The Mom Squad

Yesterday I participated in a local TV segment, The Mom Squad. It was {super} fun. I had to get up bright and early....3:30am and I arrived at the studio at 5:10am tired and in need of coffee bright eyed and bushy tailed. Denise from Run DMT and I seem to be living parallel lives this week, because she was also chosen to be on this week's segment. She's so funny and really lightened up the mood in the studio.

This past year I have been in a LOT of "green" rooms but this was the FIRST one that was actually green! My shirt and jewelry are from White House Black Market (as were my pants, but you can't see those) and my sweater is from J. Crew. Gigantic watch by Polar. Just thought you'd like to know LOL.

We took a before {segment} photo with all 3 of the Mom Squad panel members and the news anchor, Joe Gumm. He's really funny, too.

For our segment we discussed father's being present for the birth of their children when they are scheduled to work, children going to the bathroom in public, and women skydiving in their underwear as a way to celebrate overcoming adversity. James said I needed to be more animated. I was too stiff. But people, it was 5:40something in the morning and I was running on only one cup of coffee and 3 hours of sleep. I promise next time I'll do better and show more of my witty personality.

Here is the clip from the segment. They had to leave the first question out of the link because of time constraints.

I enjoyed being part of such a fun panel and look forward to coming back to WTSP News Channel 10 for another segment.

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  • LOL  We were definitely leading parallel lives this week, but it was wonderful to share those moments with you.  You are such an inspiring person.  Tell your hubby that it's hard to be the first to speak first but it's equally difficult to be the last to speak.  Everything that I wanted to say was already said!  All I had left were one-liners. lol  I had no choice but to be the comic releif! I'm a comedian and a goofball, but never a clown.  Nope, definitely not a clown. :-D
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