Let the races begin!!

Race season officially begins for me this week. And I'm a bit nervous. I haven't been running like I was last year at this time. I was really running a lot last year, but then discovered my passion for cycling, and running took a backseat to pedaling. Add to my already reduced running schedule a slight cold with an asthma flare-up, and I haven't done much cardio in 10 days. I've been doing Pilates and walking my dog and walking on the treadmill, but nothing too difficult. I don't want to push myself and end up sick for a long time like what happened in September after the Venice Triathlon. I wasn't blogging then, but in a nutshell, I raced when I was very sick. I had strep throat and bronchitis and pushed my body too hard. It took a long time for me to recover. But here we are in 2013, and I'm ready to kick it in to high gear!! But not this week. LOL. My friend Caroline plans to take it easy too, so we'll putter around together, doing a little bit of jogging and a lot of walking, picture taking, and chatting. Sounds like a great way to watch the sunrise over Tampa Bay.

Without further ado here is my race schedule for 2013:

January-Commitment Day Virtual 5K (completed)

February 2-Best Damn Race 10K

February 9-Dirty Girl 5K

March 17-Citrus Trail Run 4 miler (with my daughter Ella age 7)

April 14-Iron Girl 5K (with my daughter Ella age 7)

May 5 -Rocketman Triathlon

June 9-Dunedin Beach Triathlon

July 6-Crystal River Triathlon

August 24 -Ft. DeSoto Triathlon

September 14-Life's a Beach Triathlon

October TBD-Squiggy's Revenge 12 Hour Adventure Race

November 30-Pretty Muddy 5K

December 14-Hillsborough River Quarter Marathon

Why so many races?? It's all about the bling, people. All about the bling. I love bling. And the t-shirt. And the cold beer waiting at the finish line.

This Saturday marks my first bling of 2013 and isn't she beautiful?? And it doubles as a bottle opener. Sweet.

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  • Wow! That looks awesome. I'm just getting started. Mostly walking at this time, but playing around with C25K. (I say "playing around" because I've done the first two days--a week apart.)  I'm going to sign up for at least 1 (maybe more?) 5Ks this year.  I know my area has one on 4th of July (Alien Chase---I live in Roswell, NM) and one in December (Reindeer run).  Thanks for show me it is possible!

  • Hi Jenny!

       LOVED your podcast interview with Heather!  I'm looking so forward to looking all through your blog.  I have lost 80lbs since Jan 1st of last year (how cliche, I know!)  I'm down from 210 to 130, and I've also been running for the past 6 months.  Just wanted to drop by and say, GREAT JOB.  I love that you got it all under control while your kids were still little.  I have 5 ranging from 12-20, and I SOOO wish I had done better when they were younger.  Now, all I can do is lead my example.  Having 5 teenagers is a totally different beast!  Haha.  Keep up the good work!

    Chris Coulson
  • That medal cracks me up for Best Damn Race. I don't think I'll know whether to keep it in a drawer downstairs for easy access or on my medal hanger upstairs. Hm. Tough choices! This looks like a fun race schedule! I love racing. It looks like you're a big triathlon fan too. That'll be fun to get you through the summer. If I had a bike I know I'd love to do triathlons. See you at the 10k this Saturday!
  • Chris,
    You are doing an amazing job! Keep moving forward,remember the past but have no regrets!
  • Kat
    Wow lots of triathlons this year!
    I have yet to swim more than a doggie paddle!
  • Awesome race schedule you got coming up. Its sometimes frustrating when you want to be able to do something whole-heartedly but know that its just not a good idea. Much better to take it easy this race and just enjoy the company of your friend than to put your health in danger. It IS all about the bling!
  • I LOVE to tri! I actually placed 2nd in my division for the tri I did in September when I was so sick! I can cycle and swim like there is no tomorrow, my weakness is the run. Need to work on that this year, especially the transition from bike to run. Legs feel like bricks.
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