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Edited on October 15, 2014. I have regained 40 of the 212 pounds I lost. I am working hard to get this extra weight back off. To be honest, I'm not sure WHY I gained it as not much in my life has changed. It just goes to show that this is a FOREVER journey.


My name is Jenny Hodges. I lost 212 pounds by changing my mindset, revamping my diet, and moving my body with a purpose, daily. In the beginning of my journey I did Les Mills group fitness, and Spinning. However, my fitness continues to evolve. When I returned to work outside the home, I was able to remain involved in my local CrossFit community and keep working out at CrossFit En Fuego which is a fantastic gym with awesome people. However, my schedule changed and I could no longer workout with consistency at CEF. I miss CrossFit so much.

In January 2016 I began a new chapter in my fitness journey and added YOGA to my routine. I now do yoga at Florida Power Yoga at least twice per week. In the 6 months I've been there my balance and flexibility has really improved!

I am dealing with Plantar Fascitis, and my running has also evolved to walking. Rather than running 5K's, 10K's, 15K's, and Half Marathons, I walk them. I love keeping active. 


I hold advanced degrees in Environmental Science, Library Science and Marine Biology. I am currently working as a senior level librarian with Hillsborough County Public Library System. I LOVE MY JOB!!


But my greatest achievement is being mama to my Irish Triplets (3 kids born in 3 consecutive years.) I have Haley, my oldest Pixie. Lover of all things artistic. I have Ella. My sweet Ella. My crazy cool Ella. My tiny dancer. She really wants a cat. And I have Ronin. My Ronin. My boy. My son. My biggest challenge. He has Autism and pushes all of my buttons. And gives the biggest hugs and wettest kisses. We now also have Matthew, an amazing yellow Labrador Retriever that we adopted from Southeastern Guide Dogs who was retrained as an Autism Service Dog for Ronin, though our entire family benefits from having Matthew in our life.


And I have James. My amazing genius husband. SharePoint Developer, and Programming wizard. We've been married 16 years. He is my rock. My biggest supporter. 


I have an amazing family. 


On my blog you will see me talk about day to day challenges I tackle as I live my life {while attempting to maintain a 212 pound weight loss}, raising a family and how I try to  inspire others. I am a weekly contributor on our local CBS affiliate, Channel 10 News and I often speak at local events about my journey. I blog about brands that helped me achieve my weight loss goals, and brands that help me to maintain that loss. You will never see me speak about a brand that I don't fully 100% believe in. I am authentic. I am real.