Jenny's June Giveaway

I am excited to share with you some great products for my June giveaway!!

    • Feetures Brand Socks!! You all know how I love these socks!! It's all I wear. You will get to choose a pair of Elite brand socks (no compression)
    • Frog Fuel Protein shot! This was awesome. I have never had liquid protein before and I loved how I could just keep it in my glove box and have a quick shot after my workout!! So easy!! They also have a pretty cool app where you can get 7 free workouts!

  • BAMR band!! Great band that can easily transition from the gym to a lunch date with your husband or kids! Very trendy and cute!!
  • Naturals Sweeteners this was a new to me sweetener and I really liked it! It is made from Stevia and Monk Fruit and I tried it during my down time from the Whole 30. It was great, not too sweet, but sweet enough. It's new to the market and right now you can only find it in Tampa and Orlando markets, or you can order it online (or you can win a prize pack from me!!)

It's easy to win!! Just follow the directions on Rafflecopter!!

Good luck!

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  • My dream vacation is a 3 week river raft down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.  We spend a week hiking the Grand Canyon every year.  I can't get enough of that place!
  • My dream vacation is a trip to Italy along the coast. Cooking classes, wine and hiking.
  • My  dream vacation is to go London! Now  to only find a way to  heavily drug my  husband for the entire flight since he's  afraid of flying.
  • This is an awesome giveaway!! Thank you for your inspiring page!!
  • Tif
    I have already fulfilled so many dream vacations in my life. Right now I'm dreaming of making our October Disneyland vacation a dream come true and as drama free as possible with Scharae. Then comes my dreams of our whole family going to visit super close friends together in The Netherlands next summer with hopefully John and I making it over together first.
  • My dream vacation would be Ireland!  So beautiful!
  • My dream vacation would be somewhere warm, with a cool drink and my husband by my side!
  • My dream vacation would be to go to Rome.  I'd love all the history to be visited and relived in my mind.  I can't even imagine how awesome it would be..
  • Awesome giveaway.  I love following you.
  • Australia or New Zealand would be awesome!
  • I honestly want to go everywhere.
  • My dream vacation spot would have to be on the beach in south america or in my families brewery in Germany ♥ Crystal.
  • My dream vacation would be Ireland for St. Patty's Day. I think that would be so much fun!  I would also love to go back to Italy and spend more time there. It was amazing.
  • I have the Rock and Roll Dublin on my race bucket list so I would love to go there.
  • My dream vacation would be to Tahiti
  • Jen
    My dream vacation is somewhere I have been but would love to go back: Costa Rica Smile
  • My dream vacation would be going to Fiji. It looks beautiful and relaxing.
  • My dream vacation has always been Australia. I want to go to the outback and climb the Sydney Bridge.
  • With the kids, Australia.  With my hubby, Bali
  • Dream vacation...Paris...'The City of Love'....the art...the architecture...the food...would be a dream come true!
  • I have so many dream vacation spots!!!  If I have to pick one it might be a cruise to Alaska.  
  • Love to go to Paris!!!
  • My dream vacation is somewhere tropical where I can lay on the beach all day and venture out and do things I couldn't do in my backyard with a mix of adventure!
  • I would love a romantic beach vacation.  OR, I'd really like to do a Disney runcation!
  • It would be Ireland!
  • My dream location is anywhere with loved ones, good food, good fitness, fun sites, and yoga! Laughing
  • My dream vacation would be in South Africa because I think it is so beautiful
  • Thanks for the giveaway! Love your blog
  • My Dream vacation would be to take a cruise somewhere warm with beaches.
  • I'm going on one of my dream vacations in just over a week for my honeymoon! My future bride and I will be going to Colorado and white water rafting, ziplining, & horseback riding.

    Other dream vacations would be to go to Ireland and especially Japan.  Japan mainly due to my heritage.
  • Dream vacay?  Super easy-Hawaii with my tribe of girls.  I got 7 of em that I'd never go without!!!
  • Dream vacation is Germany with my entire family! Been 20 years since I was there and absolutely love it!
  • My dream vacation spot is Tahiti.  I would love to go there!
  • My dream vacation would be Italy or New Zealand!
  • My dream vacation would be to go to Torch Lake Michigan.  My husband went there every summer as a kid and now we have continued the tradition with our children.
  • My dream vacation would be Boston, Washington D.C., Florida, or Hawaii! Smile
  • My dream vacation would be spending a week or two in Italy.
  • My dream vaca would be anywhere I can go to be with the hubby, and we can just unplug for a while!
  • My dream vacation would be a safari in South Africa, followed by time on the South African beaches!
  • Any island.. I really want to visit Hawaii!
  • Love the giveaway and am hoping to win one.
  • Dream vacation is a 21 day cruise...Hawaii and Tahiti.
  • Just Europe in general or Hawaii!
  • My dream vacation is somewhere tropical and warm (preferably with warm water) and someplace that my husband and I as well as our three girls could enjoy!
  • my dream vacation is to go to Ireland
  • My dream vacation would be China. I'm not sure why I have just always wanted to visit.
  • I would love to win this.  Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration and someone believing in us. I know you always post very positive videos. There have been times I have wanted to quit even though I am 16lbs down and a lot stronger. I know though with prayer and believing in myself, anything is possible. Thank you for doing this great giveaway.
  • Disney World.. I always come back to dreaming about Disney World Smile
  • My dream vacation would be to go back to London for the Marathon.  We were there for the Olympics and the city really knows how to host amazing large sporting events.  I would love to run the Marathon in my husbands home country.  That would have to be my dream vacation.
  • My dream vacation would be a family trip to Hawaii!.   Thank you.
  • My dream vacation would be going to Tokyo!
  • Kim
    My dream vacation is a hut on the water in Bali.  
  • I would love to leave the country, most likely Europe....but I'm not too picky!!
  • I would love to take a family cruise through Europe.
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