Reebok Skyscape Review-My Pinkalicious Review

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A few weeks ago my son, in an autism tantrum, broke my favorite pair of casual shoes. Undecided I was bummed, but low and behold...the shoe gods were looking out for me, because shortly thereafter, these lovely shoes came in the mail for me!

I loved the personal touch of including my name on the tag. It made me feel so special. I was crossing my fingers and hoping that the shoes were pink. Pink is my favorite color.


YES!! I was excited to try them on! As soon as I picked them up, I noticed right away how light weight the shoes were. They were also really really "smooth." That probably sounds weird, but the shoes were just silky feeling. I jumped on the Reebok Skyscape site and learned that the Skyscapes are made of a light weight FOAM material in the upper that gives it such softness and flexibility. And lightweight....only 5 ounces.

I couldn't wait to put them on! It was a beautiful Florida afternoon, so I slipped them on, and took the #bigyellowdog, Matthew for a walk!

I loved the way that they felt. They were so comfortable and I immediately fell in love with them.

I even wore them to CrossFit! Tongue Out I kicked back and watched my friends tackle the last WOD of the CrossFit Games, the horrible 14.5!!

And then I had a parent/teacher conference, and since my normal casual wear shoes had been trashed by the boy, I decided to grab my Skyscape and paired them with a cute polka dot dress from Gwynnie Bee!

I wore these shoes all over town!

They started to get a tad dirty, so I thew them in the washing machine! That's right! These shoes are machine washable! Just remove the insole, wash the both on cold, delicate cycle with your normal soap, and then let air dry! Mine came out looking as good as new! Awesome!

They were so light and comfortable that I honestly forgot quite a few times that I even had them on!

You can check out more ideas on how to wear Skyscapes HERE at the Skyscape Styling site!

I found these shoes to absolutely run TRUE TO SIZE and I've worn them both with and without socks.

I love these shoes and plan on buying myself another pair in a different color. As much as I love pink, I can't wear it with everything....or can I?? #Pinkalicious


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  • Love them with the polka dots!
  • Oh my goodness - shoes + paw is adorable Smile Also, machine washable shoes are the best!
  • These look like really great shoes.
  • I love these shoes!  They have been so comfortable.  Love wearing them with rolled up jeans!
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