Best Damn Race Challenge Recap 2014

Last year I ran the 10K in the first ever Best Damn Race. I had a great time and knew that this race would be back on my calendar for 2014!


When registration was announced, I was ready to go. See, the BDR has a unique fee system. For the first 10 registrations, you pay $1, for the next 10, $5. And so on.

I wanted to try to score a cheaper registration so I was poised at the computer (at CrossFit En Fuego LOL) ready to go and I was #11. I paid $5 for my 10K race. I was really happy with that.

Throughout the year I've been nursing a bum butt from the 2013 Gasparilla 1/2 marathon, so haven't really been doing much running. But that's OK! I can walk, and love to walk, so I figured I'd walk the 10K.

And then my friend Carolyn decided to do the 5K and I wanted to walk it with her, so suddenly I was up for the the Best Damn Race Challenge 10K+5K. I knew in order to make it back to the start in time for the 5K, I would have to do some running in the 10K.

We arrived and picked up our packets, split up, since we were doing different distances, and I went off to the port-a-potty. The line was LONG and at 6:42am, I was still waiting in a long line. The race was set to start at 6:45am, so I said forget it, I'd try to find a bathroom on course, and went over to the start line. And waited. And waited. And waited.

 Here's a selfie of me waiting. LOL. There was an issue with the PA system and with the police not releasing the course for safety issues, so we had to wait.

We started close to 7:15 and I knew I'd have to hustle to make it back in time for the 5K.

And I started running. My bum butt was behaving, so I continued to run for as long as I could. I came across a pack of crossfitters (they had on Safety Harbor CrossFit shirts) who were walking and I stopped and asked them if they were planning on walking the entire race. They said they planned to do a run/walk and had planned to finish in 90 minutes. So I felt pretty confident that I'd make it back in time for the 5K at 9am.

So I ran, and walked, and ran, and walked. Found a potty at mile 3, ran up a few hills, got some gatorade, saw A LOT of people I knew who were running the opposite way of me on the 1/2 marathon course, and was very happy when I saw this sign!

I looked at my watch and knew I'd make it back in plenty of time!

I ran the rest of the way back in, sprinted across the finish line, got my medal and a water, and went off to find my friend.

I found her near the start line and I was so happy to see her! She's on her own weight loss and fitness journey and I wanted to help encourage her to finish the race.


And finish we did!! We even ran a little bit! I am so proud of her, she did great!

And I completed the challenge!

I am so proud of myself!! This was my FIRST running challenge and it really prepared me for what's to come for the Gasparilla Lime Cactus Challenge.

I finished both races in 2:22, and our goal for the 15K for Gasparilla is 3 hours. So I have total confidence that we can meet that. We can even walk more than I did in the 10K and walking would be good because my bum butt and ankle were a bit sore for 24 hours after the race, and for Gasparilla on Sunday I have to get up and do an 8K after completing a 15K the day before. I'll need to take it easy on my body. Just listen to what it's saying and play it safe since I have a long season of races coming up!

My calorie burn was fantastic! And the data really shows me how I listened to my body and ran smart on the course!

The Best Damn Race post-party had a few kinks compared to last year, but I'm confident that they will be all worked out by next year. For instance I didn't get any food. Cry After running nearly 10 miles, I had nothing to eat when I was finished. The food was all gone. I guess people were feeding their entire families when it was supposed to be for the athletes only. Some people were also taking extra medals to give to their kids. WHO DOES THAT??  And the line for the beer was super long. I waited 22 minutes for my beer. But it's all good. It all worked out in the end.

I'm looking forward to all my upcoming races, and for the Best Damn Race 2015. I know I'll be doing the challenge again!!


Have you ever done a race challenge?


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  • Jen
    Way to go Jenny!! So proud of you. Keep kickin a$$ and taking names my friend!
  • So proud of you and thankful that you were there. Thanks for the mentions! You encouraged me so much and I will never forget what you did for me. It was a honor to walk/run with you and I had so much fun. Hope to get myself into shape to be able to do some challenges with you in the future. <3. Congrats again on your 15k.
  • Soon Carolyn! Very soon!! You are doing so well and I am so proud of you!!
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