Jenny's Top 5 Reasons to Give CrossFit a Try

1) It's FUN.

2) You'll gain a new social network.


4) You'll get fit FASTER.

5) CrossFit will make you a BETTER person.

Do you belong to a box? What aspect of CrossFit do you enjoy the most? Have you wanted to try CrossFit but haven't yet? What's holding you back?

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  • I would love to try Crossfit, but I need child care.  Do you know of any box that provides any?
  • Mine does!! How close to Land O' Lakes are you??
  • I'm in Citrus Park.  There's one a mile away from my house, but no child care there.  Land O'Lakes is a good distance away from me.  
  • My friend Bonnie just shared before/after images of you on FB.  Amazing!  Checked out your FB page and realized we belong to the same box!  Don't think I've run into you there yet though!  Keep it up!  
  • Thanks Tiffany!! If you see me, please come and say HI!! I love En Fuego!!
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