Changes in Latitude Changes in Altitude

We're HOME!!!  We spent the last 9 days on an AMAZING road trip! Our first "big" road trip with the trio!

We drove from our home in Tampa, way up in to the North Carolina mountains. We had a big change in Latitude AND Altitude

In honor of that, I play for you today Changes in Latitude Changes in Attitude (or my play on words...ALTITUDE!!)

Ronin and Ella look miserable in this photo! We had just hiked to the TOP of Mt. Pisgah which is 5,721 feet ABOVE sea level, and considering we pretty much live at sea level, it was quite the hike for my gang! They actually really liked it! I have so many pictures to share with you all and such funny stories!!

Have you taken a road trip with your kids? How far have you gone?


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  • We usually drive no more than about 5-6 hours in one stretch with the kids and then stay for the night if going further.
  • My toddler is already a well-seasoned traveler. Last summer she and I and my mom took a road trip to Kansas. We also go on a lot of smaller road trips.
  • My daughter is only 8 months old, so the only "road trip" we've taken was from Arkansas to Indiana when my grandma passed away a few months ago. While it obviously wasn't a happy trip, Myka did AMAZINGLY in the car! My husband and I were both surprised.
    That's great that your kids got a change of scenery. Mountains are my favorite. Smile
  • I would have been reeling from that height! I'm in Florida, too, and altitude is not my friend.

    I have definitely done road trips with the little man. Our longest was about 20 hours from Florida to NJ. We have also driven all over Florida, to Tennessee, Atlanta and Virginia. I'm not the best flyer, so I would rather be in a car if we can manage it.
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