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29. May 2013 18:15
by jennifer

I got a visit

29. May 2013 18:15 by jennifer | 23 Comments

From the Fairy Hobmother!! Lucky me!!

The Fairy Hobmother visits blogs spreading light and joy across the blogosphere and gifts to the blog owner a $50 gift card to Amazon! How freaking cool is that? Totally made my day since I'm a HUGE Amazon {Prime} shopper!! He's supported by the fairy overlords at Appliances Online and they give him the means to continue his blog hopping mission Smile

Do you have a blog? Want your chance to be visited by the Fairy Hobmother?? Simply leave a comment to this post for your chance to have your day filled with light and joy!


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How cool is that?! I'd love an Amazon gift card. Smile


So fun! Love the concept of spreading joy around the blogosphere Smile

Cerissa Brown

This is so cool! I would love for him to pay me a visit!

Cerissa Brown

But in my website URL wrong! I was saying this is so cool! I would love for him to pay me a visit!

Monica Lemus

That'll be awsome! I love Amazon

Courtney Norman

How fun!! I'm an amazon prime-aholic so this would be great!

Amanda Medau

ohh the fun I would have with that!!!

Mary Malone

How fun!! $50 on Amazon could go a long way with summer reading on my Kindle ;)


That is totally awesome!! I love Amazon!  Smile

Running Betty

who doesn't love being visited by a man in tights...

Jenn C

That's awesome! I would totally dig an Amazon gift card. Please visit my blog, Fairy Hobmother! I've got a fun list of things to do this summer that you may like. Enjoy your gift card, Jenny!

Nanci @ This Crazy Life of Mine

Oh yes! I would love this! I am a HUGE reader and I could buy books on my lllooonnngggg list of to-reads. Smile So cool!


I love Amazon! I shop there before I shop in most stores! :X

Crystal H

SO awesome!! I do believe in fairies, I do, I do, I do!! Smile


spreading joy is GENIUS! What a great idea! That is going to be contagious! I love this news and I'm so happy you were visited! Awesome!


How fun is that!  Way nice that they did that for you!!!!

Angela Addington

So very cool.  I am in pursuit of the Fairy Hobmother.  I believe....I believe.....I believe....


How fun! Who doesn't like giftcards to spend how you want?!


I could use a Fairy Hobmother right about now, or anytime!

Heather Lopez

I've seen this a few times. It is very cute and creative.

tara pittman

very cool!

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