Weekly Workouts and other stuff June 1-June 7

June is here!! That means that my kids are now officially on summer break! We all love summer, so this is a pretty exciting time for all of us!!

My youngest two children both have ADHD (as well as my youngest having ASD) and my husband and I have decided to un-medicate them this summer. It's going VERY well. Better than I could have expected. I think the key is to keep them busy busy busy!!

School let out on Tuesday, and we've been going strong since then!

Sunday-Rest Day. I know we were busy and did a lot of stuff, but I have no idea what!

Steps: 18,352

Monday-CrossFit. We started off with back squats, and then moved in to our WOD. Our WOD was:
400m run
30 crawlers
20 crawlers
10 crawlers

BUT...I don't run, so I rowed 500m in place of each run. And crawlers are HARD!! Whew! That was a gasser for sure!

Calories: 551

Steps: 20,638

Tuesday-CrossFit. Last day of school! WooHoo!! But before school got out for the summer, I got in a nice long workout!!

A yoke carry?? I know what a yoke is. I read ALL of the Little House on the Prairie books and I fondly remember the descriptions of Pa Ingalls plowing his fields with a yoke. But the Yoke of CrossFit is different than the Yoke of years gone past.

While in my mind I was picturing dragging something along behind me, when I walked out the back door, this is what was waiting for me.


Not quite what I had in mind. Tongue Out I volunteered to go first and made it about 5 feet before I asked for more weight to be placed on it. I made it another 5 feet and asked for more weight. I ended up with 100 pounds, and easily carried it the 50m. I could have carried much more but it was awkward. Post-WOD we did 2 miles.

Calories: 952

Steps: 19,396

Our subdivision hosted an end of the year pool party, so of course, I took the #TampaTrio. We had a BLAST! They had a dunk tank and a water slide, lots of kid friendly food, and filled the pool up with beach balls.

Wednesday-CrossFit. First day of summer vacation!! But before we play, we workout. So off to CrossFit we went! I can't remember what we did and I didn't have my new WOD book and I didn't take a photo. so ARGH!! But I know I walked one mile Post-WOD.

Then the kids and I spent the afternoon at the pool. It was lovely Smile

Calories: 648

Steps: 19,268

Thursday-Body Pump. For the first time in OVER A YEAR, I went to a Body Pump class. I used to do Body Pump all the time before the great gym shakeup of 2012. It was AWESOME! 

I'd love to add a weekly Body Pump class to my schedule, but I just can't afford another gym membership and the drop in fee is $15 per class, so I guess this one free class will have to do. But Pump would be the perfect compliment to my intense CrossFit workouts.

And then the kids and I spent the afternoon at the pool of one of my CrossFit coaches. It was a simply lovely day.

Calories: 540

Steps: 18,862

Friday-CrossFit and Geocaching. A more detailed post on Geocaching is coming soon. We love to cache!

Friday is always make-up day at CEF, so I made up Thursday's WOD. Front squats at 83% and then a 5 minute workout of 3 wall balls, 3 burpees, 6 wall balls, 3 burpees, etc...until the 5 minutes was called. I made it to the first part of 18 wall balls. I went into this WOD thinking I was going to need to do something else afterwards, but NO! That 5 minutes was plenty! And then we did a 1 mile post-wod walk. And then the kids and I spent the afternoon geocaching at Lake Park!

Calories: 648

Steps: 18,639

Saturday-Rest Day! And I got sick, too. I think it's just a summer cold, but it still stinks. I didn't get sick at all last year, and then BAM, summer starts and I get a cold. Undecided Ronin had his end of school pool party with Cub Scouts, so I took the kids to do that. I was really not feeling well, but they really wanted to go, and I thought the sun might make me feel better, and it did. UNTIL I got home and then it just hit me hard and I sat my butt down and didn't move for the rest of the night. Ugh. For the first time this week I did not make my daily step goal of 16,666, but since I had exceeded my goal every other day this week, I was okay as far as meeting my weekly goal.

Steps: 11,180

In order to meet my monthly goal of 500,000 steps in June, I need to walk 16,666 steps per day, or 125,000 steps per week.

I managed 126,335 which puts me over my weekly goal. Thank goodness. I also managed to do 100 air squats every single day (except Saturday) as part of the Polar and FitFluential squat challenge.

So how was your week?

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