Working Woman of the Week

Things have been busy around here! Being a work-at-home-mom is challenging and full of distractions. There is always laundry to do, dishes to clean, homework to help with, science fair experiments to conduct, and of course there is "my work."

Earlier this week I was honored to be chosen as the Working Woman of the Week by Working Women of Florida!

How cool is that??

I've been participating in the Working Mom's Roundtable discussion which meets on the 4th Thursday of every month (not for November or December though because of the Holiday season.) I've enjoyed connecting with other working moms and having the opportunity to hear strategies that work for their families. Today we met. This is what I wore. It's a super cute dress with the prettiest hemline. Of course the photo I took doesn't really show the entire hem. You can only see the top of it. It's a size 8. And the biceps were a bit tighter than the last time I wore it which was last February when I tried it on in the store! Tongue Out Not surprised though. I've been up in the gym just a workin' on my fitness and my biceps are getting bigger!!

My husband works right across the street from where we meet, so we've also been able to meet for lunch once a month. It's very nice. Today he surprised me by saying "I made reservations." What? Reservations?? I can't remember the last time we went out to eat at a place that required reservations!

We went to Mitchell's Fish Market and it was so good! I had an appetizer for my lunch. Ceviche! Shrimp and scallops with mango and lime. And it was a tad bit spicy. But so good! It was nice to have a lunch date with my husband. Last month we went out for seafood too!


The Working Women blurb also mentions how I am the social media manager for a national fitness apparel company. It's true. I am managing the blogger outreach, blog and soon Facebook and Twitter pages for My Race Ragz. I've been doing it for just over a month and I am loving it! I love connecting with other fitness bloggers and offering them the opportunity to order and review a custom made race shirt! In exchange for their honest review, they get the opportunity to offer a giveaway to one of their readers. I love their shirts and will soon be offering a giveaway to my own readers! Wink

 Fall has finally arrived in Florida. It was actually chilly last night, and darn right cold this morning. The kids all needed jackets to head off to school. It's beautiful weather for getting out and taking a nice long evening walk!

Earlier this week (when it was still 90 degrees) I took the kids to a corn maze/fall festival at Sweetfield Farms. We had fun. They each had a cold rootbeer in a glass bottle. A first for them, and they loved it!

We painted pumpkins, and watched a pig race.

It was a good day.


What is your favorite thing about Fall??

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  • Thank you!! It is a fun dress!!
  • Wow that is a  lot of fun stuff you have been up to! My favorite thing about Fall is the changing of the colors, the pumpkins and the festivities that it brings to our community.
  • What a neat honor, congratulations! As for fall, my favorite thing is definitely the pumpkin patch!
  • I love that dress!  And a size 8?  WOOHOO!  You are rocking it, mama!
  • Congratulations!  I'm not making it out to Sweetfield Farms this season but my kids and I love that place, I'll have to watch for their next event.
  • LOL. I can wear dresses in a smaller size. It's my Cuban butt that gets in the way when I wear pants and shorts!!
  • So cool - congratulations! And you look great! I love going to pick pumpkins with my family.
  • You are doing awesome! And you look great!!! A size 8 is my goal!

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