Weekly Workouts April 27-May 3

This week was a pretty great week in workouts!! For the most part my schedule has returned to normal. Whatever normal is. Tongue Out I'm also participating in the May Fitness Challenge hosted by my friend Jen K over at JVKom Chronicles. You can follow along using the hashtag #20X31

Sunday-Rest Day! I have NO IDEA what we did. I'm sure we did something, though. I just don't know what it was! Surprised

Total Steps: 11,379

Monday-CrossFit. Week 2 Day 3 of our 12 week squat program. We did back squats at 83% of our one rep max. Then a nice quick WOD consisting of 3 4 minute workouts. In the first four minutes, I sprinted 2 minutes on the air dyne and then spent the remaining 2 minutes doing situps, and we repeated this 3 times, but the second movement changed for each round. So first was max rep situps, second was max rep burpees, and third was max rep single jumps.

Afterwards, I'm sure I walked a mile with my workout girls. I just honestly can't remember!

Calories: 723

Total Steps: 23,351

Tuesday-CrossFit No idea what we did. None. Gosh, I hate that!! But I'm sure it was fun, I'm sure I sweated a ton, and I probably walked afterwards!

Calories: 497

Steps: 16,824

Wednesday-CrossFit. Um.....sensing a pattern here. No clue what went on.

Calories: 782

Steps: 16,427

Thursday-Rest Day! Spent the day volunteering at my kids school. It was a nice day, but it totally reminded me why I got out of the school system.

Total Steps: 13,536

Friday-CrossFit Today was make-up day. I did week 2 day 4 of our squat program which was front squats. And after those squats it was Coach Jen's BIRTHDAY WOD MAKE-UP!!

We had to pick the same weight for the power snatches as the power cleans. Therefore, I went with a light 35# because I'm still hammering out technique on the snatch. I flew through the power cleans since I normally do 65 pounds. I finished the WOD in 11:01. It was POURING rain, so no post-WOD walk, but I did do a quick 500m row.

Calories: 712

Total Steps: 14,617

Saturday-Rest Day!!  Just hung around the house, washed the dog and gave him a haircut, did some chores. Nothing exciting. It was pouring rain!

Total Steps: 17,941

Overall it was a good week. I'm planning on working on increasing my step count this week. It was lower this week because of two rainy days.

I've also really been hammering at my diet. Eating much cleaner, and avoiding TV snacking.

How was your week in activity and diet??

Weekly Workouts January 5-11, 2014

I had a pretty good week of workouts. I worked out 6 days, and 2 of those days I did doubles.


Sunday- REST DAY! Haley's BIRTHDAY!! 11,021 Steps

Monday- CrossFit.

For Time Complete:
15, 12, 9, 6, 3 of
* 200M Run (to start each round)
- Power Cleans-60#
- Front Squats-60#

I completed the WOD in 16:10 Total Calories: 494

Total Steps: 14,698


Tuesday-Kids went back to school today!! I went and did Jazzercise. Jazzercise ONLY. 479 Calories.

Total Steps: 17,478


Wednesday-DOUBLE HEADER!! I went to CrossFit AND to Jazzercise.

At CrossFit I did 4 stations, 5 rounds. NOT for time. 500m row, 12 Lateral DB Raises, 20# Med Ball Slams (in one minute, I did 22 each round) and 20" box step ups holding 10# weights. I also rowed 1400m before the WOD began since I got there a bit early and was COLD. Total calories: 501

Then I went to Jazzercise for an hour of dancing. It was fun!! Total Calories: 453

By NOON I had logged 10,628 steps. Good active day!


Thursday- Double Header!! Great WOD! It started with a 400m run, followed by 9 deadlifts (125#) and 9 Pullups, then a 200m run, followed by 15 deadlifts (115#) and 15 pull-ups, then a 100m run, followed by 21 deadlifts (95#) and 21 pull-ups. Calories 364. Then I went to Jazzercise. We did the same routine as yesterday, yet I didn't burn as many calories and I felt like I was working harder. Weird how that works out. Calories 410.

Again, by Noon I had logged over 10,000 steps! Total steps for Thursday: 17,110


Friday-Whew! I was super sore today but I went to CrossFit Cool Friday is always make-up day, so I made up Tuesday's WOD.We started with a bit of strength. 3 Push Press followed by a Split Jerk, work to a max weight. THEN....50 butterfly sit-ups, 100 single jump ropes, 50 hand release push-ups, 100 single jump ropes, 25 butterfly sit-ups, 50 single jump ropes, 25 hand release push-ups, 50 single jumps.

And then after the WOD I walked a mile. IN 12 MINUTES. That was a new one mile walking PR for me.

Calories: 469

Total Steps: 15,959

Saturday-  What a crazy morning! I was up way before dawn to get ready to appear on ABC News. My daughter Haley came along and she ended up being interviewed, too! I had to dress in work-out clothing, so by the time I got home, it was 8:15am, and I figured I'd go and workout at 9am since I was already dressed and ready to go!

We did a GREAT partner WOD. 25 minutes of a 400m run, 10 crawlers, 15 ring rows, 20 overhead walking lunges.

Calories: 667

Steps: 17,869


Total Weekly Steps: 110,365 (that's over 52 miles!!)

Total Calories: 19,506 (includes all calories, from exercise, and calories burned from being alive LOL)

This is the weekly chart from my Loop. You can see that every day I exceeded 100% of my activity goals. I'm doing well with moving my body!

How was your week in workouts?

October 7

It's a rainy day in my part of Florida. Here is the lovely forecast from the Weather Channel:

Showers and thunderstorms developing around 1pm. Mostly cloudy with temperatures rising to near 83F. SSW winds shifting to SSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 80%. Rainfall possibly over one inch. 

Ugh. It was raining throughout my workout at CrossFit En Fuego so my post-wod walk become a post-wod row. 3,000 meters. Good enough.

We began our WOD (workout of the day) with back squats. 7 sets of 3. Moderately heavy weight. We (the girls I workout with) always have a bad habit of starting too light and then at the end thinking "we should have started heavier." NEXT TIME I WILL REMEMBER!! But regardless, I PR'd a 3 rep back squat. This is an honest to goodness photo. I am not staging the look on my face. People always tell me "Jenny, your face is always so full of expression." I guess maybe they are right! Tongue Out

After the back squats, we moved in to our WOD, a girl named Annie. Annie is one of my favorite girls.

100 single jump rope, 50 situps, 80 single jumps, 40 situps, etc....

In April it took me 10:43 to complete the WOD. Today 8:43! I shaved EXACTLY 2 minutes off my Annie time. Smile That's a PR in my book!! Woot woot!!

Felt great when I was finished. Almost wanted to do another round, but the 10am class was coming in, so I went to do my rowing.

Now with the lousy weather, I guess I'll do some laundry and clean the house up a bit. I'll probably go to Publix too for some after school snacks for the kids. And I need to write a few blog posts reviewing some stuff I did last week.

I'm already dreaming about my Wednesday co-op from Carlita's Bowl. I am out of fruit. Undecided

What was your workout today??