Push Away the Screen: Sea Lion Splash at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo

**This is a guest post by my daughters, 8 1/2 year old old, Ella and 10 year old Haley.**


Last Thursday was take your child to work day.

My mom has a pretty cool job. She's a lifestyle blogger. That means she writes about fun stuff that our family does that she thinks your family might like to do too.  It just so happened that on that Thursday my mom had been invited to go to Lowry Park Zoo to see their newest traveling exhibit, Sea Lion Splash and she thought it would be a great opportunity for me and Ella to see exactly what she does for her job. Best part was that she told Ronin he had to go to school because it was take your DAUGHTER to work day. Ronin fell for it, and we had a very nice girls day out. Okay, so back to sea lions.

Sea Lion Splash is a family owned business. They even brought their daughter with them to work that day. I'm guessing she was about my age, maybe a little older. How cool to work with sea lions everyday!

The Peters Family travels all over educating people about sea lions. When they aren't traveling they live in Myakka City, Florida which is kinda close to where my mom grew up in Venice, FL. But she's never been to Myakka City.

We asked them some questions after the show and learned that the Peters Family has has 10 sea lions, almost all rescues, divided among four facilities: two mobile units that travel the country to state fairs and zoos, a permanent facility in Myrtle Beach, S.C., and a private base of operations in Myakka City, where the Peters and the sea lions rest between trips.

We saw 4 sea lions. 2 were Pategonian Sea Lions and 2 were California Sea Lions. Did you know Pategonia is way down at the tip of South America. It gets COLD there!

The 2 California sea lions were named Poonkie and Lily. They were SO CUTE!! California Sea Lions are much smaller than Pategonian Sea Lions.

Here are Lily and Poonkie giving each other a kiss. Adorable.

These sea lions were orphans. That makes me sad that they lost their mom and dad. But I'm so happy that someone like the Peters family rescued them!

Next up were the 2 Pategonian Sea Lions. These guys were MUCH BIGGER!!

We saw Stella and Kitty. Kitty was my favorite. She was so sweet. We learned all sorts of cool facts about sea lions and Stella showed us how to make sure to clean up marine pollution!

We saw them do all sorts of neat "tricks" like sliding on their belly, and they also demonstrated how strong they are! They can hold themselves up on ONE FLIPPER!!

 But my favorite part of the show was the after party!! We got to touch the sea lions AND have our picture taken with them. It was INCREDIBLE!!

The sea lions were very soft and they smelled like fish. But I didn't care! I got to touch a sea lion!!

I LOVED being able to see Sea Lion Splash. It was an experience that I will remember FOREVER!!

There were other things to do at the exhibit area too! There was a big inflatable slide, a bounce house, and a sandbox. We came back to this area twice during our visit and both times there was no one there but US!! That was so cool!

After the show we spent the rest of the afternoon exploring Lowry Park Zoo. Mom let us go on Gator Falls 4 times, and 3 of those times we never even had to get off the ride!

It was such a great day and I got to see my mom's job. I have to say I think she has a pretty cool job. She gets to go to places like the Zoo and Busch Gardens, but she does spend a lot of time taking pictures and making notes. She also is obsessed with hashtags. I don't get hashtags. Not yet anyway.

Sea Lion Splash will be at Lowry Park Zoo until May 31st. It's NOT included in your daily admission, but it's only an extra $2 per person, so we highly recommend that you do it. You won't regret it!!

Have YOU ever met a sea lion??

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  • Great review, girls! The Sea Lions were fun to visit. I have to admit, being a blogger is a really fun job even thought I'm pretty obsessed with hashtags too.
  • Great review guys! I was lucky enough to get to visit this show a few weeks back and I think you nailed this review!
  • Wonderful review Haley and Ella! So informative I really learned a lot about sea lions from your story. I'm glad that your mom gets to be a blogger and you get to go on all of these adventures!
  • Great job Haley and Ella! I have not been to Lowry Park in so long - I think I was in high school! I'm going in May though and I will be sure to check out the sea lions.  They look so sweet!
  • What a great review! I've never touched a Sea Lion, and now I really want to!
  • My daughter loves Lowry Park zoo too!  But she's too little for the Gator Falls.   She really likes the penguins because they are her size and she likes to feed the giraffes .  And she loves the water fountain at the entrance.

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