Will YOU have loose skin after weight loss??

One of the most common questions I get is "Jenny, do you have extra skin after losing so much weight?" Yes, I do. Do I care? No, not most days. In fact, I talk about it and show you some of it in THIS VLOG post. Most of MY extra skin in on my upper arms, inner thighs, and lower stomach. Do I wear sleeveless clothing. YES. But I'll be honest, it took some time to get to that point. I didn't start wearing it until I hit my goal weight. Do I wear a bikini? SOMETIMES! I prefer tankini's because I am so active with my kids and I don't like my jelly belly to bounce around and a tankini holds it more in place. Do I wear shorts? HECK YES! I live in Florida people! 
Watch my VLOG. You'll like it Tongue Out
Here I am in MARCH showing you where my loose skin is. Even after 3 months of CrossFit, I still have it. It's getting less and less and my muscles are becoming more defined, but it's still there. I'm okay with that.

Here are a few FAQ and answers to help some of you that are worried.
1. What will my skin look like when I reach my target weight? The most important thing to remember about weight loss and your skin is that no one — not even a doctor— can tell in advance what your skin will look like when your reach your goal weight. Every person’s skin will react differently to weight loss.
However, many people who lose a significant amount of weight are unpleasantly surprised to find that their skin looks worse and worse as the pounds drop off. Fat cells themselves never go away entirely; they empty out but their structure remains behind. As the fat from the cells and inches melt away, there’s less support for the overlying skin and it starts to look deflated — collapsed and wrinkled — like a balloon that was blown up and popped. Since the underlying fat layer to which the skin was attached is now gone, it flops around loosely.
There are some common variables that affect how your skin will react to and look after weight loss:
* How old are you? — the younger you are, the more elastic your skin is. I'm nearly 42...maybe that's why my skin didn't bounce back so well?? Tongue Out
* How long were you overweight? — skin that has been stretched for many years is less elastic than skin that was only stretched for a brief time. I was overweight A LONG time. Maybe another reason??

 * What are your skin genetics? — some people are genetically blessed with elastic skin.

 * Do/did you smoke? — smoking negative affects the skin’s ability to tighten up.

 * How much weight did you lose and how quickly did you lose it? — the more weight you lose, the more likely it is that you’ll have excess skin. Extremely rapid weight loss (e.g. loss as a result of gastric bypass surgery) can also cause loose skin to occur.

 * Are/were you a sun worshipper? — sun damages skin. UM.....GUILTY

 * Were you ever pregnant? — a large pregnancy can permanently damage the underlying fibers of the skin and permanently separate the ab muscles that keep your stomach flat. YES!!!


2. Will exercise affect the way my skin looks when I reach my target weight? Exercise alone can’t make your skin tighten up; however, building muscle as you lose weight and afterwards can help to fill up some of the loose skin.


3. Are there any creams or lotions that I can rub on my skin that will make it tighten up? Will 'brushing' my excess skin make it go away? No, but it certainly never hurts to moisturize.


4. Are there any vitamins or supplements that I can take that will make my skin tighten up? No.


5. Is it true that if I lose weight ‘the right way’ that my skin will tighten up and I won’t have any loose or excess skin? There are myths, misinformation and outright lies floating around the Internet about skin and weight loss. The Big Lie is that if you lose weight ‘the right way’ you won’t have any problems with your skin — that it will shrink to fit your new body. The ‘right way’ is commonly held out to be through healthy eating, exercising and lifting weights, drinking lots of water, using lotions of various types, losing slowly, and taking various supplements and oils. Often whoever is espousing the ‘right way to lose weight’ is selling something: a book, lotion, supplement, or weight loss plan. Or that person is simply misinformed and has never personally lost enough weight to get to the point where excess skin is an issue. In any event, they’re wrong. You can lose weight 'the right way' and have a lot of excess skin.


6. Am I a failure if I lose weight ‘the right way’ and still have a problem with excess skin?  No! The Big Lie perpetrates the myth that we've done something wrong if we reach our goal weights and don't have magically shrinking skin. Many people have lost weight the right way and have problems with excess skin. You’re a success for losing the weight! Don’t let ignorant people make you feel like you're a failure.


7. Why do I see pictures and read stories in magazines, books, and on the Internet about people who say that they have lost a lot of weight but have tight skin with no excess skin problems? Everyone is different and there may be a few lucky souls who can lose large amounts of weight with no excess skin problems. Those folks would probably be ones who lost their weight at a young age, hadn't been overweight for very long, and/or were genetically blessed with elastic skin. Unfortunately, however, sometimes people just aren't honest about their skin problems because they are selling products or services or trying to make a name for themselves. So you have to consider the source: does this person, magazine, company, or book stand to profit from giving the illusion that you can lose weight without having any problems with excess skin? Keep in mind that photos can be airbrushed and that lighting, posture, makeup, and hair styles make a huge difference in before and after photos. Sometimes excess skin is tucked into clothing, even skimpy posing suits, to make it ‘disappear’. Listen, I had a chat with Olivia from the Biggest Loser and she had skin removal surgery. MOST high profile weight loss success stories DO. I commend Oliva for being honest as most don't say anything and leave the public thinking that they did it all on their own!
In other words, be cautious about believing all that you may ‘see’ and ‘hear’ about weight loss without excess skin problems. Especially if it involves your money!


8. When will I be able to tell whether my skin will tighten up after weight loss? Try not to worry prematurely about potential skin problems before you reach your goal weight. Many body changes happen as you lose the last ten or twenty pounds. Most plastic surgeons tell you to wait at least six months after you reach your goal weight and stabilize there to see how your skin reacts to your weight loss. However, not much is likely to change after a year.


Remember, if you decide that your skin looked better before you lost weight, you can always gain the weight back again – but I bet you won’t! NO WAY!!
9. I’ve reached my goal weight and waited six months and still have a problem with excess skin. What can I do? At this point, it comes down to two choices: live with the skin or have it surgically removed. Excess skin problems can usually be camouflaged under clothing quite nicely. If you don't want to live with the skin, you can schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon to discuss surgical options. You might want to consider talking to one just to find out what all your options are even if you don’t think that you would consider surgery.
I don't think people that need to lose 50 pounds or less have to deal with the extra skin issue, but I might be wrong!! I'd love to hear from you all that were overweight, but weren't morbidly obese!!
Would you have skin reduction surgery?? Have you had it?? On what part of your body? How expensive was it??


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  • Nice post. Keepin it real.

    Love you. Always proud of you.

  • Simply after having a baby I notice extra wiggle around my middle. If I stand, it looks perfect. But I lean over and its got a little more personality. LOL. I just take it for what it is right now. A lot of what looks "perfect" to us is airbrushed or posed in a way to accentuate the positive. I think you are looking great! Rock that bikini! Oh - and check out some rash guards over a tankini. I love Rash Guards, especially for water amusement parks when I don't want to worry about over exposure from a wardrobe malfunction!
  • Tif
    So I've lost 53 pounds and will probably lose another 5-10 , at least I hope to by this fall for running times!

    I don't really struggle with loose skin. I have LOTS of stretch marks from the 5 pregnancies, and already had some on my thighs and inner knees just from growing quickly when I was about 13/14. But despited that, I don't have much extra skin. I've had a c-section and my lower belly is as tight and flat as it was before kids. I think I carried my weight all over and not a ton of it in any one place. The only place I have loose skin is in my breasts and just above them, going toward my armpits. I've lost a ton of inches right there-not actually off my breasts but above them-and to be perfectly honest, I would consider cosmetic surgery to pull that skin tight simply because I have to buy bras that are technically too big just to be able to keep the loose skin in place!

    One of my close friends has only lost 30 pounds and the loose skin on her mid-lower belly is very apparent and definitely hides the fact that she's at a very healthy weight and body fat percentage (18%). But she also carried all 3 of her kids out WAY in front and all of her weight was carried in a "mock baby belly" shape so I think that probably had a lot to do with it.
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