The CrossFit Chronicles: Edition 2

Today was my second day of Ignition (intro to CrossFit) and wow, did I ever learn a lot!

We started off with our warm-up and then quickly progressed into the skills. And pretty much everything I thought I knew, I learned that I didn't know. I think it was Socrates who said "the more I learn, the less I know." True, So-Crates. So true. I thought I knew how to do a deadlift, I thought I knew how to do a push press. Key word...THOUGHT. It's a totally different game when you are doing it with a heavy bar and big weights and for time. No pussy-footing to the beat, this is hardcore stuff. And for some simple things like jumping rope, I learned that you can make it even harder by doing something called a "double under." The first time I heard Coach Jen say it I thought she said "double udder" and I was seriously laughing in my head because CrossFit does have some crazy names for their WOD's and I thought that "double udder" was some sort of cow mammary gland reference to a workout. But a double under is a move when the jump rope makes two passes instead of just one. And it makes a really cool noise when you do it. I was doing the single jumps and Coach Jen challenged me to try a double under because I had the speed, so I went for it, and I did it!! Sure, I did it only once, but I did it! And we both heard it and then I got excited, a bit freaked out and I stepped on the rope. Tongue Out Typical Jenny move.

We went through all the skills and it took us just under an hour and then Coach Jen announced that it was time for our WOD. I wrote out my routine on the floor in chalk, chalked up my hands (I learned that as badly as I want to wear gloves, they really get in the way of proper form) set up my goodies, and TIME! Off we went. As many rounds as you could do in 8 minutes. And I did 5 complete rounds, I seriously finished the last rope as TIME was called. I was totally breathless. I looked down at my Polar and my heart rate was at 103%. Whew! I have never worked that hard before....E.V.E.R. (insert Taylor Swift song here LOL) I recovered quickly, and felt AWESOME!! I wanted to stay and work out some more, but I had some personal stuff I had to deal with so I had to leave. But wow. Amazing stuff. I felt great going into the workout and I felt empowered after the workout.

Monday is my last day of Ignition and it looks intense! I think saw something about a handstand. Whaaaa??????

What else did I learn today? I learned that the RX for CrossFit is 3 days on, 1 day off, and at my box, Friday is make-up day. Jen and I put together a tentative schedule for me. I'll WOD on M, T, W, spin on Thursday at Pura, do make-up on Friday (using Thursday's WOD), do the partner CrossFit on Saturday (though not tomorrow, we are going to the zoo) and take Sunday OFF!! Sounds like an amazing schedule to me Cool

And of course I'll have some Saturday's when I can't make it because of kids' sports, or races, etc., but that's okay! It will all work out.


How is your CrossFit training going? What's the one move that you did that you totally surprised yourself with??? You know right now mine is the "double udder."

Making Time and Small Steps-Come to Jesus Friday

In this Vlog I discuss how I made time for workouts and the small steps I took during my 212lb weight loss journey.

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Hoo Rag Review and Giveaway

As an avid cyclist, adventure/mud runner, and all around fitness buff, the gear that I use has to be functional and stylish Wink Lately, I have been having "issues" with my hair. I have these little wisps that are constantly falling out and getting in my face. I was contacted by Hoo Rag to review their product and let me tell you that I LOVE it!!

Want one of your own?? Watch the vlog below to see what you need to do!!

Steps to win your own!

1. Like this vlog on Youtube

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3. In the same comment tell me WHAT ACTIVITY you'd wear it (cycling, running, etc...)

That's it! Ronin will draw the winner on Tuesday which happens to be New Years Day.