Dealing with Disappointment-Come to Jesus Friday Vlog

The kids and I are super bummed out right now over this debacle with our subdivision pool. How do you deal with disappointment when it is something that is totally out of your control? Fast forward to the end around 6:33 and see the HUGE tomatoes I am growing!!

'Twas the Day After Christmas


Author Unknown

Adapted by Jenny Hodges

‘Twas the day after Christmas, I rolled out of bed

 And realized I had a few pounds to shed.

 My favorite jeans, in my dresser did lay.

 In hopes I could wear them again one day.

  When up in my bathroom there arose such a clatter.

 The hubby came up to see what was the matter.

 I had stepped on the scale and it began to quake,

 Wondering what had happened, for goodness sake.

 The cookies had settled onto my thighs

 Not to mention the cheesecake and pecan pies.

 The homemade macaroni and cheese

 And seconds of delicious sweet and sour meatballs, please.

 I looked out the window at the fallen snow

 Knowing just where I had to go.

So into my gym clothes I squeezed my butt

 And off to workout to get out of this rut.

 I hopped on the spinning bike, no time to waste

 And thought of more ways to motivate.

 I thought of the treats I ate without shame

 And whistled and shouted and called them by name:

 Now cookies!  Now chocolate!

Now crackers and cheese!

 Off of my thighs and my waist pretty please!

 To the wine and the beer

And ice cream , et al.

 Now dash away! Dash away!

 Dash away all!

 And then, in a twinkling, I heard with each huff,

 My drive growing stronger, with each little puff.

 I knew it was time to turn bad habits around

 Because summer would be here soon with a bound.

 So for the new year I made a promise to me

 To take care of my health and take care of my body.

 To exercise harder and try to eat clean

 So come summertime, I’m strong and I’m lean.

 And my wish for you all, is a healthier you,

 To reach all your goals and happiness too!

 I hope you all had an amazing Holiday season! In my mind it is OFFICIALLY over!! All junk food (well, as junky as we get, which really is not too bad at all LOL) has been removed from our house, and we are fully back on plan!

Are you thinking about what you'd like to accomplish in 2013? Is it fitness related? Diet? Financial? I'll share my goals for 2013 on FRIDAY when we sit down and have our weekly Come to Jesus discussion. Talk to you soon!! 


Holiday Cycle

The holiday season can be stressful for a lot of people, myself included and this holiday season is shaping up to be a doozy! I’m not prepared to discuss exactly WHY it’s going to be more stressful than other years, but just trust me when I say that it is.

Generally the day before a “major” holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas, my gym always does a group fitness “amazing workout” which usually consists of 2 hours of fantastic music, great inspiration and motivation, and I’m able to clear my head and focus on just me for a short time. Then I come home and all the stress returns though I feel better prepared to deal with it since I’m still on an endorphin high! Working out is just something I need to be able to refocus on the craziness of my life!

 Then  the “big day” arrives and I need to burn off some stress energy. We travel for our major holidays. We head down to my hometown of Venice, FL (best city EVER!!) where my parents, sister and her family, aunts, uncles, and grandma all live. Venice is an amazing little town and recently just completed the most amazing paved trail; the Legacy Trail.  We always bring our bikes when we head to V-Town and we stay at the Hampton Inn and Suites and the Legacy Trail is right behind the hotel property, which is just perfect!! Usually either my mom comes and stays with the trio, or we take the trio to her, but either way, it gives James and I the ability to bike an awesome trail which ends up being about 30 miles roundtrip because we always cycle to the southernmost end from the Hampton, and then cycle all the way up to the northern most end, and then end back at our hotel.

This is a great ride for a variety of reasons, the most important one being that it gives me some much needed “alone” time with my husband. Neither of us listens to our “music” on these rides. We talk to each other. We really talk.  Cycling is a fitness activity that we can do TOGETHER. I’m an extrovert and THRIVE on group fitness classes, and my husband is an introvert and prefers to work out alone, cycling being his preferred activity and this is something that connects us together. Life can get so crazy and with kids, jobs, bills, obligations, etc, etc, etc, we sometimes forget what it was that made us fall in love in the first place. Cycling allows us to re-establish that connection. We do cycle together more than just at the holiday time, but this is our favorite ride because we know the kids are in excellent hands (my mom or sister!!) and we can just go and reconnect.

We both really look forward to our Holiday Cycle rides and this year is no exception. I’m not sure exactly how it’s going to play out because of the (alluded to) stressors, but I know it will all work out in the end.

If you are a Tampa Bay area cyclist and looking for a great trail not too far from home, I highly encourage you to check out the Legacy Trail. It’s always fun to check out new trails. We’ve done a lot of cycling throughout the Tampa Bay area and this one ranks right up there with the best! You cycle through some of the most beautiful spots in Sarasota County, see a variety of wildlife, yet can still easily hop off the trail for lunch/water/bathroom breaks.

Where is your favorite place to cycle?