Pushing Our Luck: March Push-Up Challenge!!


For March, Jenny and Denise are Pushing Our Luck by taking on the One Hundred Push Ups Program. Of course, we’ll still be working the abs, but if you follow #pushingit, you will be able to follow our push-ups progress and join our Twitter support group.

To begin the Pushing Our Luck Challenge, you have to first perform the One Hundred Push Ups’ initial test to determine your level and starting point. I vlogged my performance test, so you can get a good laugh and an idea on how it works. I'll post the link to the vlog on March 1st.

Read here about the Initial Test and how you'll follow your own program! http://www.hundredpushups.com/test.html#sthash.9XfjDSx8.dpbs

Alternate Push-ups (or girlie push-ups) are still push-ups and count equally!

Where will you start?

Perform your test. Post your start amount and spread the word about our March challenge.

Then, follow the One Hundred Push Ups program each week by doing your predetermined level of push-ups three days a week.

As for me, I will be starting Day 1 on Friday, March 2 to be on schedule for our weekly round-up which will include a full report of my progress. I would love for you to share your progress each week too. You can share your daily progress to keep yourself accountable! You know I'll be sharing mine ;)

Remember to tweet #pushingit to share your reps and progress.

Watch my initial test here:

Hope this makes sense!

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  • LOL! Your dog loves you! That is like my Kronk! And go you with 41 push-ups! Maybe I'll give it a whirl today. I do push-ups once or twice a week, kind of inclined on a bench.

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