Weekly Workouts January 5-11, 2014

I had a pretty good week of workouts. I worked out 6 days, and 2 of those days I did doubles.


Sunday- REST DAY! Haley's BIRTHDAY!! 11,021 Steps

Monday- CrossFit.

For Time Complete:
15, 12, 9, 6, 3 of
* 200M Run (to start each round)
- Power Cleans-60#
- Front Squats-60#

I completed the WOD in 16:10 Total Calories: 494

Total Steps: 14,698


Tuesday-Kids went back to school today!! I went and did Jazzercise. Jazzercise ONLY. 479 Calories.

Total Steps: 17,478


Wednesday-DOUBLE HEADER!! I went to CrossFit AND to Jazzercise.

At CrossFit I did 4 stations, 5 rounds. NOT for time. 500m row, 12 Lateral DB Raises, 20# Med Ball Slams (in one minute, I did 22 each round) and 20" box step ups holding 10# weights. I also rowed 1400m before the WOD began since I got there a bit early and was COLD. Total calories: 501

Then I went to Jazzercise for an hour of dancing. It was fun!! Total Calories: 453

By NOON I had logged 10,628 steps. Good active day!


Thursday- Double Header!! Great WOD! It started with a 400m run, followed by 9 deadlifts (125#) and 9 Pullups, then a 200m run, followed by 15 deadlifts (115#) and 15 pull-ups, then a 100m run, followed by 21 deadlifts (95#) and 21 pull-ups. Calories 364. Then I went to Jazzercise. We did the same routine as yesterday, yet I didn't burn as many calories and I felt like I was working harder. Weird how that works out. Calories 410.

Again, by Noon I had logged over 10,000 steps! Total steps for Thursday: 17,110


Friday-Whew! I was super sore today but I went to CrossFit Cool Friday is always make-up day, so I made up Tuesday's WOD.We started with a bit of strength. 3 Push Press followed by a Split Jerk, work to a max weight. THEN....50 butterfly sit-ups, 100 single jump ropes, 50 hand release push-ups, 100 single jump ropes, 25 butterfly sit-ups, 50 single jump ropes, 25 hand release push-ups, 50 single jumps.

And then after the WOD I walked a mile. IN 12 MINUTES. That was a new one mile walking PR for me.

Calories: 469

Total Steps: 15,959

Saturday-  What a crazy morning! I was up way before dawn to get ready to appear on ABC News. My daughter Haley came along and she ended up being interviewed, too! I had to dress in work-out clothing, so by the time I got home, it was 8:15am, and I figured I'd go and workout at 9am since I was already dressed and ready to go!

We did a GREAT partner WOD. 25 minutes of a 400m run, 10 crawlers, 15 ring rows, 20 overhead walking lunges.

Calories: 667

Steps: 17,869


Total Weekly Steps: 110,365 (that's over 52 miles!!)

Total Calories: 19,506 (includes all calories, from exercise, and calories burned from being alive LOL)

This is the weekly chart from my Loop. You can see that every day I exceeded 100% of my activity goals. I'm doing well with moving my body!

How was your week in workouts?

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  • OK, this crossfit stuff confuses me.  What is WOD, for time, not for time etc.?
  • WOD means Workout of the Day. When a WOD is "for time" it means you time to see how long it takes you to complete a prescribed workout. Not for time is the opposite. In a not for time workout the goal is to finish a set number of rounds at your own pace.
  • Happy Birthday Haley!
  • Busy week, so awesome! Look at you go!

    Thanks for linking up with us!
  • You are killing it, girl! Wow!!! Thanks for linking up with us at Motivation Monday. You are truly inspirational!
  • I'm a Fitbit gal, but I saw a review of the Polar Loop and I was quite impressed. I mean, it was mostly the same type of stuff and stats as Fitbit, but I really liked the presentation of the data.

    You WALKED a mile in 12 minutes? That's 5mph and that is definitely a jog for me (I'll call 4mph a "walk") and that's what I can maintain without stopping to walk. I'm hoping to extend that to a 5k this year.

    Once upon a time, I used to try to get 10K by 10am ... I'm not sure how I did that!
  • Jen
    I can't believe how many steps you took that is amazing! I have a Fitbit that tracks my steps...and I'm lucky if I make it to 10,000 steps a day lol. You've just inspired me to get off my bum at work today and walk around the office a bit more to get those extra steps in.
  • I haven't had a normal workout since 12/23 because of vertigo.  I'm trying to ease back into working out since the vertigo is pretty much gone.  You sure have walked a lot!
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