Push Away the Screen: Muscle Ropes Review

by jennifer12. September 2013 14:38

Earlier this week I received a special box in the mail! The kids noticed right away that stamped on the side of the box it said Muscle Ropes and before I could grab my phone out of my purse to take a picture, the kids and the dog had the rope out of the box, spread through the house and out in to the backyard! I received this rope on behalf of a campaign I am working on with Fit Fluential so I knew it was coming, I just wasn't sure what type of rope I'd be receiving! What arrived for me was the 30' Aftershock!! In addition to the muscle ropes, they also make and manufacture (in the USA!!) a climbing rope, a utility rope, and a giant jump rope (note to self...I wonder if double unders would work with this??)

Matthew was the first of the family to get to play with it. Crazy dog was picking it up, throwing it in the air, catching it, then throwing it back up again. Sigh.

I took the rope from the dog, gathered it back up and tried to decide where a good place would be to set up my Muscle Rope. No directions came in my box, only the rope, but I had done rope training both at my previous gym, and at my current CrossFit Box, CrossFit En Fuego. From past experience I knew I had to be able to put my rope around something and looking through my backyard, I thought one of the supports for the swing seemed like a good idea!

Haley really wanted to get in on the muscle rope action and she thought that pulling the rope would be a good form of exercise and she was right! She dragged and tugged that 30 foot rope back and forth through our backyard, chasing after her brother and sister for quite a while.

And just when I thought it was going to be MY turn for the rope, my husband took it from Haley and decided to use the Muscle Rope as a lasso.

I realized that my family had some up with 2 activities for the Muscle Rope that I had not thought of! Muscle Rope Pulling and Muscle Rope Lassoing. James and the lasso quickly turned in to "Daddy the Muscle Rope Monster" and he chased the kids and dog through the backyard, while swinging his lasso. It was really fun to watch. But eventually they got tired and then it was my turn!!

With my Muscle Rope securely wrapped around the wooden swing post, I was able to show the kids quite a few moves that I knew. What moves do I know?? I know how to do the Conga Drums, the Evil Santas, the Mickey D's. But until I watched the video below, I didn't realize that the exercises I did actually had "real" names! And the video also showed me lots of other fun things I can do with the rope.

I didn't get to play with it for long. Haley wanted it back.

And then Ella and Ronin wanted to play "jump over the Muscle Rope."

I think it's safe to say that my family LOVED the Muscle Rope. I did too. My only issue is that it's not quite long enough for me. I would have preferred the 50' rope. But the 30' is great for my kids and if this is what will get them to push away the screen, then I'm all for it. So is Matthew.

Muscle Ropes is a small business founded in July 2011 with a reputation for excellent customer service, and with a 30 day money back guarantee on all products, you should really give Muscle Ropes a try!

As I mentioned earlier, I have used ropes in my different circuit classes, but Muscle Ropes are used routinely by all branches of the US Military, firehouses and Police Departments train with them, and this winter they will be featured in 3 episodes on an upcoming TV show (which show do you think it is??? I'm guessing the Biggest Loser.)

You can follow them Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Have you ever worked out with ropes before?? What did you think of the workout??

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Stacie @ The Divine Miss Mommy
Stacie @ The Divine Miss Mommy
9/12/2013 7:08:06 PM #

Oh I have wanted to try these. Did you use gloves?

9/22/2013 9:02:19 PM #

Nope, no gloves. I have never used gloves when working out with ropes.

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