Workout on the Rooftop and the Group Effect

This afternoon the trio and I went down to Hyde Park in Tampa for the peerFit @peerFit Workout on the Rooftop! peerFit is an app that allows you to find a group fitness class no matter where in the United States you are. And for a group fitness junkie like me, I think this is like the best invention E.V.E.R. Check out the peerFit website and go to iTunes to download the app! Oh, did I mention it's FREE?!?!?!

We met up with Marissa (@TampaMama) with @TruckFarmTampa and @fitkidstampa. Marisa and her Fit Kids Playground helped to keep the children active while the adults sweated away to a great sample of Les Mills classes including Sh’Bam, CXWORX, Body Attack, and Body Flow.  Thanks to CXWORX I was able to get in my planks for the #THX4Planks challenge.  My middle child Ella was born to Sh’Bam. That girl can keep a beat and move move move! She was the only child that participated in the group fitness part of the Workout on the Rooftop and I am so proud of her.

How cool is this truck??


If you squint you can see me! I'm over on the far right side. I have on my bright yellow shoes and a white shirt.

And CXWORX on the ROOF?? Does it get any better?? (well, yes it does. Remember my stint with Les Mills in NYC?) Tongue Out

 Me and two Les Mills master trainers.

Me with Jesper, COO of Les Mills

I started off my day with Les Mills, too. I did Body Pump this morning and really enjoyed the new release (83). This is the second time I’ve done this release and I really like the back track on this one. Take this back and the lunges from 82 and wozers, awesomeness!! Les Mills just keeps on getting better! And while strength training doesn't burn as many calories as a cardio workout does strength training helps make you L.E.A.N. I'll take lean any day of the week.


Getting back to Les Mills group fitness classes after taking a short hiatus (in the group aspect, not in Les Mills because I do their programming at home (solo) as well) really made me realize how much I LOVE the group effect. And I realized that I don't like running. I love cycling, (indoor and outdoor) and I love swimming, mud challenges, obstacle courses, etc., but I really don't love running. I'll do it because it's good for me and sometimes as crazy as my life can get with kids, etc., running is my only option, but I just don't love it like I do Les Mills group fitness.

It was a very busy weekend, and I’m pooped. And the next few weeks are going to be even busier. I leave bright and early on Thursday for my Project Athena Keys Race to Recovery, 100 miles from Key Largo to Key West. There will be some pretty intense running involved, but I've been told that I can cycle if I choose, so I might just take them up on that offer. I'm a dang good cycler Wink I’ll fly home on Monday night. I will have very limited access to Internet, etc., but if you follow PA on Facebook they are great about posting photos while the event is going on.

I have my Spinning certification the first weekend in December, the Color Run (with the family) also in December and maybe, just maybe, I'll be doing the Zombie Dash...and you guessed it, also in December.

Living an active life is well, active  Cool

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