Lose weight, improve your fitness and #rethinkyourday with Polar-Win a Polar FT80

It's no secret that Polar changed my life. I write about it often on the blog and on my social media channels. Not only did they change my life, but I also believe that they saved my life.

And I'd love to pay it forward by gifting one of my readers a Polar FT80.

The FT80 is not your average, run of the mill, beginner heart rate monitor. This computer that you wear strapped to your wrist is a MUST for the fitness enthusiast who wants to improve their strength and cardio.

What do you have to do to win?? It's simple. Watch the video below, and follow the steps on the Rafflecopter!!

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  • This would be great for my running and crossfit.
  • I don't have a favorite method of strength training YET! I've always focused on cardio. Time to learn!
  • I LOVE weights...especially when I've been on a machine, and a guy comes to it after me and has to lower the amount!
  • I usually stick to my P90X and running.
  • I love free weights Smile
  • Skull crushers for the Triceps.  

    Thanks for the giveaway.
  • Love working on shoulders!  Love the look of those muscles!!  Love planking too!
  • I stopped doing a lot of strength training after I hurt my back several years ago. I'm more of a cardio type person. That having been said, Pilates' core training is intense.
  • Right now it is my videos - T25, P90X3, and 21 day fix. LOVE Arm day and every time I get to increase my weights Smile
  • i love working shoulders, i notice the biggest change in strength and definition.
  • Would be great for crossfitSmile
  • Would love this to help push my workouts to the next level! Awesome giveaway!
  • Simple body weight exercises are my go to for strength training.
  • I like spinning and running!
  • I am not huge into strength training yet.  I know I need to get into it more.  I usually do Zumba and I am trying to get going with lifting weights (home) on my own.
  • My hubby and I are in the middle of P90X, and that is definitely my favorite so far!
  • Working my arms with weights and pushups since I am getting better at those.
  • My favorite strength exercise is/are lunges.
  • I love Jillian Michaels DVDs!
  • I love running hills and off-road trails!
  • Deadlifts are by far my favorite exercise!!
  • Sam
    I am starting to love free weights! It is love/hate sometimes!
  • Hill running is my favorite!
  • Does yoga count? I really have a hard time getting myself to lift weights.
  • I would love it!
  • I really like planking. I am trying to strengthen my core and this definitely helps!
  • If running is a strength training exercise, then it is my favorite.  I am the opposite of you and do the strength because it helps my running!  
  • I love wieght training in my BodyPump class, along w running.  I would love to win this.  thank you
  • This could be a great present for me.
  • Jen
    Squats, lunges, pushups.  Love body weight workouts.  
  • you know I'm a Garmin girl, but I'd give Polar a whirl for sure Smile  It sounds pretty awesome.
  • I love simple weight lifting or Pilates for core work
  • Sam
    Learning to love sit ups! I can finally do a proper one! Also getting stronger and planking!
  • This would help me so much with  my running.
  • I actually really struggle with strength training. I like the idea - but I never feel like I'm doing it right. The feature described on the video sounds very helpful! I'm curious to learn more. When I do strength train, I like planks, mountain climbers, and side crunches.
  • Bodyweight exercises I can do anywhere....pushup, planks, squats, walking lunges.  Also love my kettlebell!
  • I have a polar f4 that I love!! As I'm getting healthier and more athletic, I'd love to be able to step it up with something a lil more high tech!! This looks interesting!!!
  • I like squats because they shape my thighs so that I do not have to wear shape- wear to the gym under my workout clothes!
  • Amy
    This would be so amazing. It would be lovely to be able to track what I burn without googling it every timeSmile
  • Lunges, squats, pushups, burpees... I love body weight workouts.
  • I love riding my bike and doing free weights!
  • Love my bike and free weights
  • Both of my trainers wear polar! The results that you can keep up with while using the Polar bands are amazing! I've been working out now for a year now and would love to add one of these with my workout!!
  • I like to take cross training class and Body Pump classes for strength!
  • Liz
    I am a runner so core/glute exercises are essential. I also swim regularly and do planks, push ups and lift weights.
  • I just started taking spin classes last month and noticed that a lot of people have these watches! I'm very interested in getting one too - they seem great!
  • I like to take body pump classes for strength training & cross train!
  • My favorite strength training lately is Body Sculpt. Second to that is just simple lifting free weights at home with the husband!
  • I love Polar. I've invested in a couple polar heart rate monitors in the past. I find a challenging in burning just 1 more calorie today over yesterday. As the CrossFit saying goes "Stronger than Yesterday" Smile
  • Yoga and free weights!!  
  • EVERYTHING!! Crossfit, all my Beachbody programs, all my extreme races!  Would be soooo awesome.
  • I love Body Pump for strength training, but if I had to choose just one move it would be push-ups!
  • My fave strength training exercise is actually the Lat Pull Down. Well, not sure that's strength training or muscle conditioning or if it's the same!
  • Dee
    Squats are my favorite strength training exercise.
  • I don't have a favorite yet.I still have so much to learn. I just started on my journey to a healthier me last May and have been learning as I go. I am on a very limited budget so I haven't splurged on a heart rate monitor. Having an opportunity to win one would be such a blessing.
  • I like using body weight so my favourites are squats and planks.
  • Yea!! I shared as much as I could!! This Polar would help me fitness life sooo much!!! Smile
  • I don't think I have a favorite, because I like to mix things up, but I'm really liking the results I'm seeing from squats and lunges.
  • I love working my shoulders and arms--p90x
  • I don't particularlly enjoy any strength training.
  • It used to be the deadlift, but I'm really starting to love the clean.
  • I teach fitness classes and this would be a great way for me to track the calories burned during the workout!!!
  • I like to do Strength training with Body Pump and Cross Training Classes and try to fit in Cardio days of RPM, jogging, or Yoga. I would LOVE to have this watch to help me TRAIN and get stronger!
  • My favorite strength training exercise are kettle bell swings.
  • I love wall sits and planks. Trying to focus on my core to build overall strength and since I'm a single mom it helps that those are free workouts I can do at home Smile
  • I like doing wall sits and planks. Working my core and my whole body at once. Plus it helps that I can do the exercises at home for free since I'm a single mom. Free is always a plus!
  • Just finished my second round of 21 Day fix! Seeing serious results... already love working with weights at the gym... can't imagine what the polar could help with... would LOVE to win it as I absolutely cannot afford it with two teenagers at home and already having spent on the fix! This single mom doesn't have a lot of wiggle room! Keep up your amazing work, you truly inspire me!
  • I haven't started strength training yet, but that is a plan for this summer. I plan on getting a gym membership and starting the training then. This would be soooo helpful for that! I have a regular Polar Ft4, but I have been wanting to upgrade!
  • I am big into weights and strength training these days. I like to add yoga when I can fit it in.
  • I like using  bands Smile
  • LOVE Polar gadgets!!!
  • For strength training, I love working with dumbells!  The neoprene ones are the best!
  • This would be awesome for running!
  • I love to do squats, any kind!
  • Oo... Love me some deep squats!
  • Ooo... Love me some deep squats 😊
  • Ooo.. love me some deep squats Smile
  • I like push ups.  I love seeing myself get stronger and being able to do more.  I also notice that I am able to build strength here fast so it keeps me motivated!
  • I love squats and deadlifts!
  • I have been looking for a good heart rate monitor- everyone keeps telling me about Polar. I follow  Fat Girl Meets Fit World on facebook- and she posted about following you.

    My favorite strength training I love taking the ripped class at my family y- even though its cardio its a lot of strength training!
    Thank you.
  • m
    I love strength training for my arms
  • Maybe this will be the thing I need to boost my fitness!!
  • This will be great for my runs.
  • My favorite strength training is les mills combat power HIIT !! Really gets the job done.
  • Kickboxing or personal training!
  • My favorite strength training exercise is definitely leg curls followed by overhead presses. I need one of these to go with my H7.
  • I've been working on my arms.   So far, I think they've been my favorite... of course, anything beats working on my abs ;)
  • Total body conditioning class...lunges with weights, walking pushups, mountain climbers
  • My favorite strength training exercise is leg workouts.
  • Leg workouts are my favorite strength training.
  • Pushups work so many muscles at once, they are the best
  • My favorite strength training exercise is planking.  In the beginning I could barely hold a plank for 30 seconds.  Now I'm up to a few minutes!
  • Planks are my favorite - so many options and nothing extra needed!
  • I would love it for crossfit!
  • I would love to try out the polar during hot yoga.
  • Deadlifts... definitely deadlifts
  • I'm a big fan for Spartan Race, so the burpee is naturally my favorite (and most hated) strength training exercise.
  • Squats or Good mornings are definitely my favorite strength training moves!
  • Kettlebell class!
  • I would love to win this because I like to strength train with weights on the floor at the gym!
  • I would love to win this Polar to track my weight training that I do!
  • I love plank
  • My favorite strength training is the kettlebell!
  • I'm really bad about strength training.  Does softball count?

    Side note--I liked the facebook pages from my blog facebook page, Once Upon a Run, not from my personal page (which is what you have to use to sign into Rafflecopter)
  • Strength training.  I do my online bootcamp with NoExcusesWorkout.
  • I have a love hate relationship with lunges
  • My favorite strength training exercise is tricep skull crushers.
  • My favorite strength training exercise is doing kettlebells and also Jillian's body Revolution Program and Gamma from Focus T25.  I would love to win this Polar and I'm sure it would help me on my weight loss journey!
  • Gym Group classes & home workouts.
  • Anything with my bands and selectechs Smile
  • My favorite strength train move is a squat, esp sumo squats to get the inner thigh as well.
  • This would be wonderful to finally know my calorie burn for yoga and Pilates!!
  • Bikram Yoga for strength training is amazing!
  • Rox
    Still trying to figure that out...
  • Would love a new polar. My last one had an unfortunate trip in the washer.
  • I looooooooooove squats!
  • Although I dont looove them planks seem to do wonders for my core! I do like squats and wall balls though Smile
  • My favorite strength exercise is heavy tire flips.  No greater workout high after you flip a tire that weighs double your own body weight.
  • I would love to have a Polar device!!! I am in the beginning of a very long journey and I need all the motivation and support I can get. What better way to motivate a beginner than to physically see results on the Polar! When you feel like it's all for nothing, just look down and see what you have accomplished!!!
  • This could help me with my pace problems!  I'm be ever so grateful!
  • Would live one of these for my high intensity interval training ✨✨✨✨✨
  • I love T25 or Ripped in 30 for strength training.
  • Fave strength training? Really a fan of TRX -- so logical to use our own body weight as our resistance!
  • I like using body weight for strength training
  • I don't really have a favorite but all these comments have given me something to look into!
  • I could so use this
  • I use weight machines.
  • I love anything upper body ... gotta get those arms tight!
  • Really in the zone to take my crossfit training and weight loss to the next level! This would be awesome to help with that!
  • My favorite strength training exercises are battle ropes, tire flips and anything free weights.
  • I workout in a variety if ways. My trainer is working on making my heart stronger by working specific zones. My FT4 just died so this is very timely.  
  • My favorite strength training isn't one specific exercise- it's more of a style- the circuit training type workout. We change it up so often- love it!
  • Love my circuit training! And lifting heavy!
  • STRENGTH  for this girl....and I would love to keep track of my daily/weekly calorie burn like you do!  that is one FANCY SCHMANCY heart rate watch!  holy technology!
  • I love any strength exercises that work my back so far. I just started so I don't have that much experience yet. Smile
  • I don't have a favorite as of yet since I am just beginning my journey with weighted exercises. I do enjoy the T25 workout I've started and since my legs are my strongest body part, I obviously enjoy doing leg work.
  • Polar is amazing!  I love their products.  Knowledge is power and working out to your best is the only way to improve yourself.
  • Love me some kettlebell!!
  • I just started strength training. Any exercise that will help my arms and stomach is what I am focusing on.
  • If left to my own devices, I'm not very disciplined when it comes to strength training.  I rely on my trainer to put me through my paces using a combination of body weight exercises, free weights, and machines.
  • I can't wait to use this to help increase weight loss. I'm very excited to figure out how the heart rate affects my workouts!
  • I can't wait to use this to see how monitoring my heart rate will affect my workout to loose more weight!
  • I'm still learning ways to improve my strength training.  Some days I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing.  I use lots of videos I find online, they have been quite helpful!
  • For now, just planks and squats. I haven't much of a weight work out yet!
  • I would love this as my previous (non-Polar, boo) HRM died about 9 months ago and it has really decreased my ability to push myself.

    For strength training I'm really enjoying BodyPump classes at my gym. I especially like the deadlifts as I think they have improved my bad back.
  • Running and yoga
  • I love doing circuit training classes!
  • I don't have a favorite strength-training exercise yet. I've only tried weights, but I'd love to try more things.  I'm definitely a cardio girl!
  • Good ol walking I love
  • boot camp with weights!!!
  • I love weights, I have grown to love them more than cardio and they make my gym trips fun and Ifun and I look forward to going
  • My push-ups need a lot of work!  This is such a great prize!
  • Mine would have to be my kettkebells and my treadmill workout
  • Love squats and dead lifts.... Rows and biceps curls... And chest presses!.... So many faves!! Thanks for the giveaway!
  • I love weights, a good run on occassion but weights is where its at!
  • I love working my shoulders and back.
  • I like the kettlebell. Anything that helps my arms get stronger
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