Matthew the #bigyellowdog and Milk Bone Brushing Chews-Review and Giveaway

Disclaimer: The Milk-Bone® dog products, information and VISA gift cards have been provided by the Milk-Bone®brand.

I love my big yellow dog, Matthew and would do anything to keep him happy and healthy. As oral hygiene is important for you, research has shown that it is just as important for your dog. Now, there’s an effective, easy and affordable solution to cleaning your dog’s teeth daily too – Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews™!

Let's be honest here. Dog breath can be nasty. Really nasty. Tongue Out  I've tried countless products on Matthew from little drops that I put in his water, to other forms of dog chews. I've even attempted to brush his teeth. He thought that was super fun. Undecided

When I was contacted by Milk Bone about having Matthew try their new Milk Bone Brushing Chews, I immediately said YES. A dog treat and something that makes his breath smell good all in one, YES PLEASE!

As you can see, he was super excited to try them out!

 Information provided by Milk Bone:

  • Milk-Bone® Brushing ChewsTM were developed to transform at-home dental care for dogs, so that now your dog to brush his own teeth every day – just like you!
  • *When fed daily, Milk-Bone® Brushing ChewsTM are clinically proven to be as effective as brushing your dog’s teeth twice per week based on the reduction of tartar build-up and bad breath
  • Milk-Bone® Brushing ChewsTM feature a specially designed 75 degree twist that helps the brushing nubs reach down to the gum line, even cleaning hard-to-reach back teeth
  • Milk-Bone® Brushing ChewsTM are clinically proven to reduce tartar build-up, as well as freshen your dog’s breath, bringing you and your dog closer together
  • Milk-Bone® Brushing ChewsTM are so effective that they have earned the trusted Veterinary Oral Health Council’s (VOHC) Seal of Acceptance, similar to the American Dental Association (ADA) seal seen on human dental products.


Matthew enjoyed the Milk Bone Brushing Chews. You can see him smiling Smile And they really did work!! His breath smelled better and when he had his Vet appt last week, the Vet even commented on how white and clean Matthew's teeth were. That makes this dog mama proud and happy!

Milk Bone would love to give one of my readers their own Milk Bone Brushing Chews gift pack, plus a gift card!

To enter, just leave me a comment telling me what breed of dog you have! I'll pick a winner on May 23rd.  Good luck!

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Comments (23) -

  • I have a chihuahua. Thank you for the chance Smile
  • These would be a gift for my moma dog! She has a chocolate lab named Sohpie. Thanks!
  • My goldendoodle could really benefit from something like this. They have sensitive stomachs, though, and our breeder told me she should stay away from wheat. Do you know if the Milk Bones have wheat in them?
  • We have two chihuahuas that are ADDICTED to milkbones! One of them is 15 years old, so she's fighting some gingivitis and has KILLER breath and could really use these!
  • I have a miniature poodle!
  • I have a Labrador retriever
  • We have a  Labrador.
  • I have a yorkie!
  • We have a beagle!
  • i have a Belgian shepherd malinois named Nala!
  • I have two dogs. Blackie is a 12 year old black lab mix and loves people but prefers to be outside on his own. Maverick is our 2 year old yellow lab mix and is a total people dog. He follows me everywhere and is a total cuddler!
  • I have a white male cockapoo.
  • We have a puggle.
    Thank you!
  • We have a terrier mix dog.
  • I have a border collie/Australian shepherd and I'm guessing a few other breeds but that is what makes him so unique.
  • Mine is a cookie retriever. And German Shepard mix she's a big Mutt
  • I have a Chocolate Lab
  • Our almost 10-year old Ozzy is a very handsome black lab/border collie mix!
  • 5# adorable chihuahua  best dog evah!

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