Life of Pi

I just watched "Life of Pi" for about the 13th time. There is something about that movie, it just never get's old for me and brings a tear or two to my eyes every time I watch it. I truly love "The Empire Strikes Back" but I think "Life of Pi" beats it as my favorite movie.

Pi is a very interesting character. He has explored most of the major religions. He was Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist all at the same time.

At the end of the movie you realize that there are two very different versions of his story as a ship wreck survivor. Each story explained his ship wreck experience in a very unique and different way.

Maybe I'm a little slow on certain things but the hidden message in this movie really hit me hard just now. The movie is explaining how Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Pantheism, Paganism and all the other religions are telling a very different story about the same fundamental truths. They are all trying to explain, in many different languages, that we are all ship wrecked together here on planet earth and need to learn to get along with each other before we kill each other, and probably kill the whole entire planet in the process.

In some ways Pi reminds me of myself. When I was in the military (during the training parts of it) they had this rule that you had to clean toilets on Sunday if you didn't attend a religious service. I hated cleaning toilets and was on a very large military base so I would find a different church to go to every single Sunday. Sometimes I would go to two of them. It took me a while to process and digest it all but I learned so much about religion through those experiences. It's got to be one of the healthiest things I have ever done for myself and I encourage everyone to try something like it.

I'm simultaneously creating two very different websites right now and sort of switching back and forth depending on my mood. I think I have some good content for my "church-temple" website which will be recycled from this post here.

I'm just curious, was anyone else touched by this movie in a similar way as myself? I'd love to hear your thoughts through a comment on this post.

If you are too embarrassed to post openly, then use the contact form and we can go from there. It would really help me with content for my website and maybe make the world a little bit better place in the process.

Thanks for listening,

James (AKA Jimmy) 


The Butterfly Nebula:

The Artificial Leaf is a very feasible solution to energy independance and global warming.

Hi, this is James again.

I decided to do one additional post that I think is extremely important. Help me save the world by reading and sharing my post. I promise, I won't let you down. 

The article below will explain a revolutionary invention called the Artificial Leaf which mimics Photosynthesis. The invention in question is very similar to a solar panel except it produces hydrogen, in an incredibly efficient way, instead of electricity. To use it, you submerge the artificial leaf in plain water and it will begin to emit massive amounts of hydrogen when light is shined on it.

Why is this such a big deal?

Because you can take that cheaply produced Hydrogen and combine it with Carbon Monoxide to easily and cheaply synthesize hydrocarbon fuels like gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and kerosene. The synthesized fuel could be produced for pennies and will burn much cleaner than fossil fuels as it will be totally free of impurities.

Using this strategy you won't need to buy a new car. You can fill up at the gas station just as you do today. Nothing in our society would have to be radically re-engineered to make this work. In addition, it's a carbon neutral approach that won't contribute to Global Warming.

If you extract the carbon from sea water, or the air, it then becomes a carbon negative process. This means this invention can be used to reverse global warming and not just stop its acceleration. Humans can gain control of the Earth's Thermostat by using this technology.

Please help me spread the word and share this article with your friends and family. Write your local congressman about the technology. Write the president, I did. If we can teach and inform our leaders then we can make this world a much better place on so many different levels.



Supporting Articles:

This is another story that should show clear proof that synthesizing hydro-carbon fuels is very real, very easy, and very possible. The navy is already doing it on a couple of aircraft carriers. It is currently cost prohibitive because of all the electricity needed to produce the Hydrogen. If you use the artificial leaf then electricity is not needed, 95% of the cost immediately goes away.


Tell the White House to get informed about the Artificial Leaf

In order to Live Well, you must first learn to Die Well. A special Father's Day Post by James Hodges

Hello All,

This is James Hodges. I created for Jennifer and traditionally have left it up to her to provide content. We both have decided that once a year, around Father's Day, I will do a post on MetamorFit.

I'm definitely not a chick or fitness blogger. My posts will never have advertising in them. I'm rather Introverted and wired for more substance than that. My posts will be about something that touches my own heart and soul and hopefully at least one other person that reads it.

I have Viking ancestry. I also have Cherokee, Scottish, and English ancestry. In genetics, there is always a dominant trait. In searching myself I would like to think that my Viking ancestry is the dominant one but I know there is definitely some flavor mixed in there from all the rest of my noble ancestors.

Vikings gained a reputation in the middle ages for having no fear of death in battle. They yearned to die while doing something noble that brought honor to themselves and their family. I could go on and on telling you about Vikings, but that's not the point of this post. No fear of death what I want you to remember the most about the Vikings.

I'm not looking forward to the pain, I'll go into shock just like anyone else, but death at a high level doesn't scare me at all. I have a sincere morbid curiosity about it, truly looking forward to it, but happy to procrastinate it as long as possible as it's the one thing in life we are all guaranteed to have one day. I would never give up my life without a fight, but I would give it up for the people I love without hesitation as I consider that dying well.

There is one aspect about death that sends shivers down my spine, it's that I might wake up somewhere afterwards. When my time comes I really want to just die, just end, be gone for good and experience Viking-Nirvana. I don't want to spend eternity talking about the weather, football, politics or fighting in Valhalla. If there was good music in heaven, and a way to create my own, then maybe it wouldn't be that bad. Anything else would be a form of hell for me. Either way I don't believe I have a choice in the matter or a way to change things through my actions here on earth so I choose not to dwell, unless I am creating a website or post about dying well.

I personally believe that heaven and hell is right here on Earth. We are all gods and create our own existence through our own perception of the universe around us. I can make my time here a hell, worked pretty hard at that for a while, but now I choose to make this world resemble heaven. Since I made this conscious choice, my perception of life has gotten much better. I constantly see the world changing for the better and not for the worst. 

Every day that I wake up I think about the horrible car accidents which I have seen while driving to work on the Veteran's Expressway. I realize that I may not be back home that evening. Before I leave for the day I kiss my kids, give them a hug, and I tell them that I love them. I make sure that the last memory they have of me is a good one. I try not to yell at them when they perturb me, but I am a human animal, I fail a lot. Hopefully they will remember the good things about me and not just the bad.

As you can probably guess from my dark topic, I've been doing a lot of thinking about death lately. I'm getting middle aged now and I see my death on the horizon. I have some things I'd like to do before it happens, my bucket list. This list contains some things I wish to share with the world in the hopes it will become a better place. Since I am a web developer, my medium for this is a new website I am working on. I don't wish to share the URL at this time, but I'll have Jen announce it when I make more progress.

Life, Death and Eternity is what my new website will be about. It will be non-denominational. An online "church" of sorts to go and prepare for death while simultaneously celebrating life. It won't be for everyone, but I'm hoping someone out there will have an interest in doing this type of thing online. If just one person likes it, I'm cool with that.

I've been searching for some inspiration for content. I found some yesterday that I wanted to share here in my Father's Day post...


In order to Live Well, we must first learn to Die Well:


As we never really know when our lives will end: