Jump Into Fitness at AirHeads Trampoline Arena!

Last February I had the opportunity to participate in an AirHeads Trampolean group fitness program. They even used ME in some of their ads for the program. I've pointed them out to you in the flyer below. I'm the one in blue with the pink arrow pointing at me.

When AirHeads reached out to me to participate in their Jump Into Fitness challenge, I jumped (see how I did that??) at the chance to do the classes again!

You can try out a class for FREE this week on Tuesday 1/14/14 at 6:15pm, and this Saturday 1/18/14 at 9am and see if the class is right for you!

I know that the class is right for me, and I'll be starting on Tuesday January 28th. I'll be going to get my bounce on Tuesday and Thursday mornings though the month of February.

What do you receive for your $79 monthly fee?

  • UNLIMITED  fitness classes in the 30 day period (but you should really aim for 10 classes for the following month FREE perk!!)
  • weekly wellness coaching by one of our certified instructors.
  • During your initial consultation with the instructor, you have the option to set personal weight loss/body fat percentage goals. 
  • If you successfully complete the 10 class challenge, your fitness pass is FREE for the following month. 


While there is NO designated child care, your kids can jump for free while you are working out and as always, our 'flight attendants" are supervising jumping at all times. Also, you can see your kids from your fitness class! 

I hope to bounce into some of you out at AirHeads next month!


Disclosure: I received compensation and classes to participate in the Jump Into Fitness program. All opinions are my own.

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