It Ain't Over

I was recently contacted by the editor of the Marlo Thomas website. They were interested in featuring my story. MY story! WHAT?? They run a feature called "It Ain't Over" where they highlight women OVER the age of 40 who have overcome an obstacle, hurdle, challenge, etc., to live out a life long dream. You can read my story HERE.

In my case, my lifelong dream was to be a runner!! It took nearly 40 years to be able to reach that dream, BUT I DID IT!! And not only did I want to be a runner, I wanted to run in pink.That's why when I share race pictures, I generally wear a lot of pink! I've included a few here to show you exactly what I mean! Smile

I am so proud of all I have been able to do, and I'm so excited to be able to continue to share my journey with the world. I'm living proof that you are NEVER too old, NEVER too far gone to turn your life around and live out your dreams. You just have to find your WHY. Once you find your why, then you can determine your HOW.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions, comments, etc. You can email me at or friend me on FACEBOOK.

Here is a before picture just to give you somewhat of an idea where I was starting from.

And then I discovered my WHY, and determined my HOW. 








Do you like to run in a certain color? What color? Why?

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  • You are such an amazing inspiration!  You are kicking butt left and right and taking names!
  • A true inspiration! Proud to know you! I am so glad that God put me on this path to meet you! You are a gem!
  • You are amazing & truly inspirational!  Good for you!!!!!!  So glad you're sharing your story!
  • You look great! And I bet you feel so much better too! Being healthy is awesome!
  • Man, Jenny. What an inspiration you are, seriously. And what a great honor to have your story shared by Marlo Thomas and Huffington Post! So grateful you are out there sharing your story and showing others what is really possible, once you are really willing to change and get out of your own way. <3
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