Vlog-Why do you believe you need to weigh a certain weight??

The scale is only a tool. It can not tell you:

  • how fast you can run
  • how many inches you lost
  • how you PR'd a deadlift
  • how much your kids/family love you

Why do you believe you need to weigh a certain weight? I saw a Facebook comment from a friend recently. She posted saying she had accomplished her goal to fit into a certain pair of jeans, but still needed to lose ten pounds to make her weight loss goal.  What?  Why?

Why does she think she needs to weigh a certain amount?  If her waist is the size she wants it to be, then why go further?  I understand if she is still not happy with her body after she reached that goal of fitting into her pants, but she made it sound like she was happy with that.

We are made to believe we should weigh a certain amount, and if we get above that weight we are unhealthy or overweight.  We have been categorized into averages – women who are X feet tall should be roughly Y pounds.  Says who?!

Have you heard of the body mass index, or BMI?  Your BMI is based on your weight and height and doctors will tell you if you are above a certain BMI you are at risk for certain health issues.

While this is somewhat true if you are quite heavy, is it that true if we weight X amount then we are fat, and if we weigh less than X amount then we are lean and healthy?

 Absolutely not!! There are many skinny people who are unhealthy.

Do you think super skinny models are healthy?  How about bodybuilders during their competitions?  They are both lean, but most are not healthy.

Of course, being too overweight does have health consequences.  I do not want to make it sound like it is okay to gain a bunch of unnecessary weight.  All I am trying to get across is that once you are in a fairly healthy weight range, a number should not determine your happiness with your body.


Why do YOU believe you need to weigh a certain weight?

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  • This post really rings true for me, Jenny. I posted recently on my blog about how I feel I've "arrived"...I'm just not sure what I've arrived at. A healthy BMI? Yeah, but that wasn't my goal. Feeling comfortable and happy in my skin-even naked in front of the mirror? Yeah, and I guess that was part of my goal. Having a sense of self that is outside of my husband and children? Absolutely, and while that wasn't a named part of my goal it is probably one of the things I'm most proud of right now.

    As for my weight-I was setting 160 as my "maybe I'll get there but I'll be happy at 175" goal. And then I got to 175 and knew I wasn't feeling healthy at all yet. And then I got to 160 and felt the same thing. That's kind of when I realized that the NUMBER wasn't what my goal was. Weight and Fitness can be connected, sure. But they're not the same thing. So as of today I'm at 148 which is a number I ever thought I'd see on the scale ever again. Ever. It was unattainable when I was focusing on chipping away at each pound. But when I switched my focus to one of "what can I do/feel" with my body it obviously became attainable. For me that's the key-I know I FEEL GOOD at the 150 range. I really do. I also think I will feel good if I drop to 140 but will I feel better than I do now? Dunno. Don't care. I'm caring about what I'm doing and why I'm doing it, not what the scale says!  By BMI I'm barely healthy. Barely out of the overweight range. But have you looked at me? I think I look pretty damned fantastic these days in my size 6/8 clothes. So BMI can go to hell, IMO!
  • Love this post Jenny.  
    Been there and spent many years there.  One day it just snapped and I wasn't there anymore.  I could care less what number was on scale but rather my body fat % and how toned my arms look were tops on my list.
    To this day when I breathe on my swim, I look at my biceps and triceps and it makes me happy to see definition.  I have succeeded.

    I always hope that my friends that post things like you read on your friends post - get that same revelation one day.

    Oh and BMI - Bah Humbug.  There is over fat and over weight.  Most body builders are over weight but their body fat is low and they are healthy.  We all need to find what works for US - IMO.  ;o)
  • I am so proud of you, Tif!! You look AMAZING and I'm so glad I've been able to be with you on your journey to health and fitness!! You've come a long way, baby!!
  • I check the scale, but I also check other factors as well. The current BMI measurements are notoriously wrong. Healthy is not just your weight on a scale. Your weight does count but is not the only deciding factor.
  • Thank you for this post! I'm excited to find your blog. I don't usually watch vlogs, but I really needed to hear this. I am overweight, but don't really weigh myself. I want to have more energy and get back into exercising and lose weight to feel healthy. I don't want to focus on a number or fret over a scale. I want to focus on what my body can do and how I feel running wirh my kids and being happy.
  • I don't even own a scale! If I feel happy in my clothes, I am happy. My husband accepts me, not my weight.
  • Its perfectly normal scribble all over a $75 bathroom scale for a good blog photo. No, I don't find that crazy at all.
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