Mobile Hotspot Makes Traveling Easier

Last month I ventured with the #TampaTrio over the river, and through the woods, and through the mountains, to visit my mother in North Carolina. Traveling with 3 kids (and a dog) is never easy. My SUV has a built-in DVD player, so in past road trips, I have allowed the kids to watch DVD's and me, as their driver, is stuck LISTENING to whatever movie they are watching. Do you know how many times I have listened to the movie version of The Hunger Games or Jurassic Park? More times than I can count. That also means that I can't listen to my beloved audiobooks, because the kids are using the car speakers to listen to their movie. Sigh.

Well, that all changed this road trip. Through an opportunity graciously offered by AT&T and the Tampa Bay Bloggers I volunteered to review the Nighthawk LTE Mobile Hotspot Router. People, listen up! This little device was life changing.  During our entire road trip (which is the blue line on the map below) we NEVER lost WiFi. NEVER. Not once.


It made the drive so much better for all of us. Well, I don't think the dog cared one way or the other, but for me it was amazing! I was able to listen to my audiobook (Origin, by Dan Brown in case you're curious) and the kids were all able to watch their own shows on their own devices. There was no fighting (in the car.....) and I did not have to suffer through another long ride of listening to the same DVD's over and over and over. The Nighthawk LTE allows for up to 20 devices to be connected AT THE SAME TIME!! 20!! The most we ever had was 4.

Ella certainly understood the importance of the Nighthawk LTE Mobile Hotspot! Check out her Instagram post below! LOL.