The Conjuring

Do you like scary movies??  I remember BEGGING my mother to take me to see Freddy in a Nightmare on Elm Street. I was in the 6th grade. IT FREAKED ME OUT! I still have nightmares that Freddy is coming after me! Some horror/scary movies are like a train wreck and I can't take my eyes off the screen. Other times, I have to leave the room/theater, and distract myself. But the scariest movie I have ever seen is Jeepers Creepers. That devil bat flying dude just scares the bejesus out of me!

My husband LOVES horror movies and he is insisting that we go and see The Conjuring. Yeah. Fun. Joy. I'm wearing my Polar Heart Rate Monitor b/c I think my HR is going to go through the roof!! I wonder if that will count as my exercise for the day??


Here is a synopsis of The Conjuring:  Does evil exist? What is strong enough to defeat it? These are the questions raised by this thriller directed by James Wan (SAW, INSIDIOUS). After a family moves into a farmhouse in Rhode Island, they find themselves terrorized by an angry spirit. With the help of Ed and Lorraine Warren, they discover that together, the love within a family can overcome any obstacle.

And you can view the trailer here.

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  • The scariest movie I've seen is the exorcist!
  • So, the scariest movie I've ever seen was When A Stranger Calls. The one in the 70's where the babysitter keeps getting calls from some creep asking if she's checked on the children and it turns out he's in the house. Yea, scary as heck. I'm funny about scary movies. I want to watch them and I do. But it has to be during the day. I'm a chicken. Smile The Conjuring looks super creepy! Hubby wants to see it so I hope I win!
  • All the Saw movies creeped me out!!
  • I love horror movies & can't wait to see this movie
  • The hills have eyes definitely freaked me out!
  • This looks crazy scary! Just the way I like my movies!
  • I LOVE scary movies. I don't usually get scared, but three times I did. First, we went to see Blair Witch and my SIL told me it was real. It seemed real, I never heard of it, and I was glued. At the end, we waited forever to leave the theater and I saw the disclaimer. I was still so creeped out though, I kept checking the rearview mirror.
    When I went to see the Grudge, I went with my friends and the one sitting next to me kept shrieking. She had me so worked up, I was jumpy by the end.
    Last, I was watching Wax Museum, the hubs was away, and when poor sweet Jared Padaleki got waxed, and the friend tried to pull it off his face....I had to turn off the movie and finish it when the sun came up!
  • I think the scariest I've seen is the Exorcist and it's my favorite. I can remember seeing documentaries on the filming of this and you have to have to be a little impressed at the amount of people that passed out and vomitted during the viewing of this in the 70's when it came out. Now that's impact! (and scary!)
  • I LOVE a good scary movie! It's hard for a movie to really scare me, but for some reason aliens really terrify me. Signs and the fourth kind nearly gave me a heart attack!!
  • I would say "It" is the scariest movie.  Although I technically didn't see the whole thing.  The clown freaked me out so much, I only made it through a few minutes!  
  • i would have to say Jeepers Creepers is one of the scariest, Children of the Corn, and Nightmare on Elmstreet!  Ture Thirllers!
  • I think the scariest was White Noise!!!!
  • Well, I think they're all scary...I don't do scary well. But, I think all the Saw movies are super creepy, scary, intense... I liked them, but EEK!
  • Wrong Turn totally freaked me out!
  • The scariest movie for me was the Shining. I lived out in NC in the country when I saw it!
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