October 4

What a Thursday!

I started off my day getting pushed by a fellow parent. He didn't notice, or if he did he didn't slow down at all. But he bumped me in the shoulder off the path and in to a fence where a metal rod thingy was sticking out. I got jabbed and scraped up Undecided

I drove to CrossFit En Fuego where I cleaned and bandaged it up and did a great workout!

A 15 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 10 Power Cleans, 10 Front Squats, 10 Hand Release Push-Ups. It was tough! But I did it, 6 rounds,  with 55#. Pretty happy with that.

After the WOD I walked 2 miles with Chris. It was a beautiful morning. I came home, made lunch. I had a wonderful mixed green salad with lemon pepper salmon. It was delicious. Nearly all my veggies were from Carlita's Co-Op. I am so lucky I found them.

After lunch I went and had a massage with the amazing Debbie Forbes. She worked out a lot of kinks from the triathlon. There is always an inspirational message on her board, and this was today's message:

 It's never too late

It's never too bad

You are never too old or sick

To Start Again

Love it.

Because the weather has been nicer, Matthew and I left to pick up the trio well in advance of their normal bus time to get in a little bit of fresh-air. It was nice. The girls quickly did their homework, without any nagging (so nice!!) and Haley helped me cook while Ella and Ronin played with the gaggle of kids on our street.

I made stuffed green peppers for dinner and they were tasty!

Matthew managed to get a hold of Ronin's football and punctured it. Ronin thought it was a brilliant idea to put band-aids on the football and then have me re-inflate it.

But it didn't work. And Matthew got a hold of it again.

The kids spent the rest of the evening playing with friends, and getting ready for school.

Today I will workout, walk my miles, and then come home and mow the lawn and clean what I can inside. My mama is coming up so we can walk in the Race for the Cure event on Saturday and then we'll head to Sea World for Spooktacular after that.  If you happen to be up at Spooktacular, you can participate in the The Super Starfish of the Day program which gives kids and their families the star treatment all day long with awesome prizes including Quick Queue passes to skip the line at your favorite attractions, All Day Dining passes, reserved seating at our incredible shows and more!

To become the Super Starfish of the Day, simply post a photo of yourselves in costumes at SeaWorld Orlando by noonon our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #SeaWorldSpooktacular. We will announce the winner shortly after 12:15!

We are BUSY!! Do you have any exciting plans for this weekend??

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  • I like this post! I love seeing how people's days go. I bet it's fun to have your kids cook with you, and I'm sure it's even nicer to have them do their homework without nagging!
  • "It's never too later,

    It's never too bad,

    You are never too old or sick,

    To start again."

    I love it!

    ~ Ann Covey

  • I am at a conference all weekend.  The meals look delicious. Crossfit intrigues me--haven't looked much into it but I hear a lot of good things about it. Have a great weekend!
  • You inspire me and make me laugh at the same time.  My life feels so peaceful now and I think I am going to copy that salad.  It looks great, except I will substitute another protein as I am vegetarian.  Thanks for the fun post.  Hope your arm heals quickly.
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