The Five BEST things about Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Tampa


 Our family was invited to attend a special preview of Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Tampa. Busch Gardens is our favorite Florida theme park, so we jumped at the chance to go!


Here are OUR 5 BEST things about Christmas Town.

1. SNOW!!! Having 3 kids born and raised in Florida, they have never seen snow! We have been to Gaylord Palms for their annual ICE event, but that’s ice, not snow. We were waiting in line to make snowballs and the trio was so excited!! Suddenly it was their turn, they got their red buckets full of snow, walked over to the fence area, reached into the bucket and “Oh my gosh mama, this is FREEZING and WET.”  I started laughing out loud. Of course it’s freezing and wet! I’m not quite sure what they were expecting, but apparently it wasn’t snow! The girls quickly finished their buckets but Ronin, oh sweet Ronin. He went through his bucket and still wanted more. See that little hand sticking through the bottom of the fence. Yes, that is my son trying to get more snow.

2. LIGHTS!! The light displays were seriously fantastic.  They also gave out special glasses that made the lights twinkle like snowflakes! Ella was in awe of this and barely took the glasses off all night! I think my favorite light display was at the Crown Colony-Carol of the Bells where they had the display timed perfectly to music. It was beautiful! There was also a full moon on Friday night and above the Crown Colony the moon was shining so brightly. Ronin is in the picture just chuckling. Priceless. Fantastic night.

3. RIDES!! All of our favorite rides were open and there were NO LINES! We continually looped through the best roller coaster at the park-Cheetah Hunt. On, off, on ,off, on, off. It was awesome. Our kids are at the age that they are really into rides, so this was really the highlight for them.The look on Ella's face tells it all. "CHEETAH AGAIN!!!"

4.GIANT SNOWMEN! Snow World had a lot of giant walking snowmen. They were very festive looking and really helped to get us in the holiday spirit!!

5. CREEPY ANGEL STATUE!!Okay, why is this on a list of great things if it’s creepy? This was a family event, all 5 of us went, and my husband and kids LOVED this creepy angel statue. Me, eh not so much. In fact, I hightailed around the statue pretty quickly and then out of the corner of my eye, I saw it move? Say what?? That’s when I realized it was a LIVING statue. And the closer I got, the creepier it got. Ronin was really intrigued by her, and attempted to lift up her dress. He got a talking to by Statue Angel’s security detail; “you may not touch the statue, but the statue may touch you.” And then I hear my sweet son addressing CREEPY angel “hey are YOU REAL???”  I got us out of there pretty quickly because I was afraid I might have nightmares. It really creeped me out.

 A perk of Christmas Town is sibling love. It was so nice to have everyone getting along, Ella and Ronin holding hands, there was minimal fighting, and I got to have a nice cold beer. It was a good night.


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