2013-A Year in Review

These were my goals for 2013. How did I do??

1) Learn how to braid my hair  Didn't happen. But I did learn how to braid my daughter's hair. Nothing fancy, just normal braids. In fact, I ended up cutting all my hair off towards the end of the summer.


2) Spend more time with my husband. Have at least one date night per month. Didn't happen. Sigh. We tried. Really we tried. But we just couldn't find a reliable babysitter. We did manage to get out a few times in 2013, but not nearly enough.


3) Spend more 1:1 time with each of my kids. Have at least one date with each of them per month. YES!! This one happened! It might not have been a "date" but I did get out with each them alone at least once per month.


4) Run 13 in 13. YES!! This one happened too! I actually ran 16 races in 2013!


5) Pay it forward. YES!! I have been paying it forward in so many ways. Proud of this one!


6) Get my own cycle class on the schedule. Didn't happen. In fact, my indoor cycling pretty much went to the wayside in March. Oh well. It is what it is.


7) Get certified in a Les Mills program. Didn't happen. I ended up discovering CrossFit En Fuego and canceled my membership at the Wellness Center which is where I was taking Les Mills classes.


8) Lose 12 pounds by May. Didn't happen.


9) Get a sponsor.  I didn't get ONE sponsor, I got a bunch of sponsors.  Though I haven't found one that will pay me to attend conferences on their behalf, etc...but in 2013 I only paid for ONE race (Gasparilla.) Pretty happy with that.


10) Attend FitBloggin  Didn't happen. Too expensive and I was hoping for a sponsor. Fingers crossed for 2014. I applied to speak at FltBloggin!!


11) Continue with WTSP News Channel 10 morning segment. YES!! Until the segment got canceled. But I did get the amazing opportunity to film a bunch of news promo's for the channel, so that was super cool!


12) Eat lunch with my kids every Friday afternoon. YES!!! I did this throughout the 2012-2013 school year. I have only been able to do it once this school year because they eat at such different times and the one time I did do it, I was at the school for 3 hours. I don't have time like that, so I need to figure out a day/time for each of the kids and eat lunch with them on a monthly basis.


There were some pretty amazing things that happened to me in 2013, too!!

I participated in my first CrossFit competition.

I spoke at my first conference.

I got an amazing dog.

I became an ambassador for Polar, Fit Fluential, Sweat Pink, Feetures, Bondi Bands, and more.

I got to drive an Audi Q7 for 3 days.

The kids and I were on TV multiple times for a variety of different things! You can read about some of those experiences here and here and here.

I went to my first social media conference and connected with some amazing people and learned all about  Return on Relationships!

I was honored to be chosen as the Athleta Power to the She winner for the Iron Girl Race Series!!

The kids and I got to experience Stand Up Paddle boarding and it was so much fun!!

Our family took a vacation to North Carolina and got to stay at the beautiful Biltmore Inn!! We also got to spend some quality time with my aunts and uncle and mom. We had a great time!

I was featured on the front page of AOL, Yahoo, Huff Post and Marlo Thomas.com. That was pretty nifty!

I was chosen as Working Woman of the Week by Working Women of Florida.

I did a 240# deadlift.

I was nominated as best health blog of 2013.

I did my FIRST Tough Mudder!!

The kids and I did our first family mud run!!

And while we did SO MUCH MORE in 2013, I picked these things as highlights.


I'm hoping that 2014 will be as good, or better than 2013 and will share with you some of my goals in the next few days. Some will be a repeat of 2013, but that's okay. Better late than never!


How was your 2013? Big plans for 2014??




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  • Great post! Awesome achievements! How will you ever top 2014? ;)
  • Congrats on an AMAZING year, Jenny! You are such an inspiration! Here's to a wonderful 2014! I'll be following along!
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