Plank a Day Challenge!!

I love Planks. So easy, so effective. I can plank anywhere!! When I was on my adventure race in the Keys, there were times we were on break, and I would just drop and hold plank. Much to the embarrassment of my kids I've even been known to plank at the park LOL.

There was a short time over the summer when I was going through a rough transition of my beloved gym being bought out by a big box gym and they canceled my beloved CXWORX class which is where I did most of my plank work. I discovered that I could easily do my plank work at home and it only took a few minutes!! Though I did miss out on a lot of the other benefits of CX, and my overall plank holding time decreased during that time period, I didn't give up and today I'm nearly back to where I was before this entire debacle.


I've created a Plank a Day challenge on my Facebook Fan Page. Come and join in and watch how quickly you can transform your body in just a few minutes per day!!

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