It's a Sweet Tomatoes giveaway!

Losing 212 pounds was not easy, especially when you love to go out to eat!!  Sweet Tomatoes gave me all the control to still be able to go out  with the family AND stay on my healthy diet! Sure, they have plenty of unhealthy options, but if you PLAN and stick with your plan then you can totally have a great meal, feel in control, and leave feeling very satisfied. They have amazing pre-made salads (watch those b/c they are loaded with dressing) sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, and of course, the make your own salad bar!!

How you can win your very own Sweet Tomaotes meal passes!

You must do all three of these to be entered to win:

1. Like 'Metamorfit' on Facebook by clicking HERE (Remember: leave me a message sharing how you plan to stay fit and healthy this holiday season!)
2. Follow me on Twitter by clicking HERE (Remember: you can tweet about this giveaway using this message: Enter to win a@sweettomatoes Healthy Christmas Gift Giveaway!http:// via @jennymetamorfit )
3. Connect with Sweet Tomatoes on Facebook and Twitter (remember to say "hi" too, and tell them I sent you!!)

The winner will be chosen at random by my son from everyone that either posts on the blog, or on MY Facebook FAN page.

P.S. Don't forget we have 8...yes 8 other giveaways happening this week. Stay tuned, I will make sure you have all of the details.

Good luck and happy "liking" and tweeting! Happy Holidays!!


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  • I liked you on FB and follow you on Twitter. I'll be staying fit and active by working on training for a half marathon this winter!
  • Oh! And I like ST on FB and Twitter too. Forgot to include that! Oops!
  • Go you with your 1/2 marathon training! WooHoo!!
  • Sweet Tomatoes has a special place in my heart. It was the single hour break I got when I helped a family move out to Arizona... which I got because I found out my parents were getting divorced via phone call.
    Anyway! As for staying fit... I've been working on my cold weather tolerance by running daily outside regardless of temperature, rain, wind, etc. I have no excuse to get outside and run! I also have a gym membership and do strengthening there. Finally, my in-laws don't know how to pronounce the word healthy! So I always bring a couple healthy options with me to get-togethers!
  • I have been up and down with eating and exercising. with my first child I was able to exercise often, but I ate mostly nachos, candy and beef in my third trimester. the firsdt trimester was salad, juice and multigrain rolls. I dont kno why it was such a dramatic change haha.
    After having my first child I recovered from c section and got back into exercising asap. My eating was pretty healthy but I had been exposed to those yummy unhealthy foods. With my second child I had morning sickness pretty bad and couldnt workout. I was winded and exhausted. My eating was crazy because a lot of things would make me sick. So exerise was almost completely out, and eating healthy was going well. After I had my lil boy June 15, 2012 by c section I had to recover again and getting back into exercise and eating right has been challenging. I dont really care for meat and many vegetables give my baby gas. I feed him mommy milk still. Trying to get some sort of workout I have been doing wall push up while reading the Bible in the morning and sometime during day. Doing squats and lunges while holdin my lil one. leg lifts and I play with the kids on the floor. And I recently bought TurboFire and my kids have been whining less as they watch me DANCE is out. I dont know why they are scared of me doing P90X, and weights is definitely NOT an option around my kids. haha. Body resistence it is. I cant wait to take them out on runs when the weather isnt so COLD.
    On a great note. our thanksgiving was really healthy. Baked poptaoes, roasted sweet potatoes, herb and spice roasted turkey, fresh salad, steamed vegetables, fruits, and veggie tray for our dinner. We did very well. It was enjoyable to have people over and share our healthy meal. We will be visiting my husbands mother and brothers this Christmas. I know it will either be a healthier meal as we all cook together, or at least choose the HEALTHY options. Its always easier, at least for me, to eat better with accountablility, or in public. People are the ones who make me truly happy, not just the food.
  • I did all of the liking, following and I tweeted!  I can't wait to run 13 half marathons in 2013, I know it will help me stay on track.
  • I did all of the liking and following! I plan to stay fit by finishing my couch to 5k program, then buying the Zombies, Run! app to help motivate me to keep running. I have a friend who just started running who I'm going to run with. I also plan on doing Zumba at least once a week!
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