Fail to plan, plan to fail. A lesson in improvising.

Day 2 of my life as a stay-at-home-mama started off as well as yesterday. I took the advice from one of your comments and got a bigger coffee cup. This is actually my 2nd place "trophy" from the Venice Triathlon. It was good advice. I only needed one refill.

My little dudes have been so happy to just chillax in the morning instead of rush, rush, rush. It IS a nice feeling. And I don't feel like such a maniac. And that's always good. Cause if mama ain't happy, no one is happy.

It's been so relaxed that I'm even able to make their lunches in the morning! They do love their Natural Jif Peanut Butter and Polaner fiber jelly. Typically I buy the Arnold DOUBLE FIBER bread, but Publix was out, and I had 3 kids with me, so I grabbed and ran.

And sandwiches are always more fun when they are cut into butterflies. 

And then there is the snacks. Oh lordy, the snacks. They need a snack for during school, and then they need a snack for after-school, and then they just need snacks, well because they are 6, 7, and 8. And let's face it. Snacks are yummy.

And let me tell you....those Stacy's Simply Naked Pita chips ARE THE BOMB!! And dipped in Sabra Hummus...OMG!!  Now for some reason, my son would prefer pretzels over pita chips. I have no idea why, but he's dipping into chick pea goodness, so whatever. And yes, I buy single servings of items. 1) it's easier on me, and 2) PORTION control!! 

Now Publix had a BOGO on these this week. We've never tried them, usually I go with the Dark Cocoa Almonds, but a BOGO and pre-packed, I was all over it!

For breakfast, one had eggs, one had oatmeal, and one had oatmeal AND eggs. And another BOGO from Publix, Jones cooked turkey sausage links. Now these, these were a HIT. THEY ATE THE ENTIRE PACKAGE! I'll be going back to stock up while they are still BOGO.


Now...if you are still with me, this is probably the reason you are here....MY WORKOUT!!

Today was supposed to be an outside circuit conditioning workout with the amazing Jill Gore from Fitness Fanatics and her cohort Kristin S. Kristin is the talented do-it-all mom who made my headband for the Women's 1/2 marathon last year. Okay, I digress. I just really dig both these ladies and am so fortunate to be able to know them.

Okay, so the workout. I was all pumped, ready to get it going, when the sky opened up and the rain began to pour. I jump online and of course they have already posted alternate plans. THEY HAD A BACK-UP PLAN! Kristin generously opened up her garage (quite literally) for us to workout in! Jill arrives and they go to work setting up our stations. 12 stations. Each station lasted one minute with a 7 second break between each station (basically just time to get from one station to the next.) Jill went through and demonstrated what we'd do at each station, Kristin showed some ways to improvise (she's good like that.) After we completed all 12 stations we took a short break, and then we repeated, and repeated. 3 times total. By the time we were done, I had burned 600 calories. Then we went on a cool down walk where I burned another 100something. I think my total burn was 741, and this was a full-body workout. So without further ado, the photo proof.

Station 1: The Burpee 

Station 2: Jumping Jacks and Star Jacks. And while there is a number listed, remember you are going for one full minute, so you are alternating between sets of 5. 

Station 3: Planks and/or mountain climbers on the wall  Hands down, the plank is the BEST exercise for your core. My blogging friend Denise is running a plank challenge on her blog  so if you tweet, etc., you can join in!  

Tired yet?

Station 4: Hurdles or long jump. But this is where Kristin jumped in (jump, get it LOL) with her improvising skills and had us jump over an overturned Home Depot bucket. 

Station 5: Plyo Lunges!!   I do love lunges! And squats (those are still coming!!) They have really helped my booty to become more J-Lo like ;) 

Station 6: Pushups! And all of us do them on our knees! Go strong girls!! Cool

Station 7: Squat Jumps. One of my favorites!! It also happens that Les Mills incorporates squat jumps in track 7 (lunges) in releases 82 and 83 to give you a little cardio kick. Awesome.

Station 8: Push Up Jacks 

Station 9: Tricep dips  With another improv from Kristin. We were originally going to do them in the little chair, but then K brought out that metal ladder and had us dip down the ladder with our feet on the chair. Don't worry, I got a picture to show you what it looks like ;) 

Station 10 had us doing high knees, but by the time we got there, the rain had stopped, so we ran outside and sprinted for a minute.

Station 11: Tuck jumps and tricep pushups. I just did the tricep pushups b/c I get dizzy going up and down. 

Station 12: Wall squat with weight

And there you have it!! An A.M.A.Z.I.N.G workout with very little equipment, done in the garage. 

Here I am pre-workout, all smiles and my Honey Badger Don't Care attitude. Good thing I came with that attitude b/c this workout kicked my butt, and I loved every single second of it.

 Those mountain climbers on the wall are NO JOKE!!

And doing bicep curls while doing a wall squat, ya I got that.

Oh, and look..tricep dips and I am still smiling Laughing

And every workout needs push-ups!!


It was a great morning; we laughed, we b!tched, we grunted, sweated. And we were all made a little bit stronger, a little bit fitter. And I'd like to emphasize that EVERY exercise we did today could easily be modified for the most basic of beginners, so don't think that you can't do it! You can! It just takes some improvising!!

And then I came home and had lunch. A romaine lettuce salad with steelhead trout, feta cheese, apples and avocado. And it was good.

I think I'm going to like this stay-at-home and blog gig.


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  • Those lunches and snacks for your kids look so good! I'd probably eat them all before they got home from school. Wink

    You're a crazy woman with that workout! I'm super tired just reading it.
  • OK that was my advice about the bigger coffee mug Smile  But really Jenny, needs to be a real mug. Morning coffee deserves respect LOL. Anyway, I want to know what steelhead trout is that you made for lunch, and that looked like apples but it was avocado. And yes I'm very very jealous that you get to stay at home and exercise whenever you want , and blog, and each lunch and be with adults, and have  a clean kitchen floor. Someday, on my bucket list when I win the lotto!!!

    You go girl!!!
  • LOL Audrey. There are both apples and avocados in the salad. I forgot to add apples to my list. I'll make sure to go back and add it. And I am going shopping tomorrow for a real coffee mug.

    Steelhead trout is a type of fish.  James made it last night so all I had to do was throw it on my salad.

  • Steelhead Trout is very similar to Salmon. Its a little more oily and fishy tasting than Salmon..thus, typically higher in Omega 3's.
  • I finally got the FaceBook Like box working. If you can see it, please comment or LIKE.
  • I would imagine packing all that food for all the different times would be so tricky. Kids eat so much! And nice job on the workout! I like how the stations are typed out. Sometimes that's what makes circuit workouts tricky.
  • Looking STRONG, mama!  So proud of you!  Your story is such an inspiring tale!  Thanks for the planks shout out!  YOU ROCK!!! xox

    BTW...I bought the BOGO almonds too. :-D
  • Thanks Denise. How do your guys like the almonds? Mine are loving them!!
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