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Recently I had the opportunity to play with a Samsung Galaxy S5 from At&T. I was very excited. My "old" smartphone was over 2 years old. It was losing power quickly, apps were taking FOREVER to load, and it was randomly shutting itself off and rebooting. It was a blogger's worst nightmare.

When I was contacted by AT&T  to review the Samsung S5, I literally jumped up and down with joy. This phone was like a dream come true for me! So much power, so many apps that I could run. I was most excited that I could FINALLY use the Polar Beat app.

The Samsung S5 also comes with it's own fitness tracker, including heart rate sensor and pedometer. Super cool. Though since I don't carry my phone on my person 24/7, I found the step counter to not be a tool I could rely on, though it was accurate because I tested it during the Iron Girl race, and compared it to the data gathered from my Polar Loop. The S5 also has a heart rate sensor built in, and I used it a few times, just to check it's accuracy compared to my Polar, and it was accurate. I also LOVED that the S5 could stand up to my sweaty workouts. The S5 is water resistant, so I never worried about sweating all over it and causing it to malfunction.

The camera on the S5 was great! It has 16 megapixels displayed on a 5.1 inch screen. The photos were crisp and clear. And the phone, for being as powerful as it was, didn't weigh me down, weighing only 145 grams. I also LOVED that I could actually SEE the screen in the sunlight. With my old phone that was not a possibility at all.

I was SO SAD when I had to give it back. Frown

Apparently my husband noticed my sadness because shortly thereafter, this arrived for me!!

 I was SO EXCITED!! I had no idea what phone he picked out for me, but I seriously thought it was going to be the Galaxy S5.

But it wasn't. It was this.

A WINDOWS phone!! I should have known. Really. I should have.

See, my amazing husband is a Microsoft Professional. He can create solutions using multiple Microsoft technologies. He has more Microsoft Certifications than I can count, and in fact, is only one of a small handful of people in the United States that is a certified Microsoft Certified Master.

Last year when Haley broke my iPad and I needed a tablet, he flat out refused to spend money on an Apple product, and surprised me with a Surface tablet.

The Windows Phone is remarkably similar to the Surface Tablet, and since I run Windows 8 on my PC, using my new Lumia 1520 is an awful lot like using my tablet or my laptop.

The Lumia 1520 is very different from the Galaxy S5.



I love being able to customize my screen. This is currently what it looks like.

 Windows Phone offers three different tile sizes, so you can decide what’s most important and how much detail you see. Apparently the Pitbull channel and my squat program are very important to me.

Windows Phone lets you pin as many apps as you want to your Start screen and arrange them however you like to make your phone as unique as you are.


The Lumia 1520 is a PHABLET (phone/tablet) and is HUGE compared to the S5. With this increase in size, also comes an increase in weight. The Lumia is much heavier. 209 grams compared to 145 grams. A noticeable difference.

Stock photo

 But this increase in size also means that the screen is bigger, by nearly a full inch!!


Every single Windows Phone app and game is tested and certified by Microsoft, so you can feel confident when you download, and ONLY Windows Phone lets you try the full version of *most* paid apps before you buy them. So you can say goodbye to downloader’s remorse!

But...they don't have some of my favorite apps, namely POLAR BEAT!! I got spoiled by the S5 because I could connect my Polar to it. I need to get my husband to work on a Windows Polar Beat app.

I have also found that searching the Windows App Store is not user friendly. I had already figured that out on my tablet, but was hoping that perhaps the phone would be different. Not so much.


I love the camera on the Lumia 1520. It's a 20 megapixel rear camera compared to the 16 megapixel from the S5.


BOTH the S5 and the Lumia 1520 can be viewed outdoors. Again, this just blows my mind after spending the past 3 years covering my head with a blanket or my shirt so that I could see my screen outdoors.The curvature of the Lumia 1520 makes it look like the images/words are floating right off the screen. I'm used to it now, but at first...WOW! Freaked me out a little bit.

I also got a special protective case for the Lumia 1520 so that it displays more like a tablet when I need that option.



I L.O.V.E. Sky Drive and how I can access desktop items from my phone. That's pretty awesome. That means I can work on blog drafts, etc., while I am out waiting for kids at Dr. visits, etc...

Bugs I'd like to see worked out

Video. I can't take a video and post it to any of my social media channels. The only way around it is to take a video with the Vine App, and then share it that way.

Facebook Fan Page. I can't share any photos/video on my FB fan page and that's HIGHLY annoying.


And that's all I far. I've only had the Lumia 1520 since Wednesday, so I still have a LOT to learn!!

I am loving the Lumia 1520, and as much as I loved the Galaxy S5, I don't have to give the Lumia 1520 back. Tongue Out I do wish I could take some of my favorite features from the S5 and import them into the Lumia 1520. But I can't. I can only hope that Microsoft will listen to its consumers and make the necessary tweaks to its development platform.

Do you have a PHABLET? Which one?

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  • Hi Jen, glad you like the phone. I did a lot of research, its a good one. I don't think any phone out there can match the battery life of a Nokia...I knew you would like that.

    I'm not a Microsoft Certified Master. I have passed all the exams for an MCM in SharePoint, but you have to visit Redmond and take a 1-2 week 30K class to get it. I don't think I would get a good return for that investment of money and time. Rather have a new car.

  • I don't know James...these initials after your name always make me go "huh?" Senior SharePoint Developer MCTS, MCPD, MCITP. You continue to impress me with all you know!! Love you babe!
  • OMG! You two are too cute!!! Sorry had to say that first. I am really loving my Nokia icon.  At first it was a struggle to change from DROID but I am liking it Smile  Glad you did too!
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