perfect, but I LOVE it when it works properly!

Calories: 472 (though I imagine it to be much closer to 600)

Steps: 17,373

Saturday-REST DAY!! A true REST DAY!! Ahhhh....so nice. The kids and I attended a special event at Whole Foods where we learned all about bees, and other than that...I rested. I iced my foot, I chilled out. I took the kids to the pool. L.A.Z.Y. and it felt good.

Steps: 11,586


My weekly totals were overall pretty good.

And I'm still on target to make 500,000 steps in June!! Smile

Okay...so what do you have to do to win the Apera bag?? Leave me a comment telling me what you'd use it for. That's it :)

How was your week?

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  • I would use the bag as a gym/diaper bag since I have 3 kids to take to the gym with me all summer while school is out.  I need a nice new bag.
  • I'd use it for everything! Haha Going to school in DC I'll need a good gym bag and bag to just carry things in!
  • kia
    A new gym bag. I have one I have relied on for years and am getting annoyed with switching gear out for its different uses.
  • I LOVE Apera bags... seriously the best bag I have ever had!
  • I've wanted one of these bags since I first saw them reviewed!! I'd love a new gym bag Smile
  • I would use it as my Gym bag for RPM/Combat/Pump and Cross Training gear!
  • I would use it as a workout bag but also to tote my things around needed for my baby
  • Tif
    Love the pink bag! I would use mine for my lift class-the breathability sounds really attractive...darn stinky clothes!
  • I would use it for my class work outs or for hiking
  • I'd haul my running gear in it!
  • I so need a new bag for my running/workout stuff! Currently using a reusable meijer bagSmile
  • I would put on my running gear in it for race day!!
  • Love this, and I would use it for all my road trip workouts to the beach, mountains, trails, and work. Love love love! 💕
  • I'd love to use it for races I travel to. Thanks for hosting this!
  • I would use it to finally get myself back to the gym!  I don't feel confident!  This little number is just what I need!
  • Let's see...karate stuff, swim stuff, gymnastics stuff, soccer stuff, field hickey stuff, waters for all of the above, snacks and a brush. With 4 active kiddos, a bag can never be big enough!
  • I need a new bag since mine was ruined just today!  It doesn't help that I use it as a gym bag, purse, first aid kit for my wild kids, team mom extras, and little things to keep kids busy. If I don't have to spend the money on a new bag I can use it to pay for my Spartan Super!!  
  • I would love this for the gym!
  • I need it for the gym and triathlon!
  • I would love this for Crossfit!! I'm re-starting and this would be awesome motivation Smile
  • I'd use it for my jump rope, lifting shoes and change of clothes. Great looking bag.
  • I'd pack my jump rope, lifting shoes and change of clothes. Nice looking bag.
  • I would use it for my running gear, so I could just grab and go!
  • I would use it as a workout bag and as a great day bag for family outings.
  • I would use it for my trips to the box. Need something better for my wrist wraps and chalk. Smile
  • I would use it for my trips to the box. Need something better for my gear. Smile
  • I would love to try this bag for my after workouts.  My employer has a small fitness facility that I can use, but I bring different things than my gym/aerobics classes!
  • I'd use it for a gym/swim bag. Maybe one of those compartments could hold my kids stuffSmile
  • I LOVE these bags and want one so bad! My dogs chewed through the corner o my first gym bag-and ate all my Quest bars! Boo!- an then yesterday, my zipper split on my new one! I need a new bag for my CrossFit/Running stuff!
  • I would bring to the gym, the track,  and races!!!
  • I need a new bag for the gym! Heard such great things about these bags.
  • Almost any bag becomes for the kids' stuff, but I use them all the time so this would be great!
  • I would love this bag as a gym bag!
  • I would use it as my new gym bag.
  • I have been doing ripped with my SIL for a few months. I've recently started using 8lb hand weights for parts, but still use my 5lb weights for others. Carrying 26 lbs of weights needs the right bag!  And I think this is it!  Please pick me!!!   Smile
  • I would use it to carry my sneakers and stuff to work so that I can start walking home after my day.
  • I would use it for my running gear, and my trips to the gym! I would also let my Mom put her gear in it too. So it would be serving a dual purpose! (:
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
  • This would be perfect for me and my daughter to share! Please pick me!

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