I schedule my workouts like I schedule any important appointment in my life. They are non-negotiable unless an emergency arises, like one of my children (or me!!) is sick. These days being a working professional and a mom has meant that my workout schedule has had to change. I'm currently wogging (walk/jog) 2-3 miles every afternoon on my lunch break. I swing kettlebells, and I do dance aerobics on the XBox. I also still belong to an awesome CrossFit Box; CrossFit En Fuego, though it's been VERY difficult to get there since their last WOD is at 6pm and I don't get home in time.  I've also recently joined Florida Power Yoga, and am excited by the class schedule that they offer. 

The reason I show you my calorie burn is because I heart rate train. Why should a person train with a heart rate monitor? The best way to improve your fitness and to see results is to train at the right intensity. So with a heart rate monitor, you can make sure you’re not over or under training, and make each session count. I use a Polar HRM as my training partner and I have evidence of my progress – which motivates me each and every time I train.



A Month of Hot Yoga

Florida Power Yoga-Day 1



Trying to get in The Zone August 31-September 6


A week of CrossFit: August 24-30


A week in my life: August 17-23


Weekly Workouts, Yuba Bike, and the Beach July 27-August 2


Weekly Workouts #MomsWhoSwing July 20-26


Weekly Workouts #MomsWhoSwing July 13-19


Weekly Workouts and Kettlebells June 29-July 5


Weekly Workouts and other stuff June 22-June 28


Weekly Workouts and other stuff June 15-21


Weekly Workouts and other stuff June 8-14


Weekly Workouts and other stuff June 1-June 7


Weekly Workouts, June challenges, and other stuff May 25-May 31


Weekly Workout Schedule plus a review & giveaway May 18-24


Weekly Workout Schedule April 13-19


Weekly Workout Schedule March 16-22


Weekly Workout Schedule February 16-22


Weekly Workout Schedule February 2-February 8


Monday-CrossFit + 2 miles

Tuesday- Airheads







Weekly Workout Schedule January 26-February 1

Sunday-REST DAY!



Wednesday-CrossFit and Jazzercise



Saturday- Best Damn Race 10K





Weekly Workout Schedule January 19-January 25


 Sunday-REST DAY! Steps: 16,299


 Monday- Kids were off school for MLK Day. We took a 3 mile walk in the morning from 8:45-10am, came home and got ready for MOSI where we met my mom and niece. It was a very nice day.


Steps: 20,090


Tuesday- CrossFit and a 2 mile walk.
Complete 75 Wall Balls for time.
* Every minute on the minute complete 7 Sit-Ups.


Completed in 3:41.

Calories: 505

Steps: 16,711

Wednesday-Crossfit & 2 mile walk


I can't fully remember what the WOD was but I know that it involved 5X5 heavy chest presses, and some pull-ups.



Calories: 660
Steps: 18,455

Thursday-CrossFit & 2 mile walk. Thursday is usually my "rest day" from CrossFit, but since I missed Monday, I went on Thursday and then came home and did a 2+ mile walk with Matthew.

Calories: 769


 Steps: 21,297

Friday-CrossFit & 2 mile walk. Another good day. At CrossFit I made up Monday's WOD. It was a total ass kicker. It was a WOD from the 2013 CrossFit open.


Complete a 17 minute AMRAP of:
- 40 Burpees (to 6” target)
- 30 Cleans 45#
- 30 Burpees
- 30 Cleans 55#
- 20 Burpees
- 30 Cleans 65#
- 10 Burpees
- AMRAP Cleans 75# with any remaining time.


I actually made it further in the WOD than I thought I would, so I'm pretty proud of myself.


Calories: 454+148 (I turned my HRM off and forgot to turn it back on until after we had done a mile, so it's probably closer to 700 calories)


Steps: 21,297


 Saturday- For the 3rd straight week I made it to CrossFit!! I love Saturday partner WOD's.This was a tough WOD!


40 thrusters 40#


40 hanging knee raises


40 pushups


200 double unders (one partner hangs from the bar while the other partner does the jumps)


40 pushups


40 hanging knee raises


40 thrusters 40#


Calories: 410


 Weekly Workout Schedule January 12-January 18

Sunday-REST DAY! Steps: 13,927


Monday- CrossFit & Jazzercise  HOLY LEG DAY!!! FOR TIME! 50 weighted front squats, 800m run, 50 weighted back squats, 800m run, 50 air squats. WOZERS! I chose to use 45# and we needed to use the same weight for both weighted exercises. I could have gone heavier in the back squats, but I was pretty proud that 1) I RAN the 800m, and 2) I didn't put the bar down at all during the back squats. After the WOD my friend and I walked 2 miles as a post-HOLY LEGS "walk it out, walk it out" Whew. I had originally planned to go to Jazzercise, but thought that walking might serve me better. I think it did because I experienced NO soreness.

Calories: 633
Steps: 18,861


Tuesday- CrossFit:
Complete a 20 minute AMRAP of:
- 1/3(assisted) Rope Climb (15')
- 5 (may be assisted) Ring Dips
- 10 Med Ball "Toss and Catches" (20/15)

Because of my clumsiness and overall fear of tripping over a falling ball, or hitting someone with the ball, I opted for wall balls instead of toss and catches. It was a good move on my part. After the WOD I walked 800m.

Calories: 558

Steps: 17,007


Wednesday-Crossfit & Jazzercise. I did it! I made it a double header!! We started with a strict press, working up to a 5X3 heavy weight. Overhead is my hardest move, and strict press is my most challenging lift. I maxed out at 50pounds, but was happy that I did it 15 times. Then we did a quick 8 minute WOD of jump ropes and sit-ups, adding additional sets each round. Then I went to Jazzercise. This was my lowest calorie burn yet. There were a lot of confusing feet moves in the routines this instructor picked which caused my heart rate to basically go into resting mode because I was so confused by what was going on. I should have just run in place. Undecided

Calories: CrossFit: 362  Jazzercise:342 Combined= 704
Steps: 22,898


Thursday-Jazzercise. Thursday is usually my "rest day" from CrossFit, so I decided I'm just go and do some dancing today! It was fun! A great routine with a new (to me) instructor (Beth) and I loved her class! Such fun music!

Calories: 452

Steps: 15,166


Friday-CrossFit & Jazzercise. Another good day. At CrossFit I made up Thursday's WOD. It was great. Started with a 1000m row, then for time, 6 sets of: 10 power snatches, followed by a 100m sprint. I finished in 18:19.

Calories: 414

Then I went to Jazzercise and it was a great day for dancing! Lots of kick ball changes and those are always fun Smile

Calories: 405

Total Calories: 819

Steps: 15,936


Saturday- I made it to CrossFit!! I love Saturday partner WOD's. And what made it even better was that my friend Hope who does CrossFit at another box came and did the WOD with me. It was good. A 800m run, (and yes, I ran!!) and then in teams (we did a team of 4) we did 100 wall balls, 125 burpee plank jump overs, and 125 tire flips. I love tire flips. The wall balls were okay too. The burpee plank jump overs totally sucked. Tongue Out Post WOD Hope and I walked 2 miles and chatted. It was nice to walk and chat. We've never really been able to do that before.

Calories: 640



Weekly Workout Schedule January 5-January 11

Sunday- REST DAY! Haley's BIRTHDAY!! 11,021 Steps
Monday- CrossFit.

For Time Complete:
15, 12, 9, 6, 3 of
* 200M Run (to start each round)
- Power Cleans-60#
- Front Squats-60#

I completed the WOD in 16:10 Total Calories: 494

Total Steps: 14,698

Tuesday-Kids went back to school today!! I went and did Jazzercise. Jazzercise ONLY. 479 Calories.

Total Steps: 17,478

Wednesday-DOUBLE HEADER!! I went to CrossFit AND to Jazzercise.

At CrossFit I did 4 stations, 5 rounds. NOT for time. 500m row, 12 Lateral DB Raises, 20# Med Ball Slams (in one minute, I did 22 each round) and 20" box step ups holding 10# weights. I also rowed 1400m before the WOD began since I got there a bit early and was COLD. Total calories: 501

Then I went to Jazzercise for an hour of dancing. It was fun!! Total Calories: 453

By NOON I had logged 10,628 steps. Good active day!

Thursday- Double Header!! Great WOD! It started with a 400m run, followed by 9 deadlifts (125#) and 9 Pullups, then a 200m run, followed by 15 deadlifts (115#) and 15 pull-ups, then a 100m run, followed by 21 deadlifts (95#) and 21 pull-ups. Calories 364. Then I went to Jazzercise. We did the same routine as yesterday, yet I didn't burn as many calories and I felt like I was working harder. Weird how that works out. Calories 410.

Again, by Noon I had logged over 10,000 steps! Total steps for Thursday: 17,110

Friday-Whew! I was super sore today but I went to CrossFit Cool Friday is always make-up day, so I made up Tuesday's WOD.We started with a bit of strength. 3 Push Press followed by a Split Jerk, work to a max weight. THEN....50 butterfly sit-ups, 100 single jump ropes, 50 hand release push-ups, 100 single jump ropes, 25 butterfly sit-ups, 50 single jump ropes, 25 hand release push-ups, 50 single jumps.

And then after the WOD I walked a mile. IN 12 MINUTES. That was a new one mile walking PR for me.

Calories: 469

Total Steps: 15,959

Saturday-  What a crazy morning! I was up way before dawn to get ready to appear on ABC News. My daughter Haley came along and she ended up being interviewed, too! I had to dress in work-out clothing, so by the time I got home, it was 8:15am, and I figured I'd go and workout at 9am since I was already dressed and ready to go!

We did a GREAT partner WOD. 25 minutes of a 400m run, 10 crawlers, 15 ring rows, 20 overhead walking lunges.

Calories: 667


Total Weekly Steps:

Total Calories:

Weekly Workout Schedule December 29-January 4

My 2nd week of tracking workouts since September. WooHoo!! I am a bit disappointed that I had 3 rest days last week, but I guess with Christmas smack dab in the middle of the week, it's bound to happen. Which means it's going to happen this week too. Ugh. But I'm planning a NEW workout on Thursday....JAZZERCISE!!


Sunday-Rest Day 10,431 steps

 Monday- A very humbling WOD. First time I wasn't able to complete an AMRAP in the time specified. We had 10 minutes to complete 40 bar facing burpee jump overs, 20 clean and jerks, and 10 chest to bar. When the 10 minutes was called I was on my 16th Clean & Jerk. But...I went up in weight. Normally I do 45 pounds for my C&J when it's this many reps. But today my friend took my bar and slid some more weight on it and said YOU CAN DO IT. And ya know what...I did. It took me longer, but I did it. I think I did 65#, might have been 60#, but certainly one of those two weights. And then once time was called I completed the rest of the WOD. Took me 12:45 to do ONE round. Then we went and did a mile for fun. Ronin was with me and he was in a running mood, so he ran with another friend because he's much faster than me. She estimates that they finished in 9:20. He is aiming for a 9:00 mile, so he's really close. 488 Calories.

 Tuesday- WOD in the style of Fight Gone Bad. Which means that it sucked and I loved it!! 5 stations, 1 minute max reps per station, 1 minute rest after the 5 stations, repeat 3 times. Total score is number of reps combined for all 3 rounds. Our stations today (in the order I went in) Wall Balls, Hanging Knee Raises, Jump Rope, Row, 20" Box Step-ups. My total score was 564! Bam! Calories: 537 15,461 steps

 Wednesday- NEW YEARS DAY. Rest Day. I was hoping to get outside and do some gardening and take the kids on their mile walk, but it's raining right now (11:40am) and I have a TV interview at 3:45pm, and then we're heading to the circus, so time is limited today.

 Thursday- Fast WOD. We did a lot of stretching, and then for time complete: 1000m row, 5 rounds of 20 air squats and 14 shoulder to overhead. I did a push jerk. Did the first round with 55 rounds, did the first 7 of the 2nd round with 55 pounds, then dropped to 45 pounds. Did the 3 round with 45 pounds, and the last 2 rounds with 35 pounds. And 15,180 steps. No mile with the kids. It was a very rainy afternoon.  Calories during WOD: 284

 Friday-JAZZERCISE!! My first Jazzercise class in over 15 years. I loved it! Calories: 548 We did our 1 mile, but walked it. Freezing cold and noses and eyes were watering when attempting to run. 16,409 steps.

Saturday-REST Day. We went to Orlando for Haley's birthday. 20,727 Steps

Total Steps: 107,478
Total Calories: 18,567


Weekly Workout Schedule December 22-28

I have been a HUGE slacker in keeping my workout page updated since the kids returned to school. I have no idea why. I need to be accountable so I'm going to be updating more regularly. In addition, I received a Polar Loop Daily Fitness/Activity Tracker so I'll be adding in how many steps I get each day as well. The goal is 10,000 steps.

Sunday- REST DAY. 11,830 total steps.

Monday- 12 Days of Christmas WOD. 615 calories burned. 20,463 total steps.

Tuesday- 500m row, 30 pushups, 30 air squats, 4 rounds, plus a 200m prowler push with my son as added weight. 405 calories burned.12,678 steps.

Wednesday-CHRISTMAS Rest Day. 10,603 steps.

Thursday- "Barbara" WOD. 5 rounds of: 20 pull-ups, 30 push-ups, 40 sit-ups, and 50 squats. 429 calories burned. Later in the day the kids and I did a 1 mile run. We'll be doing 1 mile every single day. 16,669 steps.

Friday- 20 minute AMRAP consisting of 21 sit-ups, 15 box jumps, 9 push-ups, 3 modified rope climbs. I did 7 complete rounds. 313 calories.  1 mile run with kids. 18,123 total steps.

Saturday-REST DAY. 11,988 steps. Did 1 mile with kids.  We did have a garage sale in the morning. It was a productive day.


For the week my LOOP provided me with this total data: 101,744 steps counted. 17,734 kcal burned. That's 24/7 data. I'm pretty happy with that. I'd really like to try to improve my weekly cardio activities. I think I'm going to look in to Jazzercise. I used to do Jazzercise back in the early 1990's and I really liked it! 


Weekly Workout Schedule September 8-14

I have been a SLACKER with keeping my workouts updated. It seems like since the kids went back to school I have LESS time than I did in the summer. HOW does that happen?? But here's to a new week of workouts!

Sunday: Cycle 21.24 miles. 14.8MPH average pace. 658 calories. I came home STARVING and have been pretty much hungry all day long. I need to figure out this nutrition thing. My activity levels are going up and I'm starving at night. I need to figure out how to eat more throughout the day when I'm not hungry!

Monday: WOD + 1 mile sled pull 739

Tuesday: WOD + 1 mile sled pull 634

Wednesday: Tribute WOD 485

Thursday: Cycle

Friday: WOD

Saturday: Beach


Weekly Workout Scheudule August 18-24

Sunday-Active Recovery Day: Lawnwork

Monday- WOD



Thursday- Spinning




Weekly Workout Scheudule August 11-17

Sunday- Major house cleaning!!

Monday- Run 5k 484

Tuesday- WOD 520

Wednesday-WOD 458

Thursday-WOD 457

Friday- 401

Saturday-  5 hours of lawn work!!


Reflections: I might not have burned a huge amount of calories this week, but I had two HUGE PR's at CrossFit En Fuego. I went up 50lbs in my front squat, and up 5lbs in my strict press. I am getting stronger!! WooHoo!! I also didn't wear my HRM for some of my activities like house cleaning or lawn work!



Weekly Workout Scheudule August 3- 10

Sunday- REST

Monday- Run 5k 484+WOD 504=988

Tuesday- WOD+LAWN=654

Wednesday-WOD 372

Thursday-BIRTHDAY WOD!! 512

Friday- Had fun at Adventure Island!!

Saturday- Major House Cleaning

Total 2526.

Reflections: I had a really busy week with my birthday and prepping the house for the WTSP promo shoot! Not my best week as far as calorie burn, but it was a fun week and sometimes that's just as important!


Weekly Workout Scheudule July 28-August 3 (how are we in August already??)

Sunday- Orange Theory Fitness!! My first ever OTF class. I loved it!! 627

Monday- WOD 473  I didn't get to complete my full cardio post-wod. Ronin tripped in the kids club and hurt his shin and wanted to leave. James and I made it cycle tonight! Finally we had a rain free evening...almost! 296 Total=769

Tuesday- WOD 308

Wednesday-CYCLING 10.4 MILES 373

Thursday- WOD 281

Friday-CYCLING 545 + WOD 311=856

Saturday-CYCLE 17.3 MILES 352

TOTAL 3270 I felt like a slacker this week. Despite cycling a lot of miles, I didn't get a very good burn. That's both good and bad. I'm having to work A LOT harder to get my heart rate up which means I am training very efficiently and then it's coming down quickly too. I need to step up my cardio game.


Weekly Workout Scheudule July 21-27

Monday WOD "Cindy" completed 13 3/4 sets in a 20 min AMRAP. Also did 6X50m sprints. 586

Tuesday WOD 547

Wednesday WOD oh what a day!! Cycle, WOD, and Swim. 987 Squat day.

Thursday Active Recovery: Lawn Work. Did not track.

Friday WOD 536

Saturday WOD 453

Total: 3109

Reflections: Good week. Lots of cross training. Lots of squats.



Weekly Workout Schedule July 14-July 20

Sunday- Ella's birthday Rest

Monday- Run 3.11 miles 412 Calories. WOD 486 898

Tuesday- WOD 541 This was a fun day! Death by push-ups!!

Wednesday Cycle 573 WOD 406

Thursday Active Recovery Mowed Lawn, pulled weeds

Friday WOD 530

Saturday Active Recovery. Climbed ropes course for Ronin's birthday.

Total: 2948  Took more rest days than I have been, but it was the kids birthday's so I needed to do stuff with them. Ready to hit it hard again this week. Hopefully the weather works in our favor. We weren't able to cycle at night at all last week because it rained every single night.


Weekly Workout Scheudule July 7-July 13

I had such a stellar week last week I wasn't sure how I'd be able to manage another week like that, but I have and kicked it up a notch!

Sunday-Cycling 14.2 miles 453 calories

Monday- WOD 602 Cycling 13.92 miles 535 calories And one more thing...I didn't name it in PPT, so I can't remember what I did but I burned 231. Total= 1368

Tuesday- Run 3.3 miles 462 calories Cycle 12.53 miles 464 calories Total=926

Wednesday- Cycle 12.37 miles 473 calories WOD 386 Lawn 495

Thursday-REST DAY at Busch Gardens!!

Friday- WOD 534

Saturday: We're off to the Florida Museum of Natural History for Ella's birthday.


Weekly Workout Scheudule June 30-July 6

I'm back!! After a vacation where I unplugged from my blog, I'm back to record and be accountable for my workouts!!

Sunday: Body Pump Release 80 (at home) 302
Monday: Body Pump Release 63 (at YMCA) 300 CrossFit Deadlifts ONLY 262 Total=562 PR'd a Deadlift 180# AMAZING

Tuesday: 2 1/4 mile run= 295 CrossFit WOD=599 total= 894

Wednesday: CrossFit WOD=516 Lawn work crossfit style: 794 total=1310

Thursday: HERO WOD at Crossfit 704

Friday: CrossFit WOD REST DAY

Saturday:CrossFit WOD 504 Hike with kids 345 Total=849

Maybe I should look at adding a rest day in here somewhere???? Yes, I added a rest day on Friday and it's feeling really well earned!

Total Calories Burned: 4621


Weekly Workout Schedule June 9-June 15

Sunday Family Bike Ride 14 miles: 575

Monday CrossFit WOD: 622 Did a 500m row FOR TIME!

Tuesday Busch Gardens VIP event. Would like to try to get in an evening WOD  Walked 4.1 miles around Busch Gardens burned 982 calories. Then had a 12.56 mile bike ride with the husband 501 calories. total=1483

Wednesday CrossFit WOD 534+475 cycle with my husband. total=1009

Thursday CrossFit Running Clinic 324+ WOD 310 Total=634 plus a workout #3 442=1076

Friday CrossFit WOD

Saturday CrossFit WOD 453

Total Calories Burned:



Weekly Workout Schedule June 2-June 8

Sunday Family Bike Ride 14 miles: 502

Monday CrossFit WOD: 518

Tuesday CrossFit WOD: 561 Airdyne kicked my butt! I made it just over my 5 minutes before my hammies were SCREAMING at me. Did it at the end of my WOD which had a lot of squat thrusters. Will try again PRE-Workout!

Wednesday CrossFit WOD 577!! I did the Airdyne for 6 minutes today!

Thursday-REST DAY!! Ronin had a psych appt. Formally diagnosed with ASD Level 2 :(

Friday CrossFit WOD 538  do you have any idea how many times Sting sings "Roxanne" in his song? You'll never listen to it the same way again if you have to do burpees every time he sings it! LOL. + 428 Family cycle=966

Saturday Body Pump (at home) 440

Total Calories Burned: 3564

Reflections: School got out for the kids on Tuesday and the kids had to come to CrossFit with me on Wednesday and Friday. Friday was challenging with Ronin but the CrossFit community is so supportive that Ronin was able to stay in the corner and watch me. If I had been at a traditional gym, I would have had to leave, so this was so amazing and so appreciated!!


Weekly Workout Schedule May 26-June 1

Sunday Treadmill & weights at hotel gym: 517

Monday Hike with Family 5 miles, but we went S.L.O.W. 294

Tuesday WOD 554+488 mowing lawn the hard way=1042

Wednesday WOD 520

Thursday WOD 635

Friday WOD (Murph) 624+ Family Bike Ride 390=1014

Saturday Maybe WOD, maybe rest day depending how I feel. I was SORE!! It was a rest day!!

Total Calories Burned: 4022

Reflections: Murph kicked my butt. Yes, it was hard while I was doing it, but I did it. I even managed to go on an 11.8 mile bike ride with the family later that evening. I thought I'd be able to get up and do CrossFit on Saturday morning because I had virtually NO soreness. HAHAHA!! When Saturday morning rolled around I was singing a different tune! It hurt to raise my arms to wash my hair. My armpits were even sore!



Weekly Workout Schedule May 19-May 25

 Sunday-Family bike ride Calories burned: 540

Monday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 552

Tuesday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 525

Wednesday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 501

Thursday- Outdoor Cycle Calories Burned REST DAY!!

Friday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 597

Saturday-Color me Rad Calories Burned: 364

Reflections: I am really enjoyed my WOD's, and I need to get my kids to pick up the pace a little bit. They are impacting my workouts. I know it's more than just working out, it's about spending quality time with them, but I know they can do more and are holding back. Need to work on that this summer.


Weekly Workout Schedule May 12-May 18

Sunday-Mothers Day 5K with my gang. Calories Burned: 532

Monday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 512

Tuesday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 513

Wednesday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 547 AWESOME Hero WOD!! Cycled with James in the afternoon Additional 424 calories burned Total=971

Thursday- Outdoor Cycle Calories Burned: Took it as a "rest" day and walked through Busch Gardens with my trio!

Friday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 617

Saturday-Gardening Calories Burned: 840

Weekly Calories Burned through Exercise: 3985

Reflections: Took more rest days than I normally do and ate more pie and drank more beer than I have in a LONG time, but I feel okay with that decision. I needed  pie. And beer.



Weekly Workout Schedule May 5-May11

Sunday-Paddle boarding/snorkeling with kids and manatees Calories burned: 1038!! Sweet :) My forearms, shoulders, and back got a nice workout today :)

Monday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 523  I PR'd a new deadlift max AND shaved 16 seconds off my HELEN time. Sweet :)

Tuesday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 689 I shaved 20 SECONDS off my 800m time! GO ME!!

Wednesday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 643 a great day for strength and endurance. I was the last one standing for Death by Wall Balls!

Thursday- Outdoor Cycle Calories Burned: 800! Booyah!! 24 miles with a negative split! 40 minutes for the first 12 miles, 37 for the return trip! The Iron Girl tri bike portion is 12 miles, and I'm feeling good already with over 3 months left to train!

Friday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 509 Lots of heavy weights today including a one rep max chest press!! 75# which is really heavy for me!  That's an increase of 5lbs.

Saturday-CrossFit!!! Calories Burned REST DAY

Weekly Calories Burned Through Exercise: 4202

Reflections: Another really great workout week and I even took a much needed rest day. I'm feeling really strong. Now that the Whole30 is over I did let a couple food items back in as a test and I feel a bit bloated. I think I do much much better when I do eat a more clean diet. Beer and popcorn leave me feeling yucky.


Weekly Workout Schedule April 29-May 4

Sunday-Gardening. Did not track calorie burn, but I spent HOURS tilling, raking, packing, etc..

Monday-CrossFit and Gardening Calories Burned 1185 (hot damn!!)

Tuesday-CrossFit and GardeningTotal Calories Burned: 890

Wednesday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 653

Thursday- Outdoor Cycle Calories Burned: 869

Friday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 524 (LOTS of strength today. I worked on squat cleans for 20 minutes!!)

Saturday-SPORTING IS OVER!! I should be able to do CrossFit!!! 658

Weekly Calories Burned Through Exercise: 4779

Reflections: Man, I killed it this week, and didn't even track a calorie burn on Sunday. Awesome. And I'm feeling really good too. I am feeling like I really worked my triceps and legs this week. And again, I really enjoy having a straight cardio day on Thursday.


Weekly Workout Schedule April 21-27

 Sunday-Family Bike Ride: Calories Burned: 308

Monday-CrossFit Total Calories Burned: 457

Tuesday-CrossFit Total Calories Burned: 477

Wednesday-CrossFit Calories Burned:561 I took my monitor off and then did additional core work! I should have left it going! ARGH!!

Thursday- Indoor Cycle Calories Burned: 612

Friday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 720

Saturday-Rest Day. Haley has a cheerleading competition. We finish early. Perhaps we can get in a family bike ride.


Weekly Calories Burned Through Exercise:  3135

Reflections: Adding this reflection now...I LOVE having a high cardio day in the middle of my week! And wow...was I ever strong on the bike today. It was amazing!!!  Even taking Saturday "off" I still had a pretty great week!! I did a lot of gardening and didn't track calorie burn for that, but I was active and kept busy!!



Weekly Workout Schedule April 7-13

Sunday-Iron Girl: Calories Burned: 551

Monday-CrossFit Total Calories Burned: 554

Tuesday-CrossFit Total Calories Burned: 444 + i I will run 26.2 minutes for Boston + 153=597

Wednesday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 630

Thursday-Trail Run with Pup: Conference. I'll bring workout clothing and hopefully I can work out in the hotel gym.

Friday-CrossFit Calories Burned  Conference. I'll bring workout clothing and hopefully I can work out in the hotel gym.

Saturday-Autism Speaks Walk "Laps for Logan Running for Ronin" Calories Burned: 702

Weekly Calories Burned Through Exercise:  3034

Reflections: Despite not being able to workout 2 days this week, I did very well on the days that I was able to work out!! I'm beginning to add some additional cardio on my CrossFit days by rowing 2,000 meters at the end of each workout. I'm trying to build up my back/shoulders for triathlon season!


Weekly Workout Schedule April 7-13

Sunday-Took a total rest day with family. Well deserved Smile

Monday-CrossFit Total Calories Burned: 520

Tuesday-CrossFit Total Calories Burned: 324+155 dirt shoveling=479

Wednesday-CrossFit Calories Burned:562

Thursday-Trail Run with Pup Calories Burned Ella was home sick and I had a ton of errands. Rest day.

Friday-CrossFit Calories Burned:399

Saturday-Haley has a cheer competition and I have to pick up Iron Girl race packets. Would like to get in a short run. Calories Burned:

Weekly Calories Burned Through Exercise:  1960

Reflections: 3 rest days in one week? That does not normally happen. At all. I was still quite active on those rest days doing yard work and other chores, but did not track any sort of workout or calorie burn.



Weekly Workout Schedule March 30-April 6

Sunday-Trail Walk with family; geocaching: Calories Burned: 517

Monday-CrossFit Total Calories Burned: 359

Tuesday-CrossFit Total Calories Burned: 437

Wednesday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 487

Thursday-Trail Run with Pup Calories Burned:398

Friday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 487

Saturday-CrossFit Kids have football. Will try to get a circuit or dog run in. Calories Burned:513

Weekly Calories Burned Through Exercise: 3198

 Reflections: Had a really nice week. Took 2 days for active recovery and spent some quality time with my dog. It was a very nice workout week.



Weekly Workout Schedule March 24-April 30

Sunday-Trail Walk with Pup through the neighoborhood- raining coming Calories Burned:150

Monday-CrossFit Total Calories Burned: 510 and Airheads Indoor Trampoline Arena Calories Burned: 383: Total 893

Tuesday- 5K Family walk and geocaching with kids and with pup Calories Burned: 326 Too cold for geocaching! We're heading to the movie!

Wednesday-CrossFit and Busch Gardens Calories Burned: 639 did not track calorie burn at BG

Thursday-CrossFit  Trail walk with kids and pup Calories Burned: 313

Friday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 396

Saturday-CrossFit Calories Burned: 435

Weekly Calories Burned Through Exercise: 3152

Reflections: My kids keep me BUSY!!


Weekly Workout Schedule March 17-23

Sunday: Citrus Trail 4 mile Adventure Run 701 Calories burned

Monday: CrossFit WOD 517 Calories burned

Tuesday: CrossFit WOD 623 Calories burned

Wednesday: CrossFit WOD 340 Calories burned. 70# max bench press!! Pretty proud of myself!

Thursday: REST DAY!

Friday: CrossFit 344 Calories burned 65# dead lift. I think I could have gone heavier, but it was my first time.

Saturday:TBD. Kids have football. Did lawn work, but did not track calories!

Weekly Calories Burned through exercise:  2525

Reflections: I started having trouble with my IT band on Sunday night which was giving me severe knee pain, so I heavily modified my running and in place did rowing! And I even took a TOTAL rest day on Thursday! My knee is feeling MUCH better, and I'm up for the challenge of Spring Break with my kids!!


Weekly Workout Schedule March 10-16

Sunday-NOTHING! Cry Taking care of sick child

Monday-CrossFit Body Pump and 1 Circuit 450 calories burned

Tuesday-CrossFit Body Pump and 3 Circuits 607 calories burned

Wednesday-CrossFit Completed Day 3 of Ignition!! 408 calories burned

Thursday-Spinning SICK!!!

Friday-CrossFit 414 Calories burned

Saturday-Have to wait and see. Kids have cheerleading/football in the AM  SLOW family trail walk 212 calories burned

Weekly Calories burned through exercise: 2091

Reflections: Even with sick kids, I try my best to get in a good workout. It might not be as long, or as hard as I normally do, but it works and still allows me to be mom!


Weekly Workout schedule March 3-March 9

Sunday-Walk with pup and son: 151 calories burned

Monday-Body Pump at home after TV appearance Walk with pup 200 calories burned

Tuesday-Barre Fitness 400 calories burned

Wednesday- CrossFit!!! 610 calories burned

Thursday- Spinning 690 calories

Friday-CrossFit 363 Calories burned

Saturday-CrossFit REST DAY

Weekly Calories Burned Through Exercise: 2414

Reflections: I love CrossFit. Seriously.


Weekly workout schedule Feb 24-March 2

Sunday- Gasparilla 1/2 Marathon 1997 Calories Burned

Monday- Aqua Aerobics 411 Calories Burned

Tuesday- Pilates and Total Body Conditioning 361 calories burned. Running tonight while the kids are at practice.

Wednesday- still deciding....Power Pilates, Body Pump or I might try out a new facitlity and give TRX a go! 452 calories

Thursday- still deciding...I might join a run group and then a spin and strength class. Kettlebells and HiiT 541 calories burned. Shoveling dirt 151 calories burned.

Friday-still deciding...maybe Pilates and a Masters Swim session?? trail run with the dog 474 calories burned

Saturday- family bike ride/run with pup CrossFit 370 calories burned

Weekly Calories Burned through exercise: 4757 (holy crap!!)

Reflection: My workouts were all over the place this week. I was busy trying out all sorts of new activities!



Weekly workout schedule Feb 17-Feb 23

Sunday- Hot yoga, swim, 1 mile walk

Monday- 4 1/3 mile run, Pilates- 788 calories burned

Tuesday- Zumba and Yoga- 733 calories burned

Wednesday-Power Pilates, Body Pump

Thursday-Teach indoor cycle class

Friday-Yoga and run with dog

 Saturday- indoor cycle class


Weekly workout schedule Feb 10-Feb 16

Sunday- Hot yoga

Monday-Spinning and Core

Tuesday- Zumba and Yoga

Wednesday-Power Pilates, Body Pump


 Friday-Yoga and Body Pump lunch with the kids

 Saturday- Family bike ride taught indoor cycle class; 3 mile trail walk


Weekly workout schedule Feb 3-Feb 9

Sunday-4 mile run with dog, one hour yoga

Monday-Power Pilates, Pilates Reformer

Tuesday-4 mile run with dog

Wednesday-Power Pilates, Body Pump



Saturday- Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run


Weekly workout schedule January 27-Feb 2

Sunday-4 mile walk with the dog

Monday- Mat Pilates, Spinning

Tuesday- Spinning, Body Flow

Wednesday- Private Event at Airheads TrampoLEAN and AiRobics

Thursday- Treadmill run 3 miles, Body Flow

Friday-Body Flow, Walk the dog 4 miles

Saturday-Best Damn Race 10K