Getting Social at Social Fresh East 2013

I've been invited to attend the social media conference Social Fresh East 2013, the premier social media conference!! Lucky for me that this conference takes place in Tampa, so no need to make airline reservations, pack, get a hotel, etc, etc, etc.

There were many things that drew me to this social media event, first and foremost being that they offer a single strand. Having attended a multitude of professional conferences in my pre-blogger days, from NSTA (National Science Teachers Association), to FAME (Florida Association for Media in Education), to going with my husband to SharePoint conferences, I know how difficult it can be to try to choose which strand of a conference you want to attend. I would often get the conference program weeks in advance and try to plan out my days. At 9am I want to hear XYZ speak about children's apps; at 10am it's a toss-up between Reluctant Readers and the Sunshine State Young Readers Association. I would often feel pulled and torn, and honestly it made me feel like I didn't experience the best possible conference I could because I was being torn in so many different directions.

This is where the Social Fresh social media training is different. They offer a SINGLE strand. That means there is NO choosing. You attend what is on the schedule; one choice and that's it! And the list of their guest speakers is fantastic! From highly successful authors, to Directors of Social Media Strategy for major brands like ESPN, Jet Blue, Campbells, Dunkin' Donuts and MORE!! I'm not sure who I am most excited to learn from because they are all so great. I'm just fortunate that as a new blogger I get to soak in the knowledge from such a fantastic group of individuals.

After reviewing the agenda and topic discussions, I think I am most looking forward to hearing from Chris Brogan of Human Business Works. Chris' presentation is entitled "The Impact Equation : Are you making things happen or just making noise?" The discussion abstracts explains that Chris will discuss how people  "were told to 'just get on the social networks' and you'd be successful. Start a Facebook page and you can just start cashing checks. But that didn't happen. Why not? Because you didn't have enough information, and you had too many conflicting goals. The Impact Equation is a simple formula for a complex challenge: getting a unique idea seen by a platform of value, and having that idea be cared about (and responded to) by a community that matters. If you're selling, this is the new digital method (based on thousands of years of offline behavior). If you're promoting, here's how you rise above the noise.  Starting from the big ideas and moving down to actionable "recipe cards" for success, Chris Brogan will share with you the steps you need to rise above the noise."

Having joined the social media world in November 2012, it's presented itself to be much more challenging than I anticipated it would be. I almost pictured Kevin Costner from Field of Dreams: Build it and they will come. I thought I'd set up my social networks and I've have the tens of thousands of followers that some other Facebook fan pages have. I don't know why they do and I don't? I don't see that their content is any "better" than mine. I'm hopeful that this social media training can give me some insight to what I might be doing "wrong" and how I can correct it to make my social media experience not only positive for me, but for my followers as well. As I've mentioned before, I have more advanced degrees than I know what to do with. Tongue Out Attending the Social Fresh Media Conference is my first "class" in my social media degree. And I'm pumped.

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  • Jen
    I will have to pick your brain after this conference. I can't go bc I don't have child care. Sounds awesome! Hope you learn a lot!
  • Always willing to share what I learn Smile

    childcare is such a deal breaker for me, too. Thankfully my mama is available these two days so she's going to come and stay with us so that I can go <3
  • I'm looking to get a pass via my work. It sounds amazing. So glad it's in Tampa. See you there!
  • very cool. Look forward to hearing about what  you learn
  • It looks amazing! If I didn't have tickets for 3 other events, I would SO be going! I live less than an hour away!

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